Thursday, November 10, 2011

Being Brynn

hey yall! i’m brynn from being brynn!
ok, first can i say just how THRILLED i am to be guest posting for the FABULOUS kristin??
i’ve been faithfully stalking following her for like, ever. it’s been so fun to follow her through the process of planning her wedding because i’ve ALSO been planning my own wedding…to this stud muffin:::

so keeping with the wedding theme, i thought i’d share my wedding beauty MUST HAVES.
and even if you aren’t a bride-to-be, you should totally try them :) 

1. revitalash 
because what girl doesn’t want sultry, sexy eyes on her wedding day?
yall. this stuff is crazy….i’m talking, eyelashes almost touch eyebrows, crazy.
i was debating getting eyelash extensions for the day of my wedding, but a friend recommended this…so i thought, why NOT? and let me just say, the results are ridic!…and i mean that in a good way :)
i use it twice a day, right after i wash my face.
p.s. AMAZON is the place to get it ;)

2. white strips 
two words, THEY. WORK.
really, don’t waste your money on a dentist to whiten your teeth… these professional effects do the job, for probably a quarter of the price. and you only have to do it ONCE a day. i’m sold.

3.scwartkopf osis dust it powder
the KEY to volume.
when i went for my trial hair run, my stylist shook some of this stuff on my roots before she started styling it. at first i was confused…like what good is powder gonna do? and then she ran her fingers through my roots, and i swear a choir started singing and everyone in the salon started applausing, because BRYNN, the girl with the straightest, flattest hair EVER just had INSTANT volume. now i use it almost DAILY. because it’s THAT good. seriously…all you poof lovers, do yourself a favor and get your hands on some of this stuff.

this is a miracle in a bottle.
seriously, drive your cute little selves to walgreens, and get this exact bottle.
i’ve been taking two every morning for approx a year…and my hair has grown like a freakin chia pet.
my stylist ((who also happens to be my sister)) hates it, only for the fact that i have white trash roots less than 3 weeks after getting highlights. but it’ll be worth it on my wedding day, when i have a full head of long hair for my stylist to create a masterpiece with…know what i’m sayin?
THANKS SO MUCH Kristin for letting me come over and hang out for the day :) 
and most of all, CONGRATULATIONS to you and J!
i am cannot wait to see how perfect everything turns out, and how all of your hard work and planning came together :)


Katie said...

Brynn, great post! I will have to try that Revitalash. sounds good. I do the Biotin too and it did wonders for my hair this past year..I love it. Will stop by your blog now! :)

The Miskell Family said...

Great post bff!!! I am going to have to try Revitahlash!! Love me some long lashes.
I LOVE the scwartkopf osis dust it powder- that is a miracle in a container right there!!!


Young and Fabulous said...

whoa ok...must try the revitahlash STAT!!!

and i need more volume on my hair so i might as well get the dust it poweder while im at it! haha

yay for weddings!! wahh when is it my turn!

great post brynn :-)


Megan said...

I never new about Biotin! I feel my hair is at a dead halt & wont grow anymore. Definitely getting some of that asap! Great post!!


dottie said...

Love all of these finds. Must get them!!!

Meg O. said...

Gotta get me some revitalash! Srsly.

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

I use Biotin! Love it!

Congrats Kristin!!

Carolyn said...

DANG IT! My reader didn't show me this post! Love all these things... even if I haven't tried them. YOU'RE ALMOST A WIFEY BRYNN! :)