Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just Being Frank.

Hello Busy Bee readers! My name is Kara and I am a friend of Kristin's from college. I have this pretty sweet blog called 
Just Being should read it. All the cool kids are doing it. 

Today I am here to guest blog for my friend Kristin because she is off getting MARRIED! So, I've been asked to share a bit about my own wedding day in her absence. That, I can do. 

My husband and I were married on April 4, 2009 at the lovely Westin in Edina, MN. I could lie and say it was a majestic, Minnesota day, but the reality was that is was absolutely freezing and as soon as the reception began, it started to sleet outside. I'm nothing if not honest. Inside it was beautiful. Outside pretty disgusting. But hey, they say rain on your wedding day is good luck!

In general, I was a pretty chill bride. So chill that for some ridiculous reason I invited my husband's best friend and her boyfriend to stay with us the week of the wedding in our 2 bedroom condo. (In hindsight, that was maybe not the best idea in the world). 

The day went off without a hitch. I think I would say my favorite part about our wedding was the personal touches. We did not hire a wedding planner, and we really had no idea what we were doing. I was the first in my family to get married. Literally after I got engaged, my mom went to the bookstore and bought a book called, "How to Plan a Wedding." We were clueless. And maybe that was best. The day was filled with touches of us, and we didn't get caught up in the 'supposed to do's...'.

For example:  

*My husband, Jeremy, did not request much during wedding planning. In fact, he never asks for much, So, when he told my mom that he wanted Dairy Queen Blizzards for dessert at our wedding, she took him very seriously. And made it happen. cake and mini blizzards in his favorite flavors. 

*When we were planning our wedding, the venue was not yet built. In fact, the hotel opened just two months before our wedding. Therefore, when we were planning the wedding, we had to pick our menu before they hired a chef, and before they knew what the catering menu would be. And so, we knew we were going to serve a vegetarian option, and we knew we wanted to serve a nice steak, but we did not know what option #3 could/should/would be as the hotel was not yet open. And so...our RSVP cards listed: Vegetarian, Beef, or 'Bride and Groom's surprise'. Yes, those who selected that option would have no idea what their meal would be. (And frankly, we didn't know what it was going to be either). In the end we decided to serve one of our favorite foods as a surprise option...a delicious hamburger and french fries with mini bottles of ketchup. (I was most excited about the ketchup)

I love all of our wedding photos, and absolutely adored our photographer {Andrew Vick}, but here is my absolute favorite one of the day. I love it because it is us. It is ridiculous. It is happy. 

My words of wisdom for future brides are simple. Relax. Have fun. Enjoy planning this day. Have fun. When the groom asks for something, let them have it. Have fun. When your parents want to invite people that you don't know, don't let them. And in case you didn't get that...have fun. 

Okay...I couldn't resist, I have to share a few more wedding favorite with you...

Thank you for letting me share a bit of my day with you! I could talk about my wedding for hours. Or days. More likely days. I love wedding talk. And most importantly, I can't wait for Kristin to get home and tell us all about her wedding!! 

All the best to Kristin and Jason on this, the best day of their lives.


Carolyn said...

Such a pretty day! :)

Young and Fabulous said...

ahhh this is awesome!

i love your message "relax and have fun"

i hope to God i dont turn into a bridezilla and actually relax and enjoy this special day!


Kara Frank said...

Thanks guys!! Seriously, relax, have fun, don't sweat the small stuff. Soak in the joy!