Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keep Calm & Carry On

Hi friends! I'm Katie, and I blog over at a pretty awesome place {at least I think so!} called Keep Calm & Carry On. 
I totally blushed when our girl Kristin asked me to guest post for her while she's getting ready for her big wedding day. Kristin was one of the FIRST blogs I ever started following, and I knew shortly we would become good friends {we have!}. She actually kinda reminded me of myself in many ways...which means, really freakin' cool of course. I couldn't be happier for Kristin that her special day is almost here - I know how exciting, but yet sometimes stressful, a wedding can be.

My hubs and I finally tied the knot a little over a year ago on 08.28.2010 after 7 years of dating. This is  our 1 year anniversary picture that I totally stole the idea for off of Pinterest {who else is obsessed?}...
Anyway, today I'm going to share some words of wisdom for any future brides per Kristin's request, and then some of my favorite wedding pictures.

#1. Decide what type of wedding FITS you as a couple best: whether it's casual or fancy, do what feels right. Don't be pressured to have a big wedding if you want it to be more private. This is your wedding, after all.

#2. Take care of yourself: so many brides (like myself) get caught up on pleasing others that sometimes you forget to please and nurture yourself.

#3. Be open minded & flexible: The flowers you always thought you would like? The dress you always lusted over? The must-have photographer or DJ? Well, you may NOT like those flowers or how that certain dress fits you after all. The must-have photographer or DJ may already be booked on your specific wedding day. Not everything will go as planned so it's important to be flexible. Chances are you won't even remember stressing about these things after the wedding, so don't beat yourself up about them {this was pretty hard for me I must say...}

#4. Don't forget what the wedding is all about: you + your love. Nobody else. Don't lose sight of that in all the planning.

#5. Lastly, have some fun with it: enjoy going to meetings, take your time when cake tasting {hello, I tried like 10 diff. cakes and had no shame in my game}, just be yourself. If you start to feel stressed, slow down a bit...chances are you won't run out of time to get everything done before your big day.

Now it's time to get to the good stuff...sharing some of my wedding pictures! I absolutely love looking at all my blogger friends wedding pictures....it never gets old.

Here are some of my favorite pictures & also my favorite detail about our wedding:

Lastly, here is one of my favorite details from our wedding...

We decided to do a dove release after the ceremony in remembrance of my Mom who passed away 10 years ago and also 2 of my aunts who passed away. It was so meaningful for me and our photographer captured it at just the right moment. 
Have any of you done or seen a dove release at a wedding before? I'd definitely recommend it for a special occasion.

For all the other brides out there, what is YOUR favorite detail from your wedding? I'd love to hear them!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my words of wisdom and the pictures I shared from our wedding. 
Come visit me over at my blog and say hello!

no really...

do it.




Carolyn said...

SO CUTE! :) I love the dove release idea... but I think Kristin would run screaming the other way! HAHAHA :)

ashleigh said...

Great post Katie! I love it and will have to remember this when it comes time!

holly h. said...

The dove idea is wonderful! Love that.

Young and Fabulous said...

omgosh the dove...that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL both for the meaning behind it, and the way your photographer captured it. LOVE

im TOTALLY going to be that bride that cares/worries about everyone else except ME and i dont want that to happen! if i want to go get a massage from a hot masseuse, I SHALL DO IT! and like it

no but really...i think that happens with a lot of brides and its good to remember that its YOUR day

im talking like im engaged..im not..PSSHH...pinterst sucks for teh sole reason of making me want to get married and plan a wedding haha

loved this katie :-) you 2 are just absolutely adorable as a married couple!


Stephanie said...

you two little lovebugs are my idols! Seriously-call you and Billhead get ANY cuter???

I already knew all this stuff about your wedding, well, since I was in it and all...duh. ;)

Copying you for the 1 yr anniversary picture so HA!

Lindsey said...

ummm love your dress. Like it's basically what I want when (if) I ever get married. The pics are so pretty, and agree ... it never gets old looking at blogger's wedding pics. I lol'd to "hello, I tried like 10 diff. cakes and had no shame in my game." I will do the same thing with the wedding food. YUMM-O! Your tips were great and seeing as though I'm a professional bridesmaid, I agree with all of them. Great advice KATIE!

Katie said...

thank you everyone! I really enjoyed reading all your sweet comments :) makes a girl blush. Thank you to our bride Kristin for having me today!! xoxo

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