Friday, November 11, 2011

The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart

Hi Busy Bee readers!! My name is Ruthie Hart and I blog about my forever-newlywed life in Austin, TX over here.

This is me

And these are my 2 lover boys (hubby-jon, frenchie-ernie)

I was so excited when Kristin asked me to guest post about my wedding because face it...who doesn't LOVE talking about the best day of their lives?! I'm not sure how long you are technically a newlywed but my hubby and I got married on February 5th, 2011. The last 9 months have been nothing short of amazing and filled with new puppy, new jobs for both of us, new house, lots of traveling, etc. 

I thought I would share some pictures from different aspects of our orange and ivory wedding...

The dress

The flowers

My bridesmaids

Our first look

The ceremony

Husband and Wife

The reception

There are no words to describe how special our wedding was. It was perfect in every. single. way. We danced the night away with 140 of our friends and family (and even took the after party to 6th street!).

I started my blog days after returning from our honeymoon and recapped every piece of our wedding over 16 posts. You can find my wedding recaps here

P.S. I blog about other fun stuff too! You will posts about recipes, crafts, faith and parties! We like to have fun! 


Ashlyn said...

ruthie! i love the colors of your wedding! so pretty!

& congrats on getting married tomorrow!

Carolyn said...

OMG! I love your photos!!! SO PRETTY! :)

Young and Fabulous said...

omgosh the first look. I got CHILLS!

ok and im loving the orange and ivory colors. I think theyre beautiful!

ok off to stalk this girls blog now!! :-)


kristen said...

Wow your wedding was gorgeous!! Love the flowers!!

And I LOVE bulldogs so your pup stole my heart from pic ONE!!

Im going to check out your blog now!

Megan said...

Your wedding was stunning! I enjoyed reading about it!

Kristin said...

You were a gorgeous bride!! happy to find your blog!

Stephanie said...

OMG BEAUTIFUL wedding!!! Going to read your blog now :)

PS-fellow Texas blogger over here!!! (Houston)

Megan said...

you, the dress, the pictures...everything looks gorgeous. Congratulations