Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Honeymoon {Day 6}

Friday night J and I had made plans to meet Bill & Jackie at our pool at 10am the next day. After the night's escapades it was an absolutely miracle that all four of us were there. 

We spent the day like the rest of the pool days, laying in the sun and swimming up to the bar for drinks. However, the real entertainment for the day started when a lady at our pool said there was a crab in the pool. There were little rivers than ran through the casitas so you could essentially swim to each of the different pool. So...of course, we headed down the path to check out the crab.
After some poking and prodding the boys determined that the poor crab was in fact dead. In an attempt to play a prank on the other patrons of our pool, the boys grabbed the crab and brought him to the pool via a towel.
Everyone, meet Senor Crab.
We decided Senor needed a smoke....
which quickly evolved in to Senor Crab needing a shot
and finally...we decided he needed to tip Juan.
"Hola! Done esta tequila! Necessito mas tequila!"
If you remember, I bought an underwater camera during the beginning of the trip. With about 14 pictures left I took it out....
Billy eating a sandwich underwater
After a few hours at the pool, the four of us paid a visit to the health bar for lunch.
This is Angel, the tiniest little guy at the resort. Jackie and I loved him so much we wanted to pack him in our suitcases. 

 and then we all walked along the beach. 
{swimming in the salt water pool}
{hubby posing}
{swimming in the ocean...which, if you know me, is a HUGE deal}

Seriously, these two were instant besties and it just got more ridiculous as the trip went on:
{so cute}
{i hate no idea what is going on here, but I love this picture}
After our last day of fun, it was time to have our last dinner.
we don't want this trip to end!

Our last night {and our one week anniversary} we had a romantic candlelit dinner for two on the beach.

After our delicious and romantic dinner on the beach we went to Juan's Bar for one last night of fun with our new friends. 

It was so fun to meet such amazing couples. J and I got to spend a lot of quality time together but what really made our trip special was the friendships we made and the amazing, hilarious and ridiculous memories we made with these awesome couples. 

After we all said our good-bye's we all went our separate ways and J and I ordered our last order of room service...our favorites from the week: Nachos, Quesadillas and French Fries.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling incredibly sick and incredibly depressed, I spent my last hour at the El Dorado Royale sitting on our balcony feeling the heat and listening to the ocean. 
Our honeymoon was without a doubt the most incredible week of my life. Our resort completely exceeded our expectations, the food was incredible, we made fabulous new friends and most importantly I had a blast and made lifelong memories with my new husband.

I really could not have dreamt of a better way to spend my first week as a married lady. 


Jessica said...

It looks like you guys definitely had an amazing trip. :)

Miss Chelsea said...

Aww I hate the last day of vacation, it's always so depressing!! I love senor crab, that is HILARIOUS. Especially the one with the money.

I still keep in touch with a lot of people I've met on vacay, that's one of my fav parts!

Katie said...

um hello where are the dolphin pics?! Did I miss this??

I must've been too busy texting you ugly pics of myself!

you are beautiful!

Caroline said...

I love ALL of your honeymoon pics. It looks like so much fun! And the food looks delicious!

Carolyn said...

So glad you had an amazing honeymoon! :) But I'm more glad to have you back. HAHA

dottie said...

Your right, the last day is the worst day. I'm dying of the crab photo shoot!!

ajs {of MN} said...

loved all your recaps i am sad that your trip is over too!!

MIL@theRanch said...

Absolutely awesome! Your recap and your pictures.... precious and beautiful! You both are an amazing looking couple! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your bloggers, they are wonderful people! Love YOU, J AND BAILEY MAE!

Courtney B said...

What a perfect honeymoon! It looks and sounds like you guys had the best time :) You and your man are SO cute!
And now I wish I was going somewhere tropical for Thanksgiving....

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all of your great pictures. It puts my honeymoon pictures to shame! xo m

Bride-onicles said...

Aww your honeymoon looks sooo amazing!! I can't wait until ours.. I love that a bromance was!! :)

Kristin said...

do you have a link to the resort? and where did you book it thru?

Bre said...

All of the posts from your honeymoon are confirming that I need our one year anniversary to be at this place! Mind sharing the deets?

Frances said...

your honeymoon looked like some serious fun!!!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

haha you're too cute. Love all the pics! Looked like such a fun honeymoon!