Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recent Purchases.

Tis the season of giving, and let me tell you...I LOVE shopping for Christmas presents. It might be one of my all-time favorite things. Sure, it's great getting gifts during the holidays but my favorite part, truly, is giving them. 

Nonetheless, I just got married and just had a birthday so it was sort of inevitable that I would grab a thing or two for myself and our home {thanks to some pret-ty generous peeps}. 
Here's the recent goodies I have treated myself to:

My incredible mom and step-dad got me new Smashbox makeup brushes for my birthday along with a very generous Macy's gift card so that I could upgrade my makeup, which I so desperately needed to do. I've mentioned several times my love for Smashbox makeup and my homegirl Misha at the SB counter hooked me up!

 I got Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer {to use as my foundation}, the Brow Tech Trio {to shape and beautify my brows}, Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder, Powder, Fan, Contour, Angle Brow & Shadow brushes, Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio, my favorite product the Photo Finish along with the Finishing Powder,  HyperLash Mascara and my go-to Bronzer! Now I can look like this every day:
My husband is not cool. 

I am redoing our master bathroom and am PUMPED about it! We got all new towels and a shower curtain for the wedding but I forgot to register for matching bath rugs. But, no fear, thanks to a return and a super sweet gift card from Katie & Billhead I was able to snag these: 

I need a place to keep my business cards, and they take up too much room in my wallet so enter Michael Kors and this adorable Logo Card Holder.

Space and organization is a major issue in our kitchen, so I got this Bookshelf Pot Rack from Crate & Barrel to give us some extra storage.
I love it! It's been working out great!

I am in desperate need of some new clothes, so I probably should have spend a little more time and money looking for pieces to enhance my wardrobe. But, I found a couple of great things from Express and that was enough, for now.
Wide leg slim fit jeans, chiffon overlay shirt and a leather and rhinestone cuff bracelet. 
NEW WALLET!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys....I have wanted a Coach wallet for as long as I can remember. I have a couple of little Coach wristlets but I have always wanted a beautiful Coach purse and luxurious Coach wallet. I have never had the means to buy either r if I did have the means I would talk myself into something more practical. Well not this year! I'm 27, I just had a birthday and dammit I deserve a new wallet! So ladies and gentleman please let me introduce you to my new friend, the Madison Gathered Leather Accordion Zip Wallet in Midnight!


Jessica said...

You got some great stuff! I might have to copy you and get that pot rack, we have ZERO storage in our kitchen.

Miss Chelsea said...

Fun! Now I want to go shopping!! Geesh thanks

dottie said...

I LOVE that wallet! And that pot rack, and the clothes.

I need to check out Smashbox. Better than MAC?

Café Moka said...

Wow, I love the stuff you got!!!
Happy belated birthday!

ajs {of MN} said...

fun! my girlfriend and i are going on a shopping spree after xmas, CANT WAIT!

Carolyn said...

All great choices Beebs! :)

Caroline said...

Love that card holder. And you look gorgeous!

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

I NEED that pot rack!! ASAP!!

Mil in Milaca said...

I think your husband is funny! My mom used to have pot & pan racks (black iron) and she loved them. I love that wallet AND yes you deserve all of it and more! Love you, J & Bailey Mae (Schoob)! Love saying that too!

Janna said...

I just ordered the same potrack for our kitchen! Glad to hear it's working for you. Thank goodness for C&B giftcards we got as wedding presents!

Leah said...

What fun purchases! Your new wallet is so cute, and the new makeup is fun too! No matter how hard I try, whenever I'm shopping for others, I always end up finding things I want too..opps, haha!

Kristin said...

LOVE LOVE the wallet and the card holder!! lucky girl

Bre said...

OMG, that pic with J in the background is KILLING me! Looks like you got hooked up! Very nice!