Monday, May 30, 2011

I See London, I See France.....

For some odd reason I was really stressed about what kind of underwear to wear on my wedding day. I realize I have over 5 months, but it's the little things....gotta get stuff crossed of the list!

Let me preface this with a few things...

1. I hate being "bunchy." Ask J. This is my term for clothes riding up or twisting or rolling or doing whatever annoying things clothes (and underwear) do to make you uncomfortable.

2. I over-analyze everything and am terrible at making decisions. Ask J.

3. I am wearing a slip underneath my dress to give it some volume....a slip seems like a great way to get bunchy.

I could not decide for the life of me what kind of underwear option would be best. I mean, I'm going to be wearing this underwear for something like 15 hours, under a wedding dress and a needs to be comfortable. If I get bunchy, there's no way to fix it (except that my wonderful BB has offered to climb up my dress and fix any issues I may have...thanks man.) At the same time, I want these undies to be cute!

Initially I wanted to do something like this:

or this

But, ordering my wedding day underwear online would stress me out...what if they don't fit? What if they're uncomfortable? What if they turn out ugly?

I decided I definitely needed to try stuff I headed to Victoria's Secret and pretty much tried on every style they had in the store.

I thought maybe a comfy cotton thong would be a good idea....

but, then decided a thong might drive me crazy.

So, I tried on these super cute lacy boy shorts....

but, they looked really not cute on me. This might surprise you but my legs and stomach don't exactly look like the model's.

So, I said screw it, shapewear it is...

but, my dress has this built-in (what I call seat belt) that fastens around my back and really pulls me in. So I don't think I need this. Plus, how bunchy would that get?

The I found the cheekies....

They're part boyshort and part thong and they come in a million different patterns and fabrics! I got the super soft microfiber ones with lace trim and sticking with my theme they are (obviously) black and white. Polka dots to be exact!

They are super cute, super comfy and still sexy. AND, I tried them on with my dress and slip and I don't foresee any bunchi-ness!

What did you ladies wear under your dress?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thought on Thursday

While I am mourning the finales of my favorite shows (Castle, American Idol, The Office, Parenthood, Biggest Loser), the silver lining is that......

STARTS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who else is excited? I know you are Mrs. Bear!

That's all I'm thinking about today. What are your thoughts???
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Odds & Ends

I know it's far in advance for all of this, but I told you HERE about how crazy our summer is going to be, so I wanted to get as many of the little wedding odds and ends out of the way early so that I don't have to think or worry about them. So.....

I knew I wanted to do a unity candle during our ceremony because I love what it represents and I think it's beautiful. What I knew I didn't want was a huge hideous candle that I just stuff in a drawer and never look at again. So, I wanted to find a candle or candle alternative so that we have something we can display or use forever. When I stumbled upon this unity candle from I knew it was the one!

I love that it's a candle so we can still go through the action of actually lighting a unity candle, but it's different and it's beautiful. The thing I love most about it is I'll use it again. I plan on using it as a vase after the wedding for all the flowers I am sure my husband will buy me. :) I was super excited to see that it's even prettier in real life. I'm pretty pumped about it, if you can't tell.

I am SO excited about my garter. I didn't even really want a garter because I thought it was just kind of a waste of money, I mean what the heck am I going to do with this thing after the wedding? But then I came across this website: and found this University of Minnesota garter!!!!

If you remember from past posts, I am HUGE Gopher football fan and J actually proposed on the 50 yard-line of TCF Bank Stadium.

I took it as a sign that I needed a garter! This site has a TON of different garters and they're really reasonable! I got my garter and a toss garter for only $32.00!

Champagne flutes is something I actually had a hard time with. I wanted something unique but not ugly (so many of those wedding toasting flutes are just gaudy). So, I searched high and low both in stores and online and finally came across these:

Obviously I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the black stem! They are really beautiful in person, this picture does not do it a justice. Instead of doing both of our names I did "Mrs. F____" on one and "Mr. F____" on the other! I love them!

In all of wedding planning the thing I think I care the absolute least about is the cake serving set. J and I aren't big dessert people and really don't ever have cakes. Of course, once we have kids we'll have birthday cakes but it seemed stupid to spend a fortune on a cake serving set we will maybe use once or twice a year. So, I looked for something inexpensive, simple and classic. Once again I turned to and found this great cake serving set. I had the server engraved with Kristin & Jason. November 5, 2011." I really like it and more importantly I'm glad it's done with.

I had been eying this cake topper since I started working at Mary Kay's Bridal and finally bit the bullet and bought it. It's's black and white, it's simple, it's elegant, it's cute and I love it.

Finally, our guest book! I knew I didn't want the traditional guest book, I know for a fact I will never look through a book with nothing but signatures. I thought of a couple "outside of the box" ideas and just didn't really love anything. THEN, once I saw my engagement pictures I knew what I wanted to do. While I would love to print and frame every single engagement picture, it's just not possible (could you imagine if I have 175 framed pictures of me and Jason in our tiny little townhouse?) I decided that a photo album/guest book was the perfect option for us. I used to customize my own guest book! It was pretty awesome! Plus, the paper quality is much higher than (sorry shutterfly, I still love you). Here's the cover and one of the pages:

It feels great to check these little things off the list! Just a few more things I won't have to worry about come crunch time!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I had a post all scheduled and ready to go about wedding underwear.....but that seems so stupid now. I got a voice mail yesterday that the Pastor of our church has resigned and is joining a congregation in Arizona. To say I'm heartbroken would be an understatement.

Pastor Gayle married my mom and step-dad in August. I loved so much that she knew my family and that I would be married by the same Pastor as my mom. J and I don't make it to church as much as we'd like so to have a connection to our Pastor was something really special to me.

I'm not sure what the church's plans are about a replacement but in the message the wedding coordinator said, "there are other Pastors interested in marrying you."

How can they be interested? They've never met me. Or J. Or my family.

I know everything will work out, it always does. But right now I'd like a table for one at the pity party.......sorry, I just don't want to be married by a random.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Things That Annoy the CRAP Out of Me

-Looky Lou traffic jams--mind your own damn business and drive. There is no reason why my commute should take longer because you are so gosh darn nosy you can't drive by an abandoned car without hitting the brakes.

-Nervous laughs. It's OK to be nervous, just don't laugh. It's awkward to watch you laugh when nothing is remotely funny.

-Crunches. They hurt and doing 5 of them does not give me a six pack.

-Making me feel guilty for not being available to do something when you give me 2 hours notice. Ummm, I own a business and work 2 additional jobs. I also have a fiance, a puppy, a turtle and a fish to take care of. I have a busy schedule....get over yourself. I need at least a week, it might annoy you, but that's how I work.

-Bus girl. There is a girl who walks by Coffee Buzz EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING on her way to the bus stop (J and I named her bus girl) the 13 months we have been open she hasn't come in ONCE. She doesn't even look in the window. It bugs me.

-People who read my blog but don't comment or follow....c'mon guys, I need to feel the love! :)

-People who don't listen! Especially coffee customers who don't listen....if I ask you if you want room for cream and you say "no" then why the F are you dumping hot coffee in to my trash can (melting the bag and causing a huge mess) to make room for cream? I GLADLY would have left you room, that's why I asked.

-Ponytail headaches. Ugh.

-People who speed and tail you at 5:30am. Really? It's 5:30am. What's the rush? Plus, I just woke get away from me.

-These two:

-People whose mouths are always open, no matter what they're know you can breath out of your nose too?

-Working Saturdays.

-When cars leave huge gaps between each other at a turn light. Just turn promptly and more of us can get through the light....simple.

-When people stop walking abruptly, or are just standing in the middle of a walkway (think mall, walking trail, Target....anywhere really). Can't you just move aside?

-Coffee grounds...I realize this is ridiculous considering where I spend most of my time but they're tiny, hard to clean up and they get EVERYWHERE. They drive me bananas.

Whew, I feel better.


ps. Happy Birthday to my dogg, Robyn!

I wouldn't "whip my hair" with anyone but you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tim McGraw

I'm a little late to the party, but I haven't been feeling well this week so my blog has taken a major hit. But, you know what they say..."better late than never."

Last Saturday, Tim McGraw was in town. I had been bugging J about going since the tickets went on sale, but unfortunately, it didn't really fit in to our budget. J had been stalking craigslist hoping to score some last minute tickets, but to no avail.

So, on Saturday after work we decided that we've been working really hard and have put so much in to our wedding savings lately that we deserved a night out. We agreed that we'd spend $60 on tickets, and if we couldn't scalp them for that we wouldn't go. So, we took $60 out of our account and headed downtown Saint Paul. We got down there a little early to really haggle with the scalpers, so we went to a fun little bar for felt so good to be out with my honey! We don't get very many date nights.

After dinner we were on our way to the Excel Energy Center, and about two minutes later we had 2 tickets to see Tim McGraw! **Enter spastic Kristin jumping up and down and clapping!** Obviously, for $30 a ticket our seats weren't the best, we were up in section 208 which at the Excel is pretty high up there. As we reached our section a lovely little usher informed us that she would be "relocating us." About ten minutes later we were in our new section 108! It was incredible! This night could not be any better! I was pumped!

Then Luke Bryan came on!

I've heard his music on the radio and I've seen pictures online, but cripes, after seeing him live I am obsessed! I even bought his CD (yeah, I'm a sucker)

So, Luke Bryan gets done and now the energy in the Excel is rising...everyone knows what is coming next and they're going crazy. Then the lights go out. The band starts to play. Any minute now....Tim is coming onstage any minute.....then I hear everyone start to scream, just going bananas. I am staring at the stage so confused, what is everyone so worked up about? I don't see him anywhere! So I'm staring at the stage trying to figure out what I'm missing when J starts tapping me on the shoulder and saying, "Kris....ummm, Kris? KRIS!" WHAT? I finally yell and as I look over my right should THERE IS TIM MCGRAW! You guys, he entered the arena through our section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in absolute shock. It took me a second or two to even process what was happening. J goes, "Don't you want to take a picture?" To which my light bulb finally comes back on and I start scrambling and jumping over seats to get a picture of Tim.

Unfortunately, by the time I got my shiz together, he had already passed us. But, see the guy in the white shirt with the black cowboy hat? Ummmm, yeah, that's TIM MCGRAW! Cripes! Too much to handle.

His show was absolutely amazing! He played for almost two hours and I really can't say enough good things about his performance. I have been to a ton of concerts and never have I seen a star be so interactive with his fans. The entire concert he was giving high-fives, hugs and walking through the crowd.

And, being the gentleman he is, he invited his opening acts, The Band Perry and Luke Bryan on-stage to perform with him. Which of course, Tim & Luke together made my head explode!

It was such an incredible night. I have to thank my JJ for bringing me to the was without a doubt our best date night ever! I love you so much!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: I Heart Bridesmaids!

About a month ago I wrote THIS POST about the movie Bridesmaids. I was lucky enough to go to an advanced screening and absolutely loved the movie.

I knew, that once it came out in theaters I HAD to see it with my Bridesmaids. So, last night I met all of my favorite girls at Crave for dinner and some drinks!

Me, my mom & my girls

my fabulous personal attendant, Robyn

me and my mom!

Then we all went to see Bridesmaids. Let me tell you, it was just as funny the second time around. If you haven't seen this movie yet...please GO! It's seriously so damn funny! All of my girls were howling, we were definitely the super loud laughing-way-too-hard group that everyone hates. But it was so much fun!

We love movie theaters with a bar!

I feel so incredibly lucky to have such amazing women in my life. It meant the world that ALL of my bridesmaids (well, except Nicole who lives in Florida) made the effort to come and hang out with me and see this movie. I love these girls so much and I couldn't have picked a better group to spend my wedding day with!

Friday, May 13, 2011

i Hate technology

Its 11:40pm and (with the rest of you) I have been battling stupid blogger all day.

Its posting scheduled posts from next week, its not posting posts from this feel my pain/annoyance.

Just ignore Busy Bee til Blogger gets their shiz together.

And, yes, it's 11:40pm on a Friday and I am in bed writing a post from my phone....but ya know what....I'm just that lame and I'm just that pissed.

Have a fab weekend dolls! <3
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday: Happy Birthday

1. Thank you ALL soooo much for all of your sweet comments yesterday!
2. I appreciate that so many of you understand my J. Lo crush
3. I have been an awful blog friend lately...I fully intend on getting caught up on your blogs today! So be looking for all kinds of comments! :)

And now...

It seems like everyone we know has a birthday in April, May or I decided to one enormous HAPPY BIRTHDAY post to all of my favorite Spring babies!

April 12
J's best friend and our Best Man, Colin

April 13
My friend (and wedding photographer!), Sara Jayne

April 15
My BB, Carolyn

April 18

My dear friend and college roommate, Kelly

April 26
J's little brother, Christopher

April 28

Our good friend, Alisha

May 1
J's sister (and my first best friend), Nicole

My good friend and old roommate, Clara

My friend (and fellow shark), Hannah

May 14

My Dad!

May 20
My dawg, Robyn

May 21
J's good friend and now mine, Sharisse

June 1
My beautiful Mom

June 12
My little sister, Kara

June 13

My great friend and Lil Bro, Steve G

June 19

My Grandma

June 22
J's step-mom, Judye


Now, the rest of you head on over to my BB's blog: Life, Love & Puppy Prints to play along with this week's Thoughts on Thursday!