Friday, January 13, 2012

I've Been Tagged

The gorgeous Megan from I Made My Bed... tagged me in one of these little "getting to know you posts." And, I have to be honest, I LOVE these! They're a fun way to get to know random things about fellow bloggers AND who doesn't love when a blog topic just lands in your lap?

So, here are the rules: 
-You must post the rules
-Post 11 Fun Facts about yourself 
-Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you in their post & then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged
-Tag 11 people and link them in your post
-Let them know you have tagged them

11 Fun Facts About Kristin:
I had a really hard time coming up with 11 I got in touch with the people who know me better than anyone and enlisted their help. I have to say, it was hilarious reading what they came up with.
Here's just some of what they had to say...

Husband: "You just learned how to burp.
It's true, up until a few months ago I didn't know how to burp, which made drinking pop and/or beer really difficult and I'm a beer drinking, burping machine. So ladylike.

Mother: "You can count in Greek.
Yup, I can count to 10 in Greek. My grandpa was very patient with me one summer when I decided it was my goal to learn to count in Greek. I also spent a summer trying to write left handed.

Father: "You had 2 jockeys as childhood imaginary friends, Jimmy Alarco and Trotter Ray."
I wish so badly that I remembered what those two looked like. 

Brother: "The ability to consume more Twisted Tea than any human should"
Both my husband and brother brought this one up, so I had to include it. I really LOVE Twisted Tea. It gives most people gut-rut after 2-3 but I can drink those babies like water! Not necessarily something to be proud of, but it's the truth. 

Best Friend: "You like it warm and sunny and are handy with a bedazzler." 
Two facts, I know, but both are very true. I LOVE summer, the hotter and sunnier the better. 
And, I used to LOVE my bedazzler. 

Husband: "You're afraid of birds." 
A lot of people think it's dumb but it is a legit fear. Birds absolutely horrify me!  It's bad. They're scary. 

Father: "You peed on the doctor at birth" 
Yup, that's me. Came in to the world with a classy bang!

Best Friend: "You're an expert on 'Friends' trivia"
Beyond obsessed with that show and know more about it than one person probably should.

Brother: "You eat baby food"
Yeah, it's true. I love baby food. Not the gross kinds like turkey or peas but I love the fruit ones. Bananas and Hawaiian Delight are my favorites. 

Mother: "You were a photographer for the University of Minnesota newspaper." 
This is one of those experiences that I am extremely proud of. Got hired by the MN Daily as a Freshman! 

Husband: "You're obsessed with Tom Hanks." 
I really am soooo obsessed with Tom Hanks. It's hard for me to even describe how much I love him.

11 Questions from Megan: 
1. If you could travel anywhere for 10 days, would spend all 10 days in one location or 10 days at different locations? Where?
I would hands-down go to Greece. I would stay in Greece all 10 days but travel around the country.

2.Favorite accessory (don't say phone)
My wedding ring. Sorry, boring answer,but it's true! 

3. Favorite Breakfast food?
Eggs Benedict! But I sub-out the ham for a sausage patty. SO good!

4. Do you really use recipes/ideas from Pinterest?
I have made probably 15 recipes from Pinterest. OBSESSED! 

5. Biggest pet peeve to fellow bloggers?
Not having your e-mail set up! I hate seeing noreply@blogger cuz then I can't respond to your comments!

6. Favorite US City other than your home area?
Easy, NEW YORK CITY, hands down. Obsessed. 

7. Do you use cash (daily, not event related?)
Almost never. 

8. What celebrity would you like to be and why?
This was tough...but I think I'd be Carrie Underwood. She's uber-talented, uber-gorgeous and seems super down-to-earth and sweet. 

9. If you could have a chef cook all your meals would you use him/her or still cook yourself. 
I LOVE cooking! I would still cook, but could I use the chef to grocery shop and clean up afterwards?

10. What website (other than GR or Blogger) would you say you never go a single day without viewing it? 
Facebook. Lame but true. 

11. Single or Married ladies...what is your best advice to the single ladies?
Don't get involved with committed's wrong and if they cheat on their current wife/gf they'll cheat on you too. 

OK, now that you know every little thing about are my questions for you ladies: 
1. What's your middle name? Any special meaning behind it?
2. If you could have one special talent {that you don't currently have} what would it be?
3. Where is your dream vacation? {Don't cheat...somewhere you've never been!}
4. If you had to get rid of ALL of your makeup except for one item...what would you keep?
5. Guilty Pleasure? {Movie, Food, TV Show, Song?}
6. If you could banish one celebrity to an island where they would never be heard from again, who would it be?
7. Who is your favorite 'Friends' character?
8. Do you have a lucky number? What is it? 
9. If you could meet one blogger in real life, who would  it be?
10. Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?
11. What's your greatest fear or phobia?

AND, finally, coming to a close on the longest blog post in the history of the are the girls I am tagging! 

Caroline @ Simply Smithwick
Brynn @ Being Brynn


Jessica said...

I love that you asked other people for your 11 facts! I'll try to answer your questions soon :D

Jessica said...

I love that you asked other people for your 11 facts! I'll try to answer your questions soon :D

Carolyn said...

HAHAHAHAHA Those fun facts were HILARIOUS. How am I supposed to top that? Jeeze. Way to put the pressure on. :)

Katie said...

I already knew we are twinies but I LOVE TOM HANKS!!!!!!! I'M OBSESSED. He is my fav actor ever and always has been. thank you for tagging me you lazy eye child. love you xoxoxo

JMB said...

LOVE this!! I too am obsessed with Tom Hanks {and Sally Fields!!} LOOK at you in your Bo-KEEny, MAMA, I WANT YOUR FRAME!!!!! NO FAIR!! I would also pick Carrie, have yuh- seen that girls bod AND her hubby....but then again, have YOU seen Jason Fawver in a t-ball uniform at the ripe age of 6? I'mmm.Just. Sayin.... :) LOVE YOU TO THE MOOON SISSS

Ruthie Hart said...

these are so fun! I've loved reading them the past couple of days!!! I want to go to Greece sooo bad!! For now, we will just eat greek food!

ajs {of MN} said...

loved the daily and also that you are on 1st hand terms with baby food and knowing there is one out there called Hawaiian delight! bah hahaha

whitney said...

i'm with jessica. i like that you got other people's input. i get bored with my standard answers. so i might have to use this the next time!

and i am planning a trip to greece next year and i can't wait!!


Dining Diva said...

fun post! i think i'm missing out on twisted tea -- i'll have to order one.

Lourdes Echagarruga said...

I thought that I was the only one (other than babies) that loved banana and Hawaiian delight baby food.

XO Lourdes

Megan said...

I LOVE twisted tea! My fav!

Young and Fabulous said...

hahah omg i LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! i got tagged in this from something else and gotta do it for sure now!!

id also use a chef to clean for me lol!

i love you peed on the doctor. PRICELESS haha

i just love you!

Amber said...

This is my first time stopping by your blog - so I loved reading all the tidbits about you. We have so many things in common. I would also wedding ring is fav accessory. Cause with that comes my hubby. :)

Hope you're having a great Friday!

Lisa said...

I had to laugh at your first fact because I'm 26 and STILL don't know how to burp! I've had so many people try to teach me and I just can't do it! I don't drink pop, but I totally understand the difficult/painful beer drinking! Too funny!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

You seem like such a fun person! Thus tags are great!

Miss Chelsea said...

Omg I remember eating Hawaiian delight in like middle school. Yum

dina vanessa mercado said...

great blog!!!

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Liesl said...

LOVED learning more about you!!! I kind of agree on the no reply...I love being able to write people back! :)

Liesl :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious for sure. I learned one new thing about you. Good for this mama to know about the Twisted Tea! xoxo

The Presutti's said...

I got tagged in this too and it was super fun. I just posted yesterday on my blogger a post on how to tell everyone to fix the noreplyblogger email address. You should check it out. And let me tell you, I think it is so awesome that you enlisted your family and friends for help with this post, I really enjoyed reading it :)

Miss K said...

i love this! thanks girl!