Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No Years Resolution

Every new year I set super lofty unattainable resolutions that I don't stick with...then I feel like a failure. So this year I've decided to try something a little different. I am always wanting to do things to improve my body, mind, home and finances. So instead of creating these ridiculous resolutions I am going to set easy and attainable monthly goals. I figure the monthly goals will be like baby steps which will hopefully lead to the larger end goal. AND, I'm going to copy my Beeb and blog about my goals each month to keep myself accountable. At the end of each month I will check-in with all of you to see how I did and set the next month's goals. Fun, right? 

So, here's what I've got for January's goals. 

*Save $300. 
Now that I'm an old married lady me and Mr. need to start putting money away to eventually buy a house and start a family. Not sure where this extra $300 is going to come from...but it will be a good budgeting challenge. 

*Keep track of every penny spent. 
I've created a very impressive and comprehensive budgeting spreadsheet that I want to use to see where all of our money goes. For one month I want to track every cent spent so that next month we can evaluate where we can save. 

*Go to yoga once a week. 
I love yoga, and I used to go on a regular basis. I figure one time a week is easy. 

*Go to the gym at least one a week. 
Sure I'd love to be one of those people who goes to the gym 5-7 days a week...but remember? Baby steps. So if I go to yoga once a week and the gym one other time it will be a good stepping stone. 

*Go to Starbucks just one a week. 
I love getting my latter in the morning, but let's me honest those bad boys add up financially and calorically. So I'm going to cut back and save myself some money and calories by treating myself just once a week. 

*Redo our Master Bathroom.
I've got plans, I've got all new stuff, now I just need to DO. 

*Keep up on laundry
This past week I did about 16 loads of laundry to get caught up. My plan is to do two loads of laundry two nights a week...I figure I can do sheets and towels on night and clothes the other. This should help prevent a major pile up. 

*Try one new recipe a week (or 4 new recipes for the month)
I am really starting to love cooking and with my Pinterest addiction it shouldn't be hard finding new things to try...plus it give me blog topics! Whoop! 

*Read one book.
I love to read, but lately I haven't made any time for it...so I want to read at least one book this month. 

*Write and Schedule all wedding recap blog posts. 
This is a daunting task! 

*Get started on wedding albums for myself and our families. 
This will take a ton of time...but it needs to get done before the excitement wears off. 

What are your New Year's Resolutions or Goals?


Carolyn said...

Great goals Beebs! :)

Ruthie Hart said...

Awesome resolutions!! Last year hubby and I vowed to save save save and now we are buying a house! It is so much fun to have an end goal, it makes saving actually fun! Happy New Year

MIL said...

That is very smart to have a plan/list, it seriously makes you feel more organized and accomplishing. But according to Organizing/Resolution Guru's; no need to put extra on your list to put more pressure on yourself. No need to do the wedding photos for your families, they can do it for themselves. Do for you, J and Bailey Mae! LOVE all of you!

Young and Fabulous said...

pretty much every thing on this list i need to do

save money...workout...read...new recipes...keep track of money...All SOOO important, yet always overlooked by me!

i think these goals are so reachable! you can do it girlfranndd!!

save 300$ for a blogging girls trip :-) jus sayyyin!

xoxox happy new year! sooo glad to have gotten to know you even better this year!!

Jessica said...

Those are excellent goals! Totally do-able.

Holly said...

I like that you're taking it one month at a time! These goals sound great! Good luck!

Caroline said...

I love that you included Starbucks! It's a MUST!

Lindsay said...

Great goals! Going to Starbucks only once a week is definitely one of mine too. And keeping up with the laundry. Why is that so hard to do?! I have the same problem!

Miss K said...

those are awesome resolutions! i think going month by month is best, definitely more attainable!

ajs {of MN} said...

wedding recaps daunting no doubt, i was going to recap our MN reception from May2010- still have yet to do it ;) laundry... oh man ours piles up but after its washed, i hate having 286 loads of clean laundry to fold AND put away. i just got a nook for xmas since having baby i have had no time to turn a physical page but with the nook- i have found myself 15 chapters into a books after starting it just two days ago- yah! and bathroom... our bathroom gut and remodel is on our winter project list, i can't WAIT!

Bre said...

A great way to keep track of finances is a financial database website like Mint.com or financeworks. Financeworks is actually in cahoots with our credit union, so I just login to our bank accounts and can see all of our spending in all different categories for different time periods. So awesome! Good luck with your January goals!