Monday, February 20, 2012

State, MPM and House Guests!

Hola mamasitas. 
{that is my attempt at pretending I'm in Mexico and not in my freezing cold office on a Monday morning.}

Before I can get down to meal planning bizzz-nass I need to THANK all of you for your super sweet comments, e-mails, tweets and texts in regards to my lil sister's dance team!
Saturday was a very long, exhausting and emotional day. 
me and the Beeb dressed head to toe in black & red. Our routine is wedding themed so the parents had veils and top hats for everyone. 
The team did INCREDIBLE! They actually TIED for first and ended up dropping to second place in the tie-break by ONE point. ONE-FRICKIN-POINT! 
It was so exciting but also so heartbreaking, being THAT close!
Anyways, without going on for hours {which I could} I just want to say THANK YOU. 
It was pretty overwhelming how sweet  all of you are and how many of you took the time to send well wishes.
 No matter what...I am a proud big sissy.

Allllllllllrighty then, let's get down to it. 
This week is sort of a "garbage" week. We have a lot of random stuff in our fridge and cupboards so I tried to create meals that use these items. I also upped-my-game and made grocery plans according to coupons that I found--yeah, I know, I've lost my mind. But if I can save $22.00 on my groceries...I'LL DO IT! Every little bit counts, right? On top of that I have two meetings with my sorority this week {I am an advisor} so I won't be home. Plus, Jason plays basketball on Wednesdays, so we're kind of going to be on our own most days this week. 

Here's what my week looks like:
Feb. 20-Feb. 24
Smart Start, Almond Milk & Veggie Sausage
Smart Start, Almond Milk & Veggie Sausage
Smart Start, Almond Milk & Veggie Sausage
Smart Start, Almond Milk & Veggie Sausage
Smart Start, Almond Milk & Veggie Sausage
Mrs. Grass Soup, Veggies
Turkey Sandwich,
Turkey Sandwich,
Mrs. Grass Soup,
Turkey Sandwich,
Membership Exam
Steak Skewers,
Mini Twice Baked Potatoes & Corn
Veggie Buffalo Wings &Veggies
AAC Meeting

Yogurt w/ Granola, Strawberries
Cottage Cheese, Applesauce, Strawberries
Yogurt w/ Granola, Strawberries
Cottage Cheese, Applesauce, Strawberries
Larabar, Strawberries,
String Cheese,

I am going to attempt beef skewers for the first time using THIS marinade and will be loading them up with onion, red pepper and zucchini. I'm pairing them with THIS Twice Baked Potato Bites recipe I found on Pinterest.

Have you guys had these Morningstar Farms Veggie Buffalo Wings?
I've been eating them for years and frickin LOVE them! Even Jason likes them, and that's saying A LOT. I figured this would be a nice, simple and yummy dinner for me while Jason is playing bball, plus I had a coupon! :)

This weekend we have some House Guests coming to town! Our friend's Billy & Jackie {who we met on our honeymoon} are coming to town! I could not be more excited!
I've planned a FIESTA for Saturday night complete with Turkey Tacos, Spanish Rice, Corn & Black Bean Salad. Guacamole and of course MARGARITAS!

I've opted to NOT do a recipe of the week today because, let's face it, this post is getting extremely long and the chances of any of you still reading ESPECIALLY on a Monday is slim-to-none. I plan on sharing some recent favorites later this week!

One more incredibly important note before I sign off...
Head on over to my girl Caroline's blog, Simply Smithwick, and check out her giveaway!
Only DON'T enter it because I want to win! :)


Jessica said...

So proud of your sister!! One point, that's a big deal!

Carolyn said...

Kara did SO AMAZING!!! Loved spending like 12 hours with you watching it all! :)

Ruthie Hart said...

Do you have a video of their performance?! That would be so cool to watch but I know they are so stingy when it comes to recording. Oh and even though we are huge meat eaters, we love morning star corndogs!

Courtney B said...

You are friends with a couple you met on your honeymoon?? I LOVE that! How fun :)

ajs {of MN} said...

that is SO fun for you to have vacation friends over!!? HAVE FUN!

Liesl said...

Yay to your sister!!! I always love reading your posts because they are full of so much fun and energy! Love it...yummy foods too! :)

Caroline said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love the wedding attire for the dance. Too fun! :)

Ashley said...

aww you're sister is so cute. i BET you were proud! the team looks awesome!

your meal plan looks awesome - keep us posted on it! ;)