Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

This weekend my little sister is competing in the State Dance Competition! I am so excited and SO nervous! This will be her first time competing at State as she is only a Freshman! Best part...The Beeb is going to come with me to cheer Kara and her team on! SO EXCITED! 
So proud. 

I have a severe addiction to LeAnn Chin, which is essentially a Minnesota Chinese food chain. Think Chipotle, only with Chinese food and absolutely no healthy options. I am a part of their loyalty club {I know, I have a problem} and get deals texted to me from time to time. I got said text yesterday for Buy 1, Get 1 FREE entrees! So I texted the deal to Jason and this is what followed:
Also, I learned last weekend that you're supposed to have ICE in your phone for the person who is your In Case of Emergency contact. WHO KNEW?

I have decided I need to go to Social Media Anonymous. Addicted to all things social media.
With that being really should follow me on TWITTER, PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM {BusyBeeMN}. And most importantly right here on BLOGGER, just go right over there ------------------>

I have been getting Shellac manicures every two weeks to keep me nails looking nice and I am absolutely hooked on the stuff. The past couple of times I have gotten Rock Royalty and have decided it's without a doubt my favorite color.

I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to honor my childhood idol. I was completely heartbroken when I heard the news that Whitney Houston has passed away on Saturday. 
I've heard people say that they're not surprised and that she had it coming but she was a person and a mother first and foremost and celebrity or not, drug addict or not, it is always sad when a child loses their mother. People need to show a little compassion and honor her for the incredible talent that she was. I grew up with Whitney and idolized her for most of my childhood. Her concert was the first I ever went to, The Bodyguard was the first R rated movie I was allowed to watch, my "house" daughter was always named Whitney and I still have every album she ever recorded. She was an incredibly talented woman who somewhere lost the strength and will to take care of herself. I am still and probably will always be heartbroken about this loss. 


JJ said...

Oh how I miss LeAnn Chin. I moved to Missour,i a couple months back and that's one of my favorites I miss about home.

Bridget said... do I get texts for LeeAnn Chin!!! That is my fav also!!! Please share :)

Ashley said...

good luck to your sister! how exciting. i have always wished i could sing and dance! let us know how it goes!


Carolyn said...

IS THAT REALLY KARA?!?!?!??! I wish I was cool enough to have a picture like that. Man oh man. Can Sara Jayne have a photo shoot with us to make us look like that?...

Schnelle said...

Best of luck to your sister! Whiteney was my idol when I was younger too. I used to listen to her casettes all the time (wow, that totally makes me feel old!)

Café Moka said...

I love your nails color! Very pretty!

Miss K said...

love the nails! and i need to go to social media anon too, it can be so hard to keep up on everything

Nicole said...

I am a new follower of your blog. I must say it is so sad how mean people can be especially about celebrities. I wasnt suprised when I heard Whitney had died cause I had been praying she would straighten up for her but you are right we must respect her for who she was. Great post!!

Lourdes Echagarruga said...

I learned the ICE thing in High school. I still have my mom in as ICE. so, I will call her twice and then call me boyfriend once (he's under "baby" on my phone.) whenever I do that, my call list says "ICE ICE BABY"

Yes..I know... I still act like I'm a kid :)

XO Lourdes

Deidre said...

Love that nail colour :)

And I agree about Whitney - it's always sad when someone days, regardless of the reason - her family is devastated.

Bunnie said...

Love this post!!!! Love the texting back and forth!


your newest follower...follow me back?


Kristin said...

Never heard of LeeAnn Chin :(
Ill take your word for it tho! happy friday!

Liesl said...

Good Luck to your sister at the championship this weekend! Also, love that you just realized what ICE are too cute!

As for Whitney...well said, I agree completely. Plus, just as "The Bodyguard" was the first R movie you could see, I still remember seeing it for the first time and where I was...on a vacation back to my mother's hometown in South Dakota of all places, and Whitney was the first concert my younger sister ever went too...she just loved her! Sad all around, no matter the circumstances!

That said, I hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

Mia Rivel said...

Hello Sweetie,

Just wanted to thank you for having such an inspirational blog. Hope you have an amazing week full of lots of beautiful things.
Feel free to drop past my blog if you have time =)

-Mia xoxo

Bre said...

I love your convo with Jason, "No chizzels." LOL!

Lisa said...

Ok, shellac mani, you MUST try the graphite with a coat of beau. It's soooo pretty. It's a grey with a purple tint. I have it on now and get so many compliments when I wear it. I've done it 2 times now.

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