Friday, February 10, 2012


Lately I have been daydreaming of travel. 
I absolutely LOVE to travel and see new places and revisit my favorites. There are so many places I want to go and so many things that I want to see.  
Why does airfare have to be so expensive? And why do I have to work? 
It would be so much easier to plan trips if I had an endless supply of cash and no responsibilities. 

Let's have a little fun and pretend that I just won the lottery! 

First thing I would do is quit my job. And then immediately get some trips on the books...places I've never been to but have always wanted to go:

I would want to spend time in Athens doing touristy stuff and then I would want to spend time in Santorini, Mykonos and Peloponnese {which is where my family is from.}

{I mean, who wouldn't want to stay in a glass bottom bungalow?!}
and while we were way down there we would hit up

Sydney, Australia!

after traveling across the world I'd be ready for some good old U.S. of A. 
I want to check out... 



{I'd like to go during harvest so we can hit up one of those harvest parties!}

and finally I'd revisit some of my favorite places...

{husband's never been...dying to take him!}

{Tortola & Barbados are my faves!}

{such a fun city! I could live there!}

{Magic Kingdom, Epcot and MGM, thank you very much!}

Where would you go that you haven't been? AND, where would you like to travel back to?

OK, back to daydreaming.....


brynn said...

ummm..sorry...but i didn't see texas on your list!?!

Jessica said...

So many fun places!

Corinne said...

I love daydreaming about vacations! I want to visit Thailand one day, along with Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain and France (along with a ton of other countries!). I'm from Italy and have a lot of family there that we go and visit every other year - we were just there this past summer but I'm always itching to go back and enjoy the slower pace of life there! Not to mention the delicious food and wine!

Miss Chelsea said...

You probably need a travel buddy, so I will go ahead and plan on accompanying you

JMB said...

Excuse me, where is Kentucky??? I have never been to Disney, Nashville {shocking I know} or Boston, I say let's pack a bag and go stay with Errrrcuh :)

Carolyn said...

OK, so all those places are great. However... my favorite part of this post is that airplane pic. SO FUNNY.

Miss K said...

sign me up. i'm in!

Holly said...

I want to go to allll of these places.

I need to win the lotto. stat.

Ruthie Hart said...

We want to go to Greece so bad!! Eat gyros and feta cheese all day! OPA!

Holly said...

Take me with you!!! I want to go to all of those places. I've been to Nashville, NYC and Boston, but I'd happily go back. How awesome would it be to have an endless supply of cash without having to work?! I'm dying for a vacay! Hubby and I are planning an anniversary trip this summer back to Cozumel where we had our honeymoon. Is it August yet?

Lia Joy said...

All of those places would be amazing! My hubs has never been to NYC either and I am dying to take him too! And Bora Bora? I die.

MIL said...

SOOOO funny cartoon pic! Love when you do that! Your blogger Brynn said Texas, well you know your one xtra side is from TX and Granny has a place to stay, seriously! Me, hello, born in Boston, have relatives there! Oh, may I add, you got new connections in Greece cause of the other xtra side of me! AND Nicole in Florida! FLO..RI...DAhhh!
Hawaii, ohhhh let's go!

Bre said...

OMG, if you really do come to Sonoma, PLEASE let me know. It's so close to here and it would be awesome to try and meet up! You know...if you want pressure :)

Jess@BeingMrsBeer said...

Looks like fun - can I come? :) Oh, and add DC to your list!

Anonymous said...

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Caroline said...

All of these places look amazing! Take me with you!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I am SOOO behind on your blog, so when I have some free time I'll be sure to visit and leave lots of love! :) Hope you're LOVING married life! Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about ya! ;) xo