Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wedding Recap {The Wedding Party}

Jason and are so lucky to have absolutely amazing friends in our life. It was so fun and so special to have such such a fantastic group of people supporting us on our wedding day. This group is so fun, hilarious, crazy and let's face it, GORGEOUS! 

Let's introduce you to the team:

LIBBY {Maid of Honor}
My best friend since 9th grade and the only person who understands my strange sense of humor. 

COLIN {Best Man}
Jason and Colin have been best friends since 8th grade and are truly like brothers. 

NICOLE {Bridesmaid}
Nicole is Jason's younger sister and also my first best friend. If you don't know the history of me and Jason you should probably click HERE. 

NATE {Groomsman}
Natie is my younger brother...and Jason has known him his entire life. 

CAROLYN {Bridesmaid/Beeb}
If you've been following my blog for more than a day then you know I cannot live without my Beeb.

JAKE {Groomsman}
The Beeb's hubby AND one of Jason's best friends since middle school!

NATALIE {Bridesmaid}
My step-sister. 

SETH {Groomsman}
Also a best bud from middle school. 

CHRISTINA {Bridesmaid}
One of my best friends from high school! 

JEFF {Groomsman}
J's best friend from college. 

COURTNEY {Bridesmaid}
One of my best college girlfriends and sorority sister.

RYAN {Groomsman}
And yet another middle school friend--my man holds on to his buddies. 

KARA {JR. Bridesmaid}
My baby sister! <3

ALLY {JR. Bridesmaid}
J's baby sister!

TRAVIS {Usher}
J's younger brother.

J's youngest brother.

ROBYN {Personal Attendant}
She was the reason my wedding day went off without a hitch which is why she deserved her own post, read it HERE. 

We have a TON of wedding party photos and I love them all...but in order to not bore you all to tears I chose a few of my favorites to show off! 

Me & my Girls:

J & his Boys:

J & the Girls:

Me & the Boys:
 these boys are soooo tall!

The whole crew!

And finally, my favorite picture from the entire day....

All photographs by Sara Jayne Photography.


Angie said...

Beautiful photos!

Samantha Lynne said...

Abolutely stunning photos! Your photographer was so great girl! I love the second from the last picture. Tooo cute!

I'm finally getting to post my wedding recaps. If you get a chance please come check it out :)




Schnelle said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I love the dresses you picked and the flowers, it was such a classy wedding!

Bridget said...

Very beautiful!!!!

Nikki said...

I'm loving your wedding recaps. Your wedding was so elegant and beautiful. Looks like you had an awesome wedding party too!

Caroline said...

What beautiful pics. I love the bridesmaids dresses.

Erin said...

Gorgeoussss pics! You had a good lookin' bridal party that's for sure :) I've been recapping my wedding and I can't wait to brag on our wedding party! ;)

Carolyn said...

Whooop!! :)

Ruthie Hart said...

your bridesmaids dresses are really gorgeous! and totally wear again able

Jess@BeingMrsBeer said...

They all look gorgeous! Live the dresses you picked!

Young and Fabulous said...


im serious when i say this...i want your makeup for my wedding day! your eyes! so elegant and sexxayy

oh and your best friend MOH looks like you! twinnies :-)


Kristin said...

gorgeous party! still debating if I want a bridal party.. this makes me think i do..

#1 Fan MIL said...

My son is quite a photo character! Handsome and Cute though! You, absolutely beautiful body! AND of course your pretty face! Love those group pictures, Sarah Jayne, excellent job!

Please pass to Kara congrats from me and DIL; he has some guys working for him that were there and their sister from Blaine High was in the competition.

Menu sounds great for your visitors but don't forget your desserts! You did great for when we were there. AND your husband was totally hospitable!


JMB said...

You were such a gorgeous bride!! I am in LOVE with your hair, makeup, DRESS, the works!! I am getting ready to blog about you being the WINNER of my statement necklace!!! PS.COM, Jeff the groomsmen is a hottie and has great hair.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Everyone looks beautiful - especially you! You are just glowing!

Bride-onicles said...

What a beautiful bridal party! I love how you all go waaay back and you all seem to be connected to eachother in a great way!

Liesl said...

Beautiful! Love your formal group shots...the black bridesmaid dresses look so classic and I'm sure will be timeless when you look back years later! :)

Miss K said...

your photos are gorgeous!

Jenna E said...

what a beautiful wedding party you have. Gorgeous shots

Nicole-Lynn said...

Y'all got so many great pictures! You have such an attractive wedding party! lol

We didn't get a lot of good group pics, but I'm glad we did get some I liked. I guess having a beach wedding limits that some. :/

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