Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Fab Weekend.

Ahhhh, this weekend was lovely. I cannot believe it's already over and is Monday....again. 

Friday night, we went out to eat with my family to celebrate my brother's 23rd birthday.

The we met up with my BFF, Beeb and Beeb's husband for THE HUNGER GAMES!
I loved it! Of course, it wasn't as good as the book but I wasn't expecting it to be. I thought they did a great job recreating the story. I was so stressed the entire time they were in the best friend and I were holding hands...and he both knew what was going to happen! It was just so intense. Also, I think I want to name my first born Rue. Just putting it out there. 

Saturday was SO productive. I dedicated the whole day to spring cleaning and we got so much done! We went through all the closets in our house and got rid of all the clothes and miscellaneous shiz we no longer use. We threw away a ton of crap and also filled two HUGE garbage bags full of clothes to donate. I know you're all DYING to see how much we actually did, have no fear, I took before and after pictures. 

Jason and I own more t-shirts than any two people should own. We got rid of a bunch of stuff and then I re-folded and organized our armoire. 

We have two closets in our guestroom that were previously filled with all of our junk. We went through both of them and consolidated all of our stuff, and now we have one lovely empty closet that our guests can use. 

And finally, we have a utility closet on the main floor that is a popular dumping zone for things that don't have a home. I was PUMPED to get rid of about half the stuff kept in this closet! 
 Wasn't that SO thrilling? I know, you're welcome. 

After we were done cleaning we went to Jason's bff's to hang out on the deck and grill. It was a great relaxing night and I got to spend some time with my favorite two year old, Brody Bear!

Sunday we just spent the day relaxing and watching basketball. Best of all, both days I got to sleep in with this:

Finally, I leave with this:
JUSTIN BIEBER'S NEW SINGLE, BOYFRIEND! I'm obsessed! I love me some Bieb and this song is the shiz. Already been downloaded and listen to about 3,000 times. 


Ruthie Hart said...

ahhhh ORGANIZATION! Sounds like my kind of weekend, I seriously thrive on throwing out old t shirts hahah. Okay I am weird. Also, did you go to Bucca di Beppo? I went there for my sisters birthday and they had those same red candles!

Kelly B. said...

ahhh.. I see now it's likely Buca, not Boca. whatevs.. both delish! haha

Marci @ a smile a day said...

I desperately need to clean out all of my closets and drawers along with everything else! You kind of gave me the inspiration to do it until I realized I am moving out in 2 months so there is no point! haha great job though, I cannot wait to have a house big enough for all of my crap!!

P!nky said...

WOOHOO for spring cleaning. That is on my agenda for this weekend, because I need to change out my wardrobe. I always feel so refreshed after cleaning!

Happy Monday! xoxo

Carolyn said...

Can you come do my closets now please?

Thanks! :)

JMB said...

Armoire be looking GEWD! I have never seen so many tees in all my 28 years of life, sister haha. Come do my closet next :) Doesn't it make you breathe easier knowing it's clean though!

Kristin said...

love the baby sleeping under the covers! so cute

Miss K said...

organization feels so good, it's such a relief when it's done!

Erin said...

Ahhh, I love before and after organization pictures! ;) I'm dying to tackle some scary closets and spare bedrooms in our house ASAP!!

Glad you had a great weekend :)

Caroline said...

Love it!

Angie said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Monday's come way to fast don't they?

Your closets look great. I need to go through my son's closet soon and get things organized!

Katie said...

holy closests clutter! good thing you cleaned those puppies out ;) jk..our guest bedrooms need to be de-cluttered as well! ESPfor the BIG visit come may! AHH.

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