Monday, April 2, 2012

April To-Do

Holy smokes! It's already April! 
Did anyone get punked yesterday for April Fools?

It's time for a monthly to-do-list, in an attempt to keep me on track and motivated to get shiz done! 

*Redo Master Bedroom.
 Our master bathroom and guest room have both gotten facelifts this year and our bedroom is next on the list. I need to paint, hang some art, get new sheets and some new bedside lamps.

*Walk/Run 50 miles this month. 
It averages out a little over a mile and a half a day. I think me and Bailey can do it.

* Plan presents. 
We have a ton of family birthdays coming up these next few months, plus Mother’s Day & Father’s Day and the start of wedding season which means showers, bachelorette parties and wedding gifts. I always like to buy ahead of time or at least know what I am getting…pretty much I need a list and a second job. J

*Save some money. 
I’m not putting a number on this one because any is better than none.

*Test drive and make a car buying plan. 
I desperately want and need a new car, but I’ve never bought one on my own. So I want to go to the dealership, test drive the car and get some more info on what I’ll need in order to buy that bad boy. ps. Buy or Lease? What do you recommend?

*Keep up on laundry. 
I’ve made this goal before and failed. But, I got a new handy dandy hamper which is keeping our closets organized, so now I just need to keep the thing from overflowing. I figure if I do 1-2 loads a couple of days a week I should be able to keep up…here’s to hoping. 

What do you want to get done this month?


Ashley said...

Gotta love monthly to-do lists :) Good luck and happy April!

Angie said...

I made a to do list for April too. Hoping I can accomplish at least 1/2 of it. Good luck on your list :)

Ruthie Hart said...

I cant wait to see what you do in your master bedroom :-) a little DIY for the blog!

Bunnie said...

this is a cute post! I need to set a to do list too!!!

Happy April!

Ashley Marie said...

ooo master redo! how fun! I can't wait to see how that turns out =)

I always say I am going to keep up with laundry...this weekend was a big fat fail! I am hoping to find motivation to get some more done tonight lol

Michelle P said...

Good luck with your goals!

Young and Fabulous said...

ahhh kurt and i are about to re-do our bedroom in our apartment! i need to get my self onto pinterest and get sucked in

50 miles this month YOU CAN DO IT GIRLFRAND!!!

laundry keep up...please teach me yo skills haha

Jessica said...

I got lucky, no one punked me yesterday! LOL

Good luck on your goals, you can totally do it.

Jess@BeingMrsBeer said...

I lease and I LOVE it. I don't drive a ton of miles so it really works well for us, and I get a new car every three years :)

Katie said...

Buy for sure! so many ups and downs with leasing. Master bedroom is a good goal...I think I need to do ours too!! ps your posts don't show up in my reader ughh

Aly said...

I've always wanted a CRV, I just love them! I'm trying to figure out what to do with my room too- I want a change but I don't want to spend any money!

Melissa said...

Definitely buy a car (rather than lease). With leasing you make all those payments and then they get the car back. I think it's definitely worth it to pay a little more and own the car when you are done with payments. Good luck!

Julie said...

Great goal setting list for April! I love that you look at how many miles you'll run for the month rather than by each day...makes it seem like you're doing a lot more running! My goal for April: save some money for the boyfriend and my's first apartment set for a May move-in!!

Miss K said...

good luck! you can definitely do it.

for a car, i suggest buying instead of leasing. everyone i know who leases a car always regrets it later. leasing is only good if you plan on getting a new car every 2-3 years. I drive a honda crv and i absolutely love it. if i had to buy a new car today, i'd just buy an upgraded version of it.

Blane181 said...

Ah, saving money has been my number 1 to-do lately but with bridal showers, weddings, and a baby nephew due this summer (not to mention all the fun spring and summer things I want to do) it's going to be expensive!

I am all about buying as opposed to leasing and I don't think I will ever buy a brand new car, I'll let someone else eat up the depreciation.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

50 miles... go girl!!

You have a big month this month ;)

Carolyn said...


Bre said...

I say lease with an option to buy. Once you finally pay off a car, you are ready for a new one. A car payment is inevitable, might as well just lease.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Sounds like you're busy! We're also looking at a new car.. an extended cab truck or suv (for hubby). We're hoping to make a decision this week!