Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's a Miracle

A couple of weeks ago I went out to dinner with three of my best college girlfriends, two of which I lived with for three years. I love nothing more than reminiscing about the good ol days and usually when I'm remiscing with these girls I am brought to tears from laughing so hard.
This dinner was no different. 

After looking back at those three glorious years of living together I have determined that it is an absolute miracle that I am married and even more so that I am still friends with these people. 
sophomore year roomies

You guys, I was not a good roommate. 

Not because I was too messy, because let's face it, none of us girls were overly tidy. It wasn't because I was rude or caused drama or was inconsiderate but it was because I did the weirdest shit. Pardon my french, but there's no other way to describe it. I did some really weird shit. 

For example:

I would watch these videos on repeat and pee myself from laughing. Turns out I still pee myself from laughing while watching these. 

Have any of you seen these?! Homestar Runner? C'mon! Tell me I'm not alone!

How about these?

...I'll wait while I watch my number of followers drastically decline...

I would also stay up until the wee hours of the morning watching The Cosby Show on Nick at Night and cracking up...those who have met me in real life know that my laugh is not quiet.
My favorite episode is when the boys are dreaming about giving birth...Cliff gives birth to a giant sandwich! So funny, please tell me you know what I'm talking about.

I would also eat loads of pistachios and without really trying would get the shells everywhere.

Sophomore year we had bunk beds and I would always fall asleep in bed while doing homework and all my super huge, hard and heavy textbooks would fall through the cracks and land on my bottom bunk roomie.

For my 21st birthday my Aunt bought me one of those mini-polaroid cameras and I would take really close up photos of my nose, or eye or mouth, etc and leave them around the room for my roommate Kelly to discover.
Poor Kelly.
Kell-you better be reading this cuz this photo is JUST for you. 

While I have moved on from a lot of the weird stuff I did in college, I still have my quirks {just ask my husband and my Beeb}...I am afraid of mirrors at night, I hate wearing socks, when I think I've said something witty I stick out my chin like I have an under bite, I throw fits when I'm bunchy {when my clothes bunch up or twist},

I'm strange, but I landed a dude and he's now legally obligated to stay with me until I I've got that goin' for me.


brynn said...


teen girl just brought back so many memories!

Angie said...

Ha Ha- Too cute!
I think we all have little quirky things about us.

Schnelle said...

Haha! I've never seen these but they are hilarous. Search "Group X" on you tube for some more laughs. I'm full of quirks too, my husband probably thinks I'm crazy sometimes but I can make him laugh like no other so's better to be quirky than boring, right?!

Kelly B. said...

hahaha omg. Everybody had different "weird" videos circulate in college that cracked them up. I'm with you on the weird shit, except mine is closeted and only M sees it, which is why it's a miracle he's still around. (I also wrote a post on it on why the neighbors likely ignore me..)

I talk incessantly in LOLcat speak, make squeaky noises when I get excited, I "clench" (as in my whole body tightens up) when I need to release pressure or spaz, and I meow at the cat like we're having a conversation. haha. Life is more fun weird!

Carolyn said...

BAHAHAHAHA. Let's talk about how the dude you landed is Jason Fawver. I think that might help explain the situation. :) You're my two favorite insane people. LOVE YOU!

P!nky said...

Ohhhhhh college, such good times. I loved my college roomies and miss them oh so much.

You hate socks too?!!? I was chatting with Carolyn and she says she hates socks! I <3 them! Can't sleep without them! That's so funny!

Happy Thursday!


Katie said...

hahaha! you ARE weird. just kidding..kinda. Gosh, this phone convo yesterday has my panties in a jumble. can't for the "public" word ;)

Lia Joy said...

I definitely know about Homestar Runner. And I absolutely LOVE The Cosby Show! :)

Miss Chelsea said...

"when I think I've said something witty I stick out my chin like I have an under bite"

you're such a weirdo chia

Jasmine said...

i LOVE nick at nite! i watch it allll the time. and crack up at everything as if it were the first time i was watching it!

Miss K said...

ha ha ha ha hilarious!

MIL said...

We are all weird but those commercials were not shown on regular T.V.! AND I think you ARE funny! Obsessed in some areas but there definitely is NO need for professional help! You are the genius type! Love, from a very happy MIL to have you as a DIL!

Bre said...

All of those things you mentioned make me love you even more!

Bride-onicles said...

I literally laughed out loud at the text books falling on your bottom bunk roomie! To cute!