Monday, April 30, 2012

Only Erica....

Hello Busy Bee followers! I'm Erica and I chill out over at my blog, Young and Fabulous!

Okay as you all know, there's been lotsa baby talk on this here blog? Why? WELL...Kristin is pregnant!! EEEK EEK EEK! Honestly, Kristin was one of my first blog followers and I've been reading ever since she got proposed to! Yeah..we go BACK! I can't even explain how excited I am for her and her hubs!

So pretty much daily, Kristin, Carolyn, Katie, Jess and I have group texts where we talk about everything under the sun. Recent topics? Babies of course!

What better thing to do is see what their baby will look like, eh? Baby Bee Boy!

Okay not too bad he's still a cutie! But I know Kristin and Jason's babe will be WAY cuter.

So then I was like...hmm I wonder if Kristin and I artificially inseminated ourselves with our own fluids, what our child would look like?

Hmm. Not sure about this one but I am liking the little mohawk looking thing going on! And the puppet looking mouth!

So maybe Jess and Kristin's baby would be cute too?

NOO idea why that says Carolyn!
No words. It looks as if one of their fluids got mixed up with someone elses! But hey at least she is pinch cheeking cute!!

Then it was Katie and Kristin's turn to swap fluids

I don't know if this is a boy or girl but whatever it is, he's got the Elvis lip goin on and some weird looking Star Wars hair!

I had to save the best/creepiest for last. Carolyn. Her partner in crime. I don't know why, but this little girl creeps me the heck out! She looks like she belongs in the shining!

Okay Kristin...I think your safest bet will be your own child with your own hubs. And we CANNOT wait to see little baby bee! But in case in the future you want a different looking child, you have us girls and the estimation of what they'll look like! :-)


Katie said...

LOL!!! Erica! This is hilariousssssss hahaha STAR WARS HAIR?! Our baby is awesome Kris! Geez so good looking I can't handle it.

Love this and all of you guys!

MissMorgan said...

hahaha! This is so great. What a fun and silly thing to do when you're bored! *noted*

Carolyn said...

Bahahahaha!! My poor Shining baby!!! I have to say though... All of these are better than Weasel!!! :)

Young and Fabulous said...

LOL! all so incredibly creepy hahahahahh but as i said...we're available if you want babies who look like all your bloggy friends! :-)

hope you are having the best time ever!!!


Miss K said...


Ashley said...

why are jess and kristin having an asian baby? haha this is too funny!