Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Recap {The Bar}

After we finished photos at The Stadium, we hopped back in to the limo and headed to my favorite college bar. It was so fun visiting the old stomping grounds on my wedding day. Best of all, a friend from college still manages the bar so they opened up the back bar just for us!

Baby Sister!

Scooby Snack for the bride & Tequila for the groom!

Our amazing photographers (and friends!} John & Sara

Couple Photo with The Beeb & her hubby, Jake!

"You should get up on the bar!" Why not?

Little Brother & Step-Sissy:
brother made a pit stop at the liquor store to ensure the limo was stocked for our ride to the reception.
We LOVE our brother! 

The whole wedding party ever!

Once we got back in the limo one of my bridesmaid's, Courtney, suggested we make a pit stop at our sorority house since we were only two blocks away!
She ran inside to grab a bunch of the girls...which was SO awesome!
Then, like all sorority girls, we proceeded to sing a couple of songs!
Courtney and Libby...two of my best friends and the reason I joined Alpha Omicron Pi!

It's hard to explain how much it meant to me to go to the stadium, to Blarney and to AOTT on my wedding day. College was the best time in my life and my dedication and school spirit is unwavering. It was such a fun and special and cool way to spend the first couple hours of being a married lady. 

But, we couldn't keep our guests waiting much longer, so it was time to head to our reception!

All photographs by Sara Jayne Photography.


Jess@BeingMrsBeer said...

1 - I love the picture on the bar. Priceless

2 - Love that you got AOPi pictures! I know what a huge part of your life it is and it's awesome you have these pictures!!!

brynn said...

love that picture of you on the bar, hot momma!!

Dixie Bell Designs said...

Love all the places you stopped for pictures!!! They came out gorgeous!

Erin said...

Seriously SUCH a gorgeous bride. Love all the fun pictures between ceremony and reception :)

Caroline said...

Love it! Ok, what is a scooby snack?

Carolyn said...

YES! Love this! The bar time was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

KAH said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!

Miss K said...

you're wedding looks like a blast from beginning to end

Holly said...

umm I LOVE all of these!
Bar pictures?! HOW FUNNNN!

Kelly said...

Hah!! These photos are GREAT :-D Looks like you had soooooooo much fun!!

MIL said...

I just love your blog! Especially Tuesday's, that guy by the horse! LOVE YOU ALL!

MissMorgan said...

Super fun! I wish my family wasn't so religious. I'd love to have boos at my wedding! ha

Kristin said...

What a special fun night!! Love the black and white, finally decided those are my wedding colors. they just look so classy

Liesl said...

Looks fun, fun, FUN, and you are just glowing!!! :)

Bride-onicles said...

Ha! Awesome that you got to make all those pit stops to your old stomping grounds! I love it!