Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Long Weekend

This weekend has been incredible and I am super bummed that it's over and it's back to another week or work. 

Our weekend really kicked off last Wednesday, when we had a surprise 75th birthday party for my Grandpa at Crave in Edina. 

Then, Thursday night was a Bridal Shower for my brother's fiance Tate. 
my little sister and soon-to-be sister-in-law, the shower was fiesta themed which explains the sombrero. 

Early Friday my husby left me for the weekend to go to Chicago for a basketball tournament. So I had the whole weekend to myself. 

I left work on Friday afternoon and immediately went to the gym to meet my best friend who is a personal trainer/yoga instructor/zumba teacher/model extraordinaire. She knows I've been struggling with accepting the weight gain that comes with pregnancy, so she made me a prenatal workout routine that I can do over lunch and also handle throughout my pregnancy. 

After the gym I met my family for dinner because my Aunt was in town from Colorado. It was so great seeing everyone and catching up. 
Who's 4 months pregnant? Me or my Uncle John? BAHAHA! 

The rest of the weekend included the following....
 I treated myself to some yummy coffee, spent the afternoon with my brother and grandma, ran errands, got a mani/pedi, had dinner with my mom and step-dad, went to church and got coffee with my mom, spent 4 hours by the pool with my buddy Robyn, ate an insane amount of fruit (I'm on a serious mango kick), walked the puggle, cleaned the house and watched hours of Giuliana & Bill. 

It. Was. Fabulous. 

Jason made it home safely late Sunday night so he was able to join me and my family at the Twins game on Monday. 
On our way to Target Field (with my sister and hubby)

The Beeb and her hubby Jake were also at the game, so obviously it became one big party. 

 Perfect day for baseball. 

My husby <3

 The Beeb & Jake

 Me & Jake. 

 My girls. 

Mama and Steve. 

After the game with hit up Crave downtown for some cocktails....or mocktails for me. 
I might be pregnant, but I'm still fancy. 

After the game we went over to my dad's house for a grilled turkey, corn on the cobb, mashed potatoes and stuffing---leave it to my family to have Thanksgiving dinner on Memorial Day. :)

The weekend ended with me laying on a heating pad, watching The Bachelorette and writing this post. 



Nikki said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I love going to baseball games! I was supposed to go to a game yesterday but there was a little mishap by my moms so I had to help her instead. Summer and baseball is great!

Schnelle said...

Looks like you had a super eventful but also very relaxing weekend. You look great and so does your adorable mocktail- love it!

Kelly B. said...

I LOLed hard at "I may be pregnant, but I'm still fancy".. I love it! I bet you could find a lot of ways to fancy-up juice and water the next 5 months..and I may follow suit in a few years! haha

Ashley said...

You have a great wardrobe! Where is the grey and white striped dress from?

How was the prenatal workout?

Anonymous said...

It was a super fun holiday weekend with my fancy girl! Drinking or not you are great to be around. xoxo m

Ruthie Hart said...

ahhh why can't every weekend be a 3 day weekend!! Looks like you had a blast...you have so many cute clothes lady! I want that chevron dress!

Miss Chelsea said...

I love that shirt you wore to the baseball game, super cute. Sounds like a great weekend to me! I wanna go to a baseball game!!

MIL said...

You are perfection! So is J! LOVE YOU! AND what a beautiful baby to be!

Lauren said...

Looks like you had such a fun time! I love your striped dress too, btw! It's so cute.

I'm hosting a giveaway right now for a $50 shabby apple giveaway. Hope you'll check it out!


Erin said...

Looks like a wonnnnnderful weekend was had! Nothing beats baseball with friends :)

Especially love the pic of you and your uncle John! HAHAH! My vote's on him!

Sami said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me :) Loving your black dress and turquoise accessories!!

Bridget said...

Do you cry during G&B? Especially with you being pregnant and what they are going through? OMG...I watched it this weekend and couldn't keep a dry eye. PS...love that your soon to be sister in law's name is Tate...that is my husbands name and I've never heard of it as a girls name...LOVE IT!!!

Bridget said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

J and A said...

Love that last photo of you. Beautiful. And that dress is awesome. Where is it from? Glad you found a good workout you can do, that will make you feel better I bet.

Kristen said...

i can't wait til you pop out a bump!!

Amber said...

Love love LOVE long weekends, and sometimes weekends at home alone to recharge! And how fun is that that you were able to pull off a surprise on your grandfather! So cool!
Hope you have a great (Short) week!!!

beckalynnclark said...

Kristin - how do i email you directly???

Kristin said...

sounds like a great weekend girl. i loved this weeks episode of the bach!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Ok, saw these pics on Instagram but wanted to comment! haha You look awesome! Love that you're still feeling well enough to get out and have fun!

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