Friday, May 11, 2012

Wedding Recap {Reception Details}

When planning our wedding, I think I spent the most time agonizing about all of the reception details. Our reception site, International Market Square was massive and beautiful, so it didn't really need a whole lot of help in the decor department. With that being said, I think it's those little extras that always make a wedding exceptional and unforgettable. 

The escort cards were really simple. I just did folded black cardstock and then printed the names and table assignments on a label and attached them to the cardstock. I spiced them up a little by adding a chicken image for those who ordered chicken and a carrot for those you chose the vegetarian option. 
The cards were lined up on a table with black and white linens and then I added some dramatic black and white engagement photos in black frames and tea-light candles to add some interest to the table. 

Arts & Flowers did my centerpieces and I was so happy with how they turned out. Originally, I wanted something with some height. But Rene, the fabulous owner of A&F, recommended doing something low, he said "the space is so huge and grand you don't want to try and compete." He was totally right, I love that they were simple and not-distracting.

You guys might recall all the work I put in to making my own Card Box. I think it turned out great! And added a nice little touch to the gift table! Plus it was super handy for keeping all the cards together. 

I created our Guest Book on and included our favorite engagement photos in the book. I absolutely loved how it turned out! Now we have a great photo album and notes from our friends and family versus a book of signatures we'll never look at. 

Our cake was an amazing double chocolate torte cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. We got A LOT of comments on how good the cake was and apparently my mom and husband somehow finagled two pieces each.
For our cake topper, I did a simple, elegant and timeless black and white wooden topper. I absolutely loved it, and it now sits proudly on a shelf in our living room. 
I also got a personalized cake serving set. I figured this would be a special memento that we can use for years and years to come. 

For the tables, I used a combination of black and white linens (obviously!). I did white floor length tablecloths, a black runner, black napkins and black chair covers. I LOVED how it turned out! It was elegant and simple but still modern. 

It was a super minor detail, but you know me...I couldn't just have normal champagne flutes. They needed to be black and white. So I got these personalized champagne glasses with black stems! I absolutely LOVE them and they look fab displayed in our china cabinet. 

For our favors we decided to do personalized shot glasses! We wanted something that people would be excited about and would actually use versus just throw away. And who can't use an extra shot glass or two?
I customized and bought the shot glasses off of They have a ton of different products and are pretty reasonably priced, so I'd definitely recommend them for some creative gift ideas. 


Flapjack Melody said...

These are such gorgeous photos - your wedding looks absolutely stunning..!


P!nky said...

LOVE the colors and all the special touches! You did a fabulous job, everything looks stunning!


Ruthie Hart said...

So many beautiful things about your reception! First of all I LOVE the is SO cool and unique (that fish eye lens picture is awesome). I LOVE the place cards with the chicken/carrot, so cute! And a video booth?! I wish we did that! We just had a regular photo booth. And wait...aren't you due on Nov 5th?! Your anny?!

agalandherdog said...


Kelly said...

LOVED this post!! Your flowers were SOOO beautiful and the whole feel was so elegant!! Love the shot glasses and the menu?? Gah, just the WHOLE night looks like it was SO stunning!! :-D

Holly said...

Beautiful photos :)
we are doing shot glasses as well! They are perfect!

Carolyn said...

I love all of this so much! Every wedding recap about the reception makes me feel bad for how drunk I was. HAHA Oops.

Frances said...

love all your details!

Jessica said...

What a gorgeous venue!! Love the shot glasses and the flowers!

Kristin said...

love ur wedding posts!! can I ask where you got the flutes from?

Schnelle said...

That venue is amazing! I love all of your little details and the shot glasses were such a cute idea.

Nicole-Lynn said...

You have awesome detail pics! Everything was so pretty!! I'm jealous! Our photographer sucked with that.. oh well.

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