Friday, June 29, 2012

What a Week!

Good gracious! This week has FLOWN by!
Anyone else just cruise through the week?

I've been super busy at work which definitely helps but on top of that I've had a ton of post-work plans this week. 

On Monday, Jason and I had a little date night. 
I was gone all last weekend AND we found out the gender of our baby on Monday morning, so we thought it was appropriate to have a night out to spend some time together and celebrate our little baby ?
{You didn't think I'd let it slip that easily did you?}

We went to one of my favorite restaurants, PF Changs (I could literally eat Chinese food for every meal) and had ourselves quite the feast! We both started with Egg Drop Soup, then split the Chicken Lettuce Wraps (you can't go to PF Changs without getting the lettuce wraps), then I had the Sesame Chicken (YES! I ate chicken!) and Jason had the Honey Chicken. And, of course, we had to top the meal off with some little mini desserts! Red Velvet cake for me and some sort of Triple Chocolate Mousse for JJ!

On Tuesday, I had signed myself up to try prenatal yoga at a studio in Minneapolis called Blooma
I had heard good things from some friends and had really been missing yoga. Like I mentioned yesterday I have been too scared to go to class because I know there are certain poses you can't do during pregnancy and I was convinced I would end up in one of those poses. I figured going to a studio specializing in prenatal yoga would be a safe bet. Well, now I'm hooked. 
If you live in the area I definitely recommend Blooma. They offer prenatal, postnatal and mama/baby yoga classes as well as prenatal massage, birthing classes and doulas. 

On Wednesday, Jason and I met up with the Beeb and her hubby Jake to see the Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat concert at the Minnesota zoo! It was hotter than hell but I had a BLAST!


Last night I met my girlfriend Courtney for yoga and dinner. Courtney was the first of my friends to have a baby and is still one of the only mama friends that I have. 
Me, Court and her son Brogan the day after he was born almost THREE years ago!
I also need to add that Courtney and I are very similar in that we are hyper-organized and totally type-A so it wasn't at all surprising when Courtney offered to meet to discuss babies and baby gear. No lie, I printed out my registry to bring with so we could go through everything and she could help with what we needed and what we didn't. IT WAS AMAZING! Court was such a huge help and it's always awesome to get together and catch up! 

And tonight I get to go to the track and bet on some horsies with a few of the most amazing people I hubby (obviously), my Beeb, the Beeb's husband Jake, KELLY and her hubby Greg. Actually, I don't know if Greg is amazing because I haven't met him yet, but if he was cool enough to marry Kelly then he's probably going to be alright. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


Nikki said...

Confession? I have NEVER been to PF Changs but I have heard of so many people liking it. Why you ask? Because my friend this girl right here is not a huge Chinese fan. That is one thing I have to go to be in the mood for.

Chelsea said...

Eeeeeep! That is SO exciting that you guys know what you'll be having!!! I bet you are just thrilled :)

Sounds like it was a crazy busy week for you! And mmmm, PF Changs. Great, now I'm craving some Chinese! Have a lovely weekend, friend! Seems like it'll be a good one :)

Erin said...

What a fun concert, and at the zoo!! Nice!! :) And I don't even like Chinese food, but that actually looked good to me lol!

PS- I tweeted you this morning about Justin Bieber... FYI ;)

Amanda said...

Yum. I love me some PF Changs and that concert looks like a total blast!

Kelly said...

Gah!! Last night we went to The Cheesecake Factory and ALLLLLL I could think about is how PF Changs' lettuce wraps were oh so close to me and I couldn't have them, hahah!! Glad you're able to eat chicken now :-D

And HOW nice of your friend to help you with the baby stuff!! I can totally see you with the list printed out, going line item by item ;-) Baby Yoga sounds awesome, glad you're liking it!

And OF COURSE I'm pumped for tonight!! Yay!

Aly said...

I'm dying to know what you are having!!

Carolyn said...

That food made me want to have a fat date with you. Just saying. :)

I can't wait to know if nugget is going to have boobies or balls! BAHAHAHAHA That's really vulgar. Sorry about that.

Feel better QUICK so I can see you tonight. :)

Becky said...

LOVE PF Changs lettuce wraps, there is none better! I need to go there some time soon!

Have fun at the races tonight, hope you all win big!

My week flew by too, I can't believe it's Friday and practically July - yikes! Baby will be here in no time :)

Kristen said...

pf changs was our first date!