Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby's Stuff {part 1}: The Gear

I have been receiving all sorts of e-mails regarding our baby registry, ask and you shall receive.
You all were such a huge help in helping me figure out what I needed and wanted, so I thought I'd share what we chose to help you future mamas out there who need to register too! 

Keep in mind that my baby is not yet born and therefore I haven't used a single one of these items, so I really can't stand behind them yet. But know that I did a ton of research (you know how Type-A I am!) and talked to a lot of mamas who have used this stuff and recommend it. 

With that, here is what we chose in the way of Baby Gear. 

When searching for a stroller, I really wanted to do a travel system. I think the convenience of getting a car seat and stroller that work as a team is a MAJOR bonus. I was pumped when I found a stroller that was not only ALL black, but had received fabulous reviews AND was a part of a travel system. So it was a no-brainer for us that we wanted the Britax B-Agile Stroller, in black, obviously. 
My favorite feature is that it folds down with just a pull of a strap, so you can collapse it with one hand! Pretty important when you're lugging around a nugget! 

Imagine my excitement when I saw that the car seat that went along with this stroller was this 
Obviously, the most important factor for us was safety but I wanted something cute too and preferably something gender neutral so we can use this for future babies AND icing on the cake would be something that is NOT super so many of them are. When it comes down to it, this car seat is my dream. It passed safety ratings with flying colors, it's ADORABLE and it's black and grey! HELLO! Does this scream "Kristin" or what?

Along with our stroller and car seat we registered for some of the essential extras:
the Britax Stroller Organizer (for mama's lattes), the Britax Child Stroller Tray (for when Nugget's older), an extra Infant Carrier Base (for Jason's car), a JJ Cole Bundle Me Carrier Cover (since baby will be born during a MN winter), a Brica Day & Night Musical Mirror (so I can check on baby without turning around) and a couple of Summer Infant DuoMat Car Mats (to protect our seats).

Most mamas deemed this Bumpo Seat as a must have. This puppy will be great for when baby girl can sit up on her own. It'll be a great food & play chair and will be easy to lug around to grandparents' houses.
We also registered for the Bumpo Play Tray to go along with it. 

I'm not a huge fan of bassinets, they are adorable and I think it's wonderful to have the baby in the room with you for the first however long they stay in the room with you. But, I wasn't a fan of the idea of spending $150 or more on a bed that our baby would use for just a month or two. So, we decided on the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Rock N Play Sleeper. I have been seeing A TON of great reviews all over the place, and it seems like mamas are going bananas over this bad boy. PLUS, look how stinkin' cute it is!
This will be perfect for right next to our bed AND since it's light weight and folds we can bring it downstairs with us during the day and we can still use it after her "rooming-in" days are gone. 

We debated between a movement monitor and a video monitor and eventually decided on the Angelcare Deluxe Movement Monitor. We opted for movement over video because our place isn't that big, so we sort of thought it was unnecessary, plus this monitor seems to be getting the best reviews. 

I've been debating between a bouncer or a swing, because to me it feels unnecessary to have both, so initially we registered for neither and decided we could just figure it out down the road. But then after talking to some mama friends, they suggested registering for both. Some babies love to bounce, some love to swing and some love to do both, so why not be prepared? Plus both serve different purposes. So, I gave in. I fell so in love with my Rock N Play Sleeper that I stuck with the Fisher Price My Little Sung-a-Bunny Bouncer and the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Cradle N Swing. 

Finally, in the gear department we have the Graco Pack N Play Travel Yard with Newborn Napper Station. This bad boy will be PERFECT for days and nights with the grandparents and for any traveling we may do. I love that it comes with a little "newborn napper" so that we won't have to cart around the "bassinet" and it has an attached changing station. It folds up nice and tight in to a little travel bag, so hopefully it will be easy to bring from place to place. And, I love the neutral colors so we can use this for future babies if we are so lucky.

So there you have it. Baby Girl's Gear! 
I have no idea where we are going to put all of this stuff, but I am succumbing to the idea that my house is most likely going to be a disaster zone for the next several years. 

What baby gear items are your "can't live withouts"?


Jess Beer said...

We've registered for a lot of the same things! I also picked that set of Britax, the same bouncer, the bumbo seat, and almost the same pack and play - we opted for one without the newborn napper because I read that they're sometimes not that sturdy, but the one I picked has a bassinet feature so we won't be buying one of those, just using the pack and play. Great minds must think alike! So excited about your little girl! (I knew the moment you said the ultrasound made you cry!)

Erin said...

All your stuff is SO CUTE! I love the idea of keeping things pretty gender neutral :) ESPECIALLY I was clicking on some of those and seeing how freakin' expensive babies are... WHEW! lol

Carolyn said...

To say that I'm overwhelmed would be an understatement. #JUSTSAYING

Bridget said...

Everything is SOOOO cute! I love this post! Your making it so easy for all us some day momma's followers!

Kelly said...

Okay so OBVS I don't have a kiddo, but this post was the best. All of the things that you registered for seem to be SO YOU! LOVE the black carseat and the bunny ears on the bouncer and swings?? ADORABLE. I wish I had a pack n play that was big enough for me. Those things look awesome.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey.. i've heard great things about that stroler/carseat combo! When I have a little bambino I plan to register for it too!

Amber said...

I have/had many of the same items for my kids! You'll love the lamb swing - it's great!! My daughter loved the Bumbo, but my boys hated them - they are convenient though! So excited for you :)

Jessica said...

I hope you tried out that carseat before you decided/registered! My Graco is SOSOSO heavy! But I've heard great reviews about the Britax.

Also, LOVE the snugabunny!!

Ruthie Hart said...

so sister is having a girl in Oct and she got that same stroller set and did soo much research on it! supposedly it rocks!

agalandherdog said...

Great finds!

Young and Fabulous said...

this makes me so excited to read all of this :D :D :D BABY BABY BABY!!!!

that rock n play sleeper looks so amazingly comfy. Do they make adult sizes!? ;-)

ahhh these look like great finds! i cant wait to have a baby one day to get ready for it! OH and cant wait to see your baby :-) makes me so happy!


Our family, two feet at a time said...

I have to laugh - we ran out and bought the EXACT same stroller and car seat! And I'm pretty sure we have the same pack and play too! I guess we both have excellent taste! :-) (I'm completely excited about the B-Agile and all the accessories too!)

caitlin said...

I have a 3 mo. old & the Rock N Play is the greatest invention ever! My in laws got us a bassinet and he was up all night, so I went out & bought a RNP - little man slept 7 hours the first night in it!

Stesha said...

your baby will be traveling in style!


Shaina said...

they do make an angel care video monitor that does movement also...just a thought

Becky said...

You're going to make my baby registry so much easier;) these all look like great products and I'm definitely shooting for the gender neutral too!

Tiffany said...

Adding this to my "favorites" folder for the future :) Thanks for posting!

Kristen said...

i'm going to have to stalk you when i have a baby. my sil is pretty good at this stuff, but you have all the new gadgets :D

Ashley said...

So exciting - I love that stroller!! We went for black/grey as well to cover both genders.

We registered for the same swing, monitor, Bumbo, and I just bought almost the exact same Pack N Play :-)

Umm it's ridiculous how exciting it is to shop or even just register for baby items - is it a sign we are growing up when we'd rather shop for our babies than ourselves?!

Great picks girl!

ajs {of MN} said...

i love that you already have in mind the tasks you will need to do one handed- you are SO right with that! haha

my stroller folds down with talent and one hand as well.

its amazing how fast, once baby is here, that you learn to do UM.... EVERYTHING with ONE HAND! lol

Sandra J said...

Looks amazing! I had a four-wheeled double stroller and I loved its maneuverability compared to our 3-wheeled jogging stroller. Love the sustainable materials.

Jack said...

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Aktar Hossain said...

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