Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby's Stuff {part 2}: Bath-Time & Well-Being

I have made it no secret that I am most excited for bath time once baby girl arrives. I LOVE the smell of baby shampoo, I think wet babies are the cutest thing on the planet and hooded bath towels? 
C'mon, you can't beat it! 
So it's not surprising that registering for baby's bath supplies was my favorite part of the experience. 
I shake with excitement just looking at this stuff. 

 For the most part, baby tubs are pretty similar. We chose this one because the price was reasonable and it had the removable baby sling so we could use it from the get-go.

For bathing supplies I knew I wanted Johnson. The brand has been around for ages, it's affordable, rated #1 by hospitals and I don't care what you say it smells the best. I have heard it can be a little tough on bambinos with sensitive skin, so with that in mind I'm willing to try what works but for now we registered for the Jonson's Baby Bathtime Gift Set to get us started. It comes with shampoo, body wash, lotion, baby oil, baby powder, cotton swabs and diaper cream. Plus it all comes in a cute little yellow carrying tote to keep everything together and organized. Gotta love that. 

You all know I love yellow and when I saw the Just One You Baby Yellow Duckie collection I about died. So baby's bath time will include the Washcloths, Robe and Hooded Towels
Can you even handle that bath robe?

And no bath is complete without some toys...how was I supposed to resist these adorable squirter bath toys? I have a thing for sea creatures.

This next item I had never even heard of until I was recently at my girlfriend Andrea's baby shower, a friend of hers got her the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer and SWEARS by it. 
You pretty much use this guy to keep track of diaper changes, feedings, sleep schedule, etc. All those questions the pediatrician will ask you "how often does the baby _____" and you will probably have no idea what the answer is because you yourself haven't gotten any food or sleep in days. Plus, it has a little breastfeeding tracker so you can keep track of what side you fed off of last.
Sounds pretty handy to me! 

For the baby essentials we went with Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Detach & Go Grooming and Healthcare Kit (whew, that's a mouth full)
We liked it because it has everything we could need all in one cute little bag, the kit includes: 
nasal aspirator, nail clipper, medicine spoon, medicine syringe, digital thermometer, brush and comb, toddler toothbrush, no scratch mittens, baby scissors, tweezers, and 12 emery boards.

I was excited when I saw this little Essentials Childproofing Kit because it has all the necessary supplies for childproofing our house. 
Obviously, you could totally find all of this stuff on it's own...but why not save yourself the hassle and get it all together?

Strangely, I had a really hard time deciding on a humidifier. They're all so huge and I have no interest in take up half the nursery with a humidifier. I was pumped when I noticed this little guy in the baby aisle at Target. 
The Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Degree Humidifier is perfect for us because it's little and has customization options, which is always a plus.

What am I missing? I'm sure there's tons of stuff!


LacyLouise said...

Looks like you have some great stuff:) we have the same hooded towels and got like 4 bathrobes totally not necessary but they are sooo cute

Gina said...

From what I've seen, you're off to a great start on your registry. I had my shower this weekend. If there's something not listed on your registry that another Mom swears by, you'll get it. Plus, our parents raised us with half the things we have today and we all turned out fine. So get your essentials and you'll be set because all the other things will come anyways :)

Schnelle said...

I always buy the bath stuff when I go to baby showers because it is the cutest! You found some great things and omg no, I cannot handle that tiny bathrobe! Adorable set!

Momma Drees said...

We had the same tub and bath squirters. Just a heads up (and not to freak you out) but with the bath squirters, make sure you always empty all water out and let them dry otherwise they will accumulate mold. That happened with our first set... its so hard to get all the water out though.

agalandherdog said...

Cute stuff -- especially the bathrobe! We got the Boon Frog Pod and the Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover from Target and they are adorable. They are for older babies (who take a bath in the big tub), but I couldn't resist making our bathtub look a little more fun!

Bridget said...

You should def do a post after the baby is born to tell us what you did use and what was a waste! I've never heard of the timer either...but it sounds very useful!!

Erin said...

Ahhh, it's all SO CUTE! I loveeee hooded towels too. My cousin's baby shower is this weekend, she's having a little boy and I got her a hooded towel/washcloth set with WHALES on them, super adorable! :)

Carolyn said...

You should have gotten one of the animal humidifiers!!! HAHA :)

Young and Fabulous said...

hooded towels. I DIE. most precious things ever for babies!!!

this is gonna sound creepy but babies just out of baths and lotioned up smell SOO GOOD! so fresh and so clean clean and just cute! im so jealous you get to do this soon! its been foooorever since ive held a little bebe!

what a cool idea for the baby timer thing! i would never think of that for when having a baby! AWESOME idea!!

i cant wait for the arrival of this BABY GIRL!!!


Kelly said...

I think that baby care timer is soooo cool. I think it's a must for any organized mama; I'm keeping it in mind for my BFF who is having her second this fall. Also? I bookmarked this maternity hospital gown for her too, maybe you'd like the idea too!! SOOO much more pretty than old hospital gowns.
Come to think of it... Maybe I could sew one myself, hahah!

Caroline said...

I'm going to have to remember some of these. And FYI on the baby proofing, I hope you registered for 20 of those!

ajs {of MN} said...

the Itzbeen looks AWESOME. i am such a gadget geek, i would have LOVED that. if you dont get it and want something you can have on your phone, look into the app babycenter, you can also access it online babycenter.com and all caretakers can log in to use it while watching your little one. i have heard that some care centers even use it throughout the day to help track what their little one is doing throughout the day while mommy is working or running errands. i used babycenter and LOVED it- again i am gadget geek, so it was FUN for me ;)

we have the same humidifier, LOVED it!

Tickled Pink said...

I used that Itzbeen for Reagan and it was great!! Hmm.. haven't thought about it until your post though.. May have to get a second one for the other baby!

shay said...

i've heard the smart phones have apps that you can time when you do things for baby too!

i nominated you for a blog award, check out my blog!

Brooke said...

Ahhh - love this post! We are expecting our first NEXT month, I am 34 weeks! When are you due? I am your newest follower, hope you'll check out my blog & follow back as well if you enjoy!


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