Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time for Another Checklist.

IT’S JULY! Can you even believe it?!
I swear my life is flashing before my eyes!

It’s time to look back at June’s goals and see how I did:

-Walk at least 45 miles.
I knew this was a lofty goal, but I am so proud of myself for accomplishing it! I set a goal for myself to walk 250 miles during my pregnancy and knocking off 47.22 miles this month definitely got me closer!
I'm just under halfway there!

-Swim/Workout in the pool 5 times.
You all know I love the pool, so this one was not hard to accomplish. Every time I was at the pool I made sure to swim some laps and do my own little pool aerobics routine. If felt great AND I was even sore a few times.

-Go to the gym for toning 8 times.
I'm giving myself a half completed for this one. Not going to lie, I only went to the gym twice this month BUT I have been doing my weight routine at home. Not sure if I did it 8 times, but I did make an effort. AND, I went to yoga twice this month. So I didn't quite accomplish what I wanted, but I tried.

-Meal Plan.
I shared my psycho preggo meal plan HERE and as crazy as it is, it has been a huge help! I've been doing great at sticking to the plan. I haven't been the best at putting everything into MFP these past couple weeks, but I have been sticking to my planned meals.

-Put together yearbooks.
Didn't spend one minute of this month doing this. I really need to get on it though so I'm not suddenly five years behind.

-Budget, Budget, Budget.
I wish I could say we dominated this goal this month, but unfortunately we did not. It wasn't as bad as last month but we still have some reeling in to do! 

As for this month's goals, 
there is so much to be done in these last 4 months before the nugget arrives in November, so I’ve decided to use my monthly checklist as a way to keep track of all I want to accomplish before baby’s grand entrance. It’ll be an ongoing list over these next few months but my hope is to get as much done now while I’m feeling awesome, so that when I’m huge and uncomfortable I can just lie around, eat ice cream and get massaged {that’s what automatically happens in the third trimester, right?}.

-Plan Christina's Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party
-Print & Frame stadium pics for our bedroom
-Get new lamps for bedroom
-Go to yoga 4 times this month
-Figure out gallery wall for above the fireplace
-Put together family yearbooks

-Reveal the gender of the baby to friends and family!
-Finish registering
-Decide on a name
-Register for Prenatal Classes
-Register for tour of the Birthing Center at the hospital
-Take prenatal classes
-Tour the Birthing Center at the hospital
-Find a pediatrician
-Buy a mom car
-Figure out maternity leave
-Figure out childcare
-Figure out baptism
-Enjoy a babymoon with my man
-Find baby shower outfits
-Get hostess gifts for my baby shower hosts
-Get maternity pictures taken
-Get pregnancy massage {this IS happening at some point}
-Get some nursing bras
-Baby proof!
-Pick out birth announcement
-Develop a birth plan
-Study up on newborn vaccines to determine what’s right for baby F
-Purchase any important items remaining on registry
-Baby laundry
-Figure out baby’s “Coming Home” outfit
-Figure out baby's newborn photo shoot outfit(s)
-Get all hospital paperwork in order
-Prepare “phone tree” for news of baby’s arrival
-Pack for the hospital
-Create labor playlist (yes, I need music and yes, there will be a playlist)
-Reach goal of walking 250 miles during pregnancy
-Finish the nursery!!!
∙Find mobile
∙Get bedding
∙Get art for the walls
∙Buy & hang window valance
∙Convert dresser to changing table
∙Get throw pillows for bed
∙Organize drawers and closet

*A lot of this was stolen from a great checklist I found HERE!

Now that I see everything I need to do listed out, I have decided to quit my job and quit blogging and dedicate 100% of my time to preparing for the baby.

Yeah, just kidding. 

I hope you all have a wonderful and SAFE holiday!
God bless you and America!


Nikki said...

What are you using to track your milage?

Chelsea said...

Well, first of all... congratulations to you on the goals you can check off! Especially the walking!

It seems like you are definitely organized and know what you want and need which is very important. That baby list is really something! I like how you said get a "mom" car. Too cute :) This list made me even MORE excited for you as November starts to approach!! xoxo

Bridget said...

OMG...wow, your baby list! I feel like I should start all that now and I'm not even pregnant! haha. Glad to know I will have your blog to reference when it comes time for us to have a kid. Thanks and good luck!

Erin said...

You are so organized with the list-making I just can't handle it, I love it! :) I love making lists-- something about seeing it all out there and being able to actually cross them out gets me goin ;)

I need to get on the photobooks too. By yearbooks are you doing more than just a general shutterfly type photobook? Or are you just calling them yearbooks?! Am I missing something awesome?! :)

Schnelle said...

You are so super organized and motivated- congrats on the fitness goals! You have quite a list ahead of you for July!

Carolyn said...

So proud of you and your walking goal. I'm attributing that to the fact that you LOVE hot weather. So I blame you and your hot weather loving for me not hitting mine. BAHAHAHAHA

Side note - as I was reading this, I kept feeling like I had read it before... I was so confused. Then I remembered we talked about the baby part. Duh. I'm an idiot. But you love me anyway.

Ruthie Hart said...

eeeek so much to do for the baby! gosh makes me want to start doing stuff now and Im not pregnant hahaha

LacyLouise said...

Newest follower! Love the checklist- even though it gave me anxiety looking at it realizing I should do some of those things sounds like your in the nesting phase!!

Becky said...

I need to steal that list for baby - holy crap thats a lot to get done! Like you said, it needs to get done now before I'm huge and constantly uncomfortable :s

Have a great holiday!

Angie said...

Happy 4th to you too Friend!!

To be pregnant, you sure are getting a lot accomplished. You should be proud. Oh and I'm in my third trimester and have not gotten one massage. Wonder what is up with that?

Good luck on completing all your before baby goals. There is so much to do to prepare for little one's isn't there?

Ashley said...

I think I need to jump on the checklist bandwagon..I've been so bad at following through with tasks lately!

I never even thought to make a playlist during labor, stealing that idea.

Way to go on 45 miles - that's huge, especially in the heat lately!

Nicole-Lynn said...

OMG I LOL'd at the labor playlist! We are so much alike, it's scary!

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