Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meet Harlow!

I got my first car the day before I started my senior year of high school. 
Her name was Lucky and I loved her SO much!
After a very unfortunate event at the Trail of Terror (long story), poor Lucky was sent to car heaven. 
poor, poor, sweet Lucky :(

Since the demise of Lucky, I've been driving a little Kia Rio named Lola.
Thanks to my adorable husband, Lola has had a nice big scar on her face for the past year and a half. 

With the Nugget coming soon, Jason and I knew it was time to get me a new car...preferably something safe and without any major defects (no offense to Lucky and Lola.) I knew I didn't want a minivan, but I knew I would need more of a "mom car" since I will be carting around a baby and all of her accessories. 
The thing is, I hate big cars. As you can see by my first two cards, the smaller the better. 
I just feel better driving small cars, I get nervous in big tanks. 

After a few weeks of shopping around we decided that a smaller sized SUV was the way to go. 
I'd have plenty of space for the baby but the car would still be small enough that I feel comfortable driving it. 

So, ladies and gentleman, please meet the newest member of our family...
Isn't she cute?!

Harlow is a 2010 Kia Sportage and I LOVE her! 
 Isn't she purrrdy?

I love how roomy she is without being enormous! I love the nice big trunk with the super organized compartments hidden underneath. I LOVE that she's black and white. But most of all I LOVE that me and my little Nugget will be safer cruising around town.


Kelly B. said...

before I opened this post I mentally ticked off who the heck Harlow could be.. New dog? no way the baby came already... tis a car! I named my old car, my current one doesn't have a name though. maybe I should name her.

Love it though! I like smaller cars too. I can't wait until I can upgrade my current 2000 Saturn. Alas, for now, no car payments is reeeaaaall nice. esp. with the student loan payments knocking.

Caroline said...


Erin said...

Freaking LOVE it!!! :) I want to get pregnant just so I can get an SUV now, lol. I've been wanting one BAD and this one is awesome!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Woohoo!! LOVE the new car :-D I have a thing for black and white cars too-- she sure is pretty!! For a second I thought you guys had gotten a new Bug and I was SUPER confused, haha!!

Carolyn said...

So cute!! :) Can't wait to meet her!!

Ruthie Hart said...

love her!!!!

Schnelle said...

She's cute! I've always had a smaller, sporty car too and the though of getting a SUV is not so thrilling to me but I'm definitely not going for a minivan either! I actually just typed up a post yesterday touching on this very subject (among other lfe changes) but I've been hesitant to post it.

Mrs. Bear said...

Oh Harlow!!! How pretty! And what a beautious name :)

Ashley said...

Sooo cute! I could never see you with a minivan ;) haha! I've been eyeing up the Kia's cruising around town lately - they've come a long way, the styling has improved SO much. Congratulations on picking up Harlow!

Tickled Pink said...

congrats!! so cute

Kristen said...

super cute! def milf car

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw adorable! Love your new mom car! :)