Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Belly {26 weeks}

Nugget this week...
*Her eyes are forming and will soon open!
*She now has full grown eyelashes
*She's soaking up my antibodies to get her immune system ready for the outside
*She's taking breaths (of amniotic fluid, not air)

Size of the baby?  
Baby girl is somewhere between 13.5 and 14.5 inches long and weighs somewhere around 2 pounds!

Total Weight Gain/Loss?  
I am up 17 pounds (two less than last week, hallelujah!)

Maternity Clothes?  
I've kind of sworn off maternity clothes as they all look really strange on me, so I'm just buying bigger sizes of regular clothes.

Stretch marks?  
Not a one.

Best Moments?  
Starting our childbirth classes, so far I think it's going to be really great and and really helpful.

Homegirl is still rockin' the movement. I'm timing her every day and it usually only takes her a couple of minutes to get to 10 movements.

Food Cravings?  

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Still not loving the meat, but I'm getting much better with veggies!

What I miss?  
I'm not really missing anything right now...just happy to be cruising along.


Sore lower back.

Labor signs?  
No labor signs yet....and hopefully not for a while.


Belly Button In or Out?
Button is still in

Wedding rings On or Off?  
All of my rings are still on!

I'm having a really hard time getting comfortable, but once I am, I'm out cold...until I have to use the bathroom, then the whole process starts over.

What I'm looking forward to? 
Spending quality time with my hubby this weekend!


Ruthie Hart said...

HEHEHHE less than 100 days!! You look great mama! ugh you are 26 weeks prego with your wedding rings on and I cant wear mine in this heat, I have sausage fingers!

Kelsey said...

You look fabolous! Lucky on the no stretch marks! I can't wait till you have your baby shower that dress yoy bought is so pretty!

Schnelle said...

You have the cutest little bump! I just bought a few tube tops at H&M to extend my shirts. My friend suggested it because they are way more comfortable than the belly bands and they look more like a shirt. I'm not planning on getting many maternity clothes either.

Shalyn said...

So precious!!! Getting closer and closer!!! I hope I'm as cute as you when I'm preggo one day! Muah!!

Carolyn said...

So cute!! The bump is getting so adorable!! :)

Ashley said...

Yay for veggies returning!! What a relief.

You look awesome girl, isn't it crazy to think there is a little nugget over a FOOT long is taking over your belly?? Women's bodies truly are amazing :)

the girl in the red shoes said...

You look so great! I'm sad to report that the sleeping thing just gets worse....but it's worth it!

Tickled Pink said...

You look awesome!! Whoo hoo!! Week 26!!

Erin said...

Looking good girl!!! :) Your bump is precious, and 100 days?! AH!

Have you guys narrowed down any names yet?!

Britni Kesselring said...

You are looking great!!

Baby girl will be here before you know it.

P!nky said...

You look so super duper cute. Love the necklace!

Glad you are getting your veggies!!!

Can't wait for baby girl.. :)


Nicole-Lynn said...

You look great, girl!