Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Belly {31 weeks}

{Once again totally blanked on the photo...whoops!}
that's the best I got. sorry!

This week has been a little tough, I've been sick the past few days and have literally had NO energy. I don't know if I'm just wiped out from my trip, if it's part of the brutal cold I caught or if this is what the end of pregnancy feels like. Nonetheless, I am starting to feel a little better and am hoping my energy returns SOON, though I'm not holding my breath. 

I follow a fun mama blog called Alpha Mom, and she does hilarious week-by-week pregnancy blurbs and I thought this week's was incredibly fitting for me: 

Your Baby:
  • Enjoys yawning, sucking his or her thumb, kicking mom in the diaphragm.
  • Turn-offs include: getting the hiccups, really loud noises and you trying to do all that boring “sleeping” at night.
  • Can totally round down your answer to “two months” when people ask you how much longer you have to go. DO NOT focus on the crazy week-to-month-ratio math at this point in pregnancy, particularly when there are breakable, smashy objects within reach.
  • May be weirdly and inexplicably congested all the time. I, for one, appear to be allergic to my pillow. This is also prime time for pregnancy colds, as the toll on your body and immune system is getting higher by the week. Take it easy, slow down, take your vitamins and try try try to get enough sleep.
  • Can now play everybody’s favorite game, Guess The Body Part That’s Sticking Out Next To My Belly Button! Elbow or heel? Head or butt? Did I seriously just maybe feel my baby’s BIG TOE?
Nugget this week...
*is going through major brain development 
*her irises now react to light
*all five senses are in working order

Size of the baby?  
Somewhere around 16 inches long and around THREE pounds! Holy Smokes!

Total Weight Gain/Loss?  
I've gained 23.6 pounds and I'm already looking forward to working this off after bambino arrives!

Maternity Clothes?  
Still a mix...I have a pair of preggo jeans, a couple preggo dresses and tanks but other than that it's all non-preg stuff.

Stretch marks?  
Still stretch mark free.

Best Moments?  
My brother got to feel the baby move for the first time. She was squirming like crazy so I put his hand on my belly and then she kicked or head-butted or booty-dropped like none other! The look on my brother's face was priceless. Nugget loves her Uncle Pie.

My oh my! YES!

Food Cravings?  

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
STILL not eating meat.

What I miss?  
Sleeping on my stomach.


Back pain. Fatigue. Shortness of breath. Giant belly. Getting kicked in all sorts of uncomfortable places. Squished bladder.

Labor signs?  
Nope! Keep cookin' lil one!


Belly Button In or Out?
Still an innie despite being super stretched out and shallow.

Wedding rings On or Off?  
These bad boys are still on! My fingers get swollen when I go on walks...otherwise I'm not having any issues keeping them on.

Pretty much the same, it takes me a bit to get comfortable but then I'm dead to the world.

What I'm looking forward to? 
Meeting with a potential pediatrician next week and going to my breastfeeding class with Beeb.


Schnelle said...

You are SO cute! Hope you feel better soon! I was sick for 2 whole weeks with a sinus infection, thankfully after a full week of being sick the doctor said I could take Sudafed. I really didn't want to take anything throughout my pregnancy but I had to before it developed into something worse. Where did you find good preggo jeans? I'm going shopping for a pair this weekend.

P!nky said...

You look so cute!

YAY lil baby girl, keep growing! xoxo

Caroline said...

Three pounds, wow!

Carolyn said...

Dude. Do you know how excited I am to learn about boob milk? Pumped. Side note - I've heard it's sweet. You'll have to try it and tell me how it is. BAHAHAHAHA

Jessica said...

How are you already 31 weeks?!

kristen said...


Sarah said...

you look SO good! i can't wait to get back into an excercise routine either it's just killing me! also, i am trying to avoid getting sick but i hope you feel better soon! i am taking a breast feeding class next month and am excited! hope to hear all about yours! hang in there girl 10 more weeks!

Ashley said...

Baby girl is getting BIG! Yay!!! I'm glad you're feeling better, I think some of that energy will return. Just save it for when you need it (Gopher Games!!)

If you're having back pain, look into your insurance and see if you're covered for massage therapy. My doctor wrote me a prescription because I am...I hope you are too!!

Kristen said...

i'm really excited to see what you name the baby, names are the 2nd most exciting part of other people's children.