Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby's Room!

Ladies and gentleman...we have a nursery!

Since moving in to our townhouse in November of 2008, this spare room has acted as a storage area, guest bedroom, office and den. Back in February, once all the wedding gifts had been cleared out, I decided to make it my project to decorate and convert this room in to a lovely guestroom and den for me to watch all of my trashy television (Jason prefers that I don't record Keeping Up With the Kardashians on our family room TV). With the thought that we would probably be using the room as a nursery in a year or two, I decided to go with a gender neutral color scheme, which truthfully was an excuse to do the whole room in my favorite, white, yellow and gray.

Less than a month after painting the room we got a little surprise...
...and this room became a nursery sooner than anticipated.

Finishing this room has definitely been a labor of love and a long, ongoing project. After hundreds of ideas and concepts and countless hours on pinterest, etsy and bouncing ideas off Carolyn, it has finally come together! I had free range from Jason to do pretty much what I wanted, and I absolutely love how it turned out! 

Before I can show it off though, let's take a look back at what the room looked like back when:

And now, I am SO excited to show you the finished baby's room!
 please excuse the photo-bombing puggle.

the details: 
*Clock, Bedding, Throw Pillows & Nightstand via Target

*Valance originally via JoJo Designs but redesigned by Kelly & Cedar Street Creatives!

*Framed bee art via Etsy - Doodling A Smile compliments of The Beeb

When the original plan was to make this a guestroom/den, we got a new TV and my father-in-law built us the shelves. I love having this little "me" corner in the room.
*Glider & Ottoman via Babies R Us compliments of my dad & step-mom

The dresser in between the closets is packed with all the fun things that baby will need once she's a little bigger clothes, toys, etc.

This panda (which is my sorority's mascot) was given to me by my Big Sis, Holly, on the day I was initiated. 

This lamp was the very first thing I bought for the nursery the day after I found out I was pregnant.
*Carter's Bumble Collection Lamp & Shade via Babies R Us

*Baby Nambe Moon Bank compliments of my mama 
*Frame via Target

*Print via Etsy - Fancy Prints for Home compliments of my mama

Instead of buying new furniture I just converted the other dresser into the changing table. The drawers are stocked with diapers and all the necessities, as well as blankets, spare sheets, towels, etc.
*Letter 'K' via Etsy - A Touch of Sunshine 
*Frame via Amazon

*Bunting banner via My Baby Shower! compliments of my friend Robyn

*Furry friends compliments of my mom & sister-in-law, Ally 

*Basket via Pottery Barn Kids
*Changing Pad & Cover via Babies R Us

*Mobile via Etsy - JanieGirlCrafts 

*Frames via Amazon
*Photographs compliments of Sara Jayne Photography

*Delta Canton Convertible Crib compliments of my Grandma
*Sheets via Potter Barn Kids
*Sleep Sheep compliments of the lovely Brynn.

*Musical Bee Rocker compliments of my Auntie Lisa

So there you have it!
I hope baby girl loves it in there as much as I do!

And, YES, for those of you observant folks...Nugget's name will start with the letter K.
But that's all you're getting....just be happy I didn't blur it out. :)


P!nky said...

WAH! I wanna know the NAME!!!!!

Love the room girlie, so precious and perfectly you.

I know lil nugget will love everything about it. Everything looks so roomie and cozy and so family oriented!

well done! xoxo

Schnelle said...

OMG the nursery is so adorable and SO you! I love the little bee rocker. The prints that you found from etsy are so cute! Now I'm dying to know her name! You're such a tease!

Caroline said...

I love it!!! It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh it looks so adorable. Love love it. Can't wait to meet lil k. Lol muuahZ Xoxox
Coley near

Ashley said...

Great minds think alike my dear!! We picked the same wall color, and I made a paper lantern mobile for our room :) Her room looks GREAT!!! Love how clean and uncluttered it looks :)

Ruthie Hart said...

I am soooooooo in love with it!! That first picture looks straight off of pinterest! I love the colors, the rug, the accents!! And you still kept a guest bed in there, that will come in handy. Now for the name....K....Kendall? Kadence? Kaylee? Kayla? Eeek cant wait!

J and A said...

So cute!!! You did a great job! :)

Kari said...

It's beautiful Kristin! Baby girl is sure to love it!

Kate said...

I have been wondering for MONTHS what happened to your blog and why you cloed the other one down. I just saw the link to this post on twitter and I'm so glad I did! Good to know things are going well and that your prgnancy is moving along smoothly!!

Kelly said...

YAY for Nursery Reveal Day!!! :-D I absolutely LOVE how everything turned out!! Must say, the curtain vallance SURE looks awesome ;-) That print that Carolyn got you (with the bee and the shades and the morning sun?) ADORABLE!! LOVE the crib and the bedding and the wall color and the "K" (gah, I want to knoooooow!!) and the bunting banner-- it's all SO ADORABLE. Fantastic job, momma :-)

Carolyn said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! So good beeb! Our months of gchatting ideas definitely paid off!

HOWEVER. There is one little detail that you never told me about. THAT BEE ROCKER!?!??!?!? HOW DID YOU NOT TELL ME ABOUT THAT?!??! DYING OVER THE CUTENESS!!!!!

Nikki said...

So adorable!!! I am sure baby girl will love it. And how nice that you have a little area for yourself.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Awww! I love your theme, fits you perfectly! The bed and "you" corner is great too.. will be nice to watch t.v. during late night feedings, and as the baby gets older she can enjoy movies in her room! :) Looks great, girl!

p.s. love the puggle photo bomb! haha

Nicole-Lynn said...

P.S.S a "k" name huh? :) I can't wait to find out what her name is!

Katie said...


ps bailey photobombing is HYSTERICAL

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Looks adorable! Our nursery will be a combo guest/nursery too, you made it look great! My guess for the name is Kennedy :)

Kelsey said...

Ahh can't wait to hear(well see)the name and the room is so perfect for you two! so so soooo close!

ajs {of MN} said...

this is beautiful! your love for baby REALLY shines in this room! this will be such a cozy room to offer all of the TCL for baby- great great job! well done! you are SO ready!

Tickled Pink said...

I love it!! So perfect!

Stephanie Ann said...

What paint color did you use for baby's room? I'm looking for a nice shade of gray for my guest room!

I love how your room turned out, can you come do one for me?

Meg {henninglove} said...

what a cute nursery! i love the bee theme. you two put the nursery together really quick from what it was before

Erin said...

I am dyyyyying over each and last cute detail!! You did an AMAZING job, it's so gorgeous!!!!!! :) I totally have a guess as to what the name is now, hahahah! :)

Kristen said...

i freaking love it! the colors, details, everything is amazing!! and I'm excited for the name! esp now that i have a hint!

Holly Jo said...

You nursery is so cute and I LOVE that you still have your panda! I can't believe that Lil K is going to be a mommy any day now!!! YAY!

Carrie said...

Oh my gosh, how exciting!!! I really wanna know the name. LOL. But seriously, the room looks awesome!!! Loving the color scheme. :D


Samantha Lynne said...

Super cute nursery.