Friday, October 26, 2012

Waiting Game

Since finding out I was pregnant I had October 20th in my head as a benchmark. It was my brother’s wedding day and I knew I couldn't have the baby before then for several reasons…

◦I was a bridesmaid and needed that dress to fit
◦I didn't want to steal any of the bride & groom’s thunder
◦My brother and I have put my poor parents through one hell of a year…with both of us getting married and the arrival of their first grandbaby, so I wanted to at least give them a little time in between
◦I didn’t want to miss my little brother getting married for anything, even getting this Nugget out of me!
Now that my brother’s wedding has come and gone it’s sort of surreal. It has been this looming date that kept approaching but also seemed like it would never come. The day has come and gone and I am still pregnant, I did what I was supposed to and now I should get to be done. 

As I have become increasingly larger, more and more uncomfortable and insanely tired I have been telling myself that these last couple of weeks were going to be all about rest and relaxation. I didn’t want to make ANY plans so that I could simply lounge around at home and wait for my baby.

Turns out, that was a HORRIBLE idea because all that does is slow down time and give me too much time to think about the following....

Start rant:

1. Making a 9 month pregnant woman work is torture. I can promise you that any woman who is still working at this point in her pregnancy does not have even an ounce of her brain on work. I try hard, but it's impossible. And sitting in my office daydreaming about going into labor makes the day drag on at a snails pace....which just makes everything worse. Not to mention sitting hurts.

2. Every pregnancy related symptom seems to reappear with a vengence at the end of pregnancy. And while I really can't complain because the preggo Gods have been very kind to me...I am so over my sore back, the constant burping, the painful heartburn, and the cramps I get if I even look at my calf.

3. Something must have been in the water, or it was a VERY eventful Valentines Day this year because I know SIX people all due within two weeks of me. Of those SIX people, FIVE of them have given birth, yes even the ones due after me! While I am over-the-moon happy for new mamas Kristy, Lauren, Lillian, Ashley & Sarah and I am happy to have my baby cooking for as long as she needs gets frustrating to see woman after woman after woman after woman bring home their baby while I sit here miserable. 
Shout out to Kara who is still pregnant and crabby with me (sorry girl)! 

4. Sleep sucks. I am SO damn uncomfortable. For starters, there is not room in my bed for me, my 6'4 husband, my 23 pound puggle and this giant baby belly. I wake up a million times a night with a routine pretty much exactly like this....get comfortable, fall asleep, wake up to a full bladder, use the bathroom, lay down, realize I want to lay on my other side, spend two minutes turning over shaking the entire bed and waking Bailey & Jason in the process while getting a leg cramp, fly out of bed to walk off the leg cramp and chug some water to stay hydrated and prevent future leg cramps, lay back down, get comfortable, fall asleep, wake up to full bladder......repeat....until alarm goes off. 

5. I have known that I am pregnant for 8 months, I have known that I'm having a GIRL for 4 months, it's no longer cool to see my belly grow, my baby showers are over, the nursery is done, the only remaining milestone is giving birth...I am OVER talking about being pregnant.

6. It's been 9 months, I need a cocktail. 

End rant.

Thank you for listening, I apologize for cranky Kristin. 


P!nky said...

I wish I could feel your pain, but I'm not nor have been preggo [yet, thank you very much].

All I can say is hang in there, it will be worth it.

And I'll buy stock in wine/beer for when you can finally have a cocktail ;)!

Hug and a [noncreepy] backrub sent from DC! :)

Kara Frank said...

Hang in there girl! We can make it! Pregnancy...not fun.

Nicole-Lynn said...

lol well, I'm still interested in anything and everything pregnancy related! haha I cant't for your baby girl to make her arrival!

Kelsey said...

haha you are so cute! I love the picture about the bladder. oh your time will come and I can't wait!

Ruthie Hart said...

I cant imagine working until I give back and butt already hurt when I am sitting at work all day ahhh! Can you work from home til you give birth?? Also, Jason is 6'4''?!??!

Carolyn said...

COME OUT BABY!!!!!!! :)

Sarah said...

Gosh I totallyyy remember being in your situation! I went on maternity leave a month early and was bored out of my MIND. I remember playing spider solitaire on my computer for HOURS everyday lol! Come to think of it, I actually have yet to play a game since my daughter Camdyn's been born, so try and enjoy the peace! I also was insanely focused on all the "natural ways to induce labor" - walking, running up and down my stairs, drinking raspberry tea, eating spicy foods, sex, name it, I did it (except castro oil!).

Good luck!! She will be here before you know it :)

Schnelle said...

I am starting to feel the same way as I enter the third trimester! Sleeping is getting to be suck a task, I also have a 6'4 husband, leg cramps, trouble getting into position, & heartburn like no other! I'm ready for a cocktail too!

Sara said...

Been there, done that. Hang in there sweetie. These last few weeks drag on FOREVER, but there's a huge wonderful end it all soon! I mean, it can't last forever! Little lady is on her way.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha u crack me up. U r to funny.
Soon mamas soon.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain everytime I look at you! Believe me you were worth every minute of brewing and my interesting labor was such an added bonus. Love you!!
xo m

Britni Kesselring said...

Hang in there dear!! I loved this post because I know how you feel.

She will be here before you know it!

Go and get a pedicure and tell them to rub your feet, they say it helps start labor.

Tickled Pink said...

Girl I totally know how you feel. You are lucky to have your baby cooking away in there (I know it doesnt seem like it, but its true!) Sweet baby will be here before you know and you will miss the vegging out pre-baby. So soak it up now!!

Celeste said...

Oh man, this makes the first trimester sound like a breeze! So what I'm gathering from this is that I really, really need to enjoy these next three months because the last three sound awful! Hope you have some relief soon and get to meet that beautiful baby girl!!!

Kristen said...

awww you poor thing i hope these last weeks are great to you

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