Thursday, November 1, 2012




This is sort of a big month for me....


*the 8th is MY FRICKIN' DUE DATE!

*the 10th is OUR 5 YEAR DATING ANNY (we don't celebrate that anymore, but it must be acknowledged)

*The 22nd is Thanksgiving!

Not to mention both of my Father-in-Law's celebrate birthdays this month

AND, today is one of my favorite people on the planet's birthday!
I love you! 

Now down to business, I had some goals for October...let's take a little peak at how I did. 

Clean one room a day. 
I'm not going to lie, I didn't quite keep up with cleaning one room every single day. BUT, I did keep up with cleaning the house and it's been consistently clean this month. I definitely think this is a great system and it's working for me! 

Reach goal of 250 miles. 
If you read THIS POST you know that I crossed this one off a while ago! 

Stand up as a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding.  
Done and done. 

Finish the nursery.

Make my Christmas list
Yup, I've got nuthin. I have a list of people I need to buy for and not a single idea of what I want to get any of them....shoot.

Prepare for maternity leave. 
My job makes it a little tricky to be completely prepared to be gone, but I've done everything I can to prepare for not being in the office.

Goals for November?
and that's all I'm focusing on! :)

Oh! and today I am  39 weeks preggo....HOLY CRAP!
Bump Update tomorrow!


Nikki said...

Sounds like November is going to be an awesome month for you! So much to celebrate.

P!nky said...

November, November! Sweet sweet November!!!


Jessica said...

Dang girl! You've accomplished alot. Now... go have a baby already! (I keep hoping your next post is "shes here!"hahaha)

Schnelle said...

This month is HUGE!!! I can't believe it's almost time to meet your little girl finally:) You have chipped away at that to-do list like champ!

Ruthie Hart said...

OH MY GOSH!! EEK! Could be any day now! I can't wait to meet Miss K!!!

Kelly B. said...

haha big month for you for sure!! Every time I get an email from you I keep thinking it's going to be a "SHE'S HERE!" post. haha. buuuuttttt I'm sure you didn't need to hear that ;-)

Ashley said...

Holy moly November is huge for you! It's going to be great month, love your goals hahaha!

Caroline said...

I am so excited for you. Maybe you'll have an early anniversary present!

PS The Biebs is in town tonight.

Erin said...

Ahhhhh- like Kelly said, can't wait to see the "she's here" post! :)

Btw- love your nursery so so much. And I love that it's big and there is plenty of room for a bed too! So nice :)

LacyLouise said...

Newest follower! Your almost thereeee:) so exciting the nursery looks gorgeous

Carolyn said...

Come on November!!! :)

Shalyn said...

DUDE!!!! WHOLY CRAP IS RIGHTTTTT!!!!! HAVE THAT BABY ALREADY SO I CAN SCREAM AND LOOK AT HER PICTURES ALL THE TIME OKAY!!!??? :) November is going to be awesome for you! :) So happy for you love bug!

Sarah said...

What an exciting month!! We had our baby on May 10th and our one year anniversary was May 21st lol! It's good your anniversary is BEFORE the baby's due - you can celebrate!! We went out to dinner on our anniversary and my mom watched the baby - but I was pretty exhausted still lol.

Lauren said...

Your nursery is FABULOUS! :) So glad I just found your blog!

Newest follower!


Nicole-Lynn said...

So funnn! I can't believe it's already almost that time to meet your precious baby girl! November is an exciting month for you! :)