Friday, March 30, 2012

Dirrty Thirrty!

I have to wish a very, very, very 
HAPPY 30th Birthday 
to my










Even though you can't take a shot to save your life... try hard!

 and I Love You!

Happy Birthday Tamera! 
I can't wait to celebate with you tonight!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Newlywed Game

When I saw that Megan over at Mackey Madness created a fun little newlywed link-up, I had to play along!

I asked Jason to answer the questions separately..his answers and then how he thought I would answer. 

Let's take a look at how compared, shall we???

1) What do you think my best quality is?
My guess: I'll bet he says my personality. I think it's sort of a cheap answer, but I know he'll put it.
His answer: Your personality
2) What would be your ideal date with me?
My guess: Hmmm, I'll bet he said going to some kind of sporting event. 
His answer: Well, I would start at Tony's Diner bright and early for breakfast, then tailgate for the Gophers vs Wisconsin game, watch them beat Sconny, then go to Runyons for wings, then have peeps over at our house for a celebration.
3) What was your first impression of me? 
My guess: We've known each other for a LONG time, like my whole life, so my guess is that this dates back to childhood. He probably said I was really shy. 
His answer: My sister's new best friend is weird.
4) What is your favorite memory of us?
My guess: I will be SHOCKED if he didn't say the Arizona vs UCLA game in Tuscon on Valentine's Day. 
His answer: Loved our honeymon but it is still our trip to Arizona, never forget it

5) What do you see for us in the future?
My guess: I'll bet he sees us with kids and our puggle. 
His answer: I see us having a family and having fun the entire time

1) What do you think my best quality is?
His guess: I'm funny
My answer: His best quality is level-headiness, the boy never gets to worked up {well, unless he's watching sports}and he keeps me calm {which is not easy to do}. He's just such a rock and I LOVE that about him.
2) What would be your ideal date with me?
His guess: Dinner at Capital Grille and then see the play Lion King
My answer: Ideally I would like several consecutive dates in Greece, but we agreed to answer in terms of at-home typical date nights. So, in that case, I would love to go to at a nice restaurant {preferably somewhere we've never tried} then I'd love to see a movie or go to a concert or play. Followed up with dessert or drinks at another fun spot. 
3) What was your first impression of me? 
His guess: Who's that super cool older guy?
My answer: It was a LONG time ago, but I imagine my first impression was that he was smokin' hot. I've had a crush on him since I was five for cryin' out loud.  
4) What is your favorite memory of us?
His guess: Proposing on the Gopher's field 
My answer: This is a tough one because we have some amazing memories, but I'd have to say my favorite is our whole honeymoon. It was the best possible way to spend our first week as a married couple.

5) What do you see for us in the future?
His guess: Family, house, black puggle, CRV. In any order....
My answer: I see us with a great house, a couple of kids, our puppy and a lot of travel and fun and happiness. 

Cute, right?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wedding Recap {Post-Ceremony}

After the ceremony, the wedding party gathered in the basement of the church to gather our stuff, bustle my dress and exchange a few hugs. 

At some point during the day, I had misplaced my flip flops. As much as I love my Jimmy's those bishes HURT! I could not wait to get them off...but I certainly couldn't go barefoot. My adorable younger brother just happened to be wearing two pairs of socks. Why? I have no idea. He was sweet enough to donate his socks to the cause and even put them on my feet for me. Now that's a good brother! 

Once all of our guests were outside, our best man Colin, announced us for the first time! 

We had just enough time before we needed to get on the limo to say "hi" to a few friends. 

While I loved every minute of my wedding day I have say that my favorite part of the day was our time in the limo. We had a long morning of pictures, the ceremony was over, we were finally married and it was finally time to celebrate! Plus we got to hang out with all of our best friends! 
We blasted music, made a couple of stops {more on that later} and had a drink or two or three or.......
It was so much fun! 

All photographs by Sara Jayne Photography

Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Fab Weekend.

Ahhhh, this weekend was lovely. I cannot believe it's already over and is Monday....again. 

Friday night, we went out to eat with my family to celebrate my brother's 23rd birthday.

The we met up with my BFF, Beeb and Beeb's husband for THE HUNGER GAMES!
I loved it! Of course, it wasn't as good as the book but I wasn't expecting it to be. I thought they did a great job recreating the story. I was so stressed the entire time they were in the best friend and I were holding hands...and he both knew what was going to happen! It was just so intense. Also, I think I want to name my first born Rue. Just putting it out there. 

Saturday was SO productive. I dedicated the whole day to spring cleaning and we got so much done! We went through all the closets in our house and got rid of all the clothes and miscellaneous shiz we no longer use. We threw away a ton of crap and also filled two HUGE garbage bags full of clothes to donate. I know you're all DYING to see how much we actually did, have no fear, I took before and after pictures. 

Jason and I own more t-shirts than any two people should own. We got rid of a bunch of stuff and then I re-folded and organized our armoire. 

We have two closets in our guestroom that were previously filled with all of our junk. We went through both of them and consolidated all of our stuff, and now we have one lovely empty closet that our guests can use. 

And finally, we have a utility closet on the main floor that is a popular dumping zone for things that don't have a home. I was PUMPED to get rid of about half the stuff kept in this closet! 
 Wasn't that SO thrilling? I know, you're welcome. 

After we were done cleaning we went to Jason's bff's to hang out on the deck and grill. It was a great relaxing night and I got to spend some time with my favorite two year old, Brody Bear!

Sunday we just spent the day relaxing and watching basketball. Best of all, both days I got to sleep in with this:

Finally, I leave with this:
JUSTIN BIEBER'S NEW SINGLE, BOYFRIEND! I'm obsessed! I love me some Bieb and this song is the shiz. Already been downloaded and listen to about 3,000 times.