Monday, July 30, 2012

The Weekend Baby!

Every Friday, Jason and I proclaim "It's the weekend, baby!" 
In our Schoob voices. 
For those of you who haven't experienced the "Schoob Voice"--it's basically a higher pitched more annoying version of baby talk that we use to talk to and about our dog, Bailey. 
It's very strange and we realize this, but I love that we are weirdos. 

Anyways, this weekend was amaze-balls. 
This past weekend was the one and only weekend of the ENTIRE summer (and fall for that matter) that neither me nor Jason had one single thing on the calendar. 

I got to sleep in and snuggle with this goofball.

I spent some time at the pool.

I did a little shopping and found a dress for my baby shower, shoes for the weddings I am in this fall, some jammies for baby girl, a Coach make-up bag that I am going to use for miscellaneous stuff in my diaper bag, and some maternity undies and spanks, which I was not thrilled about buying but I have a lot of surface area to cover, so it was necessary. 

I did a crap ton of laundry...I'm talking sheets from both beds, towels and all of our clothes!

Bailey and I went on a couple of walks.

I started up meal planning again...

and went grocery shopping and got all of my breakfasts, lunches and snacks portioned out for the week!

And, there was a whole lotta this action goin' on:
I LOVE the Olympics!

 Hope you all had fab weekends too!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Belly {25 weeks}

I cannot believe I am 25 weeks pregnant today!
Part of me feels like I've been pregnant FOREVER and at the same time, this is just flying by! I am getting so excited to meet this little peanut.
Only 15 more weeks!!!

Nugget this week...
*Knows which way is up and which way is down
*Is growing more fat and more hair! 

Size of the baby?  
About 14 inches long and around 2 pounds!

Total Weight Gain/Loss?  
I've gained 19 pounds...let's just say I am less than thrilled to be one pound away from 20 with 15 weeks left. I'm hoping that some healthy eating and exercise (two things I've been majorly lacking) will help even this out a bit.

Maternity Clothes?  
I'm still wearing a mix. Maternity clothes fit me really weird and I get REALLY frustrated when I go shopping so I'm pretty much living in pre-preggo cotton dresses.

Stretch marks?  
Nope. Thank you Body Butter, thank you Olive Oil, thank you genetics.

Best Moments?  
I had my monthly doctor's appointment on Monday and the baby's heartbeat was nice and strong (right around 148), my belly has grown at the rate it should and I passed my glucose test! I had to go in and drink this super sugary orange pop tasting beverage, sit around for an hour and then get a blood test to be sure I didn't have gestational diabetes, which I don't! WHOOP!

Nugget's movements are becoming more frequent and more intense. It is my absolute favorite thing in the world feeling her move around. My doctor said it's time to start tracking movements, so once a day I am supposed to lay on my left side and time how long it takes her to move 10 times. Typically, I should be able to feel 10 kicks in an hour, if it takes more than 2 hours I need to let the doctor know. So last night I timed it took my daughter 7 frickin' minutes to move 10 times!
She's either a complete spaz or a total overachiever.

Food Cravings?  
Still no real cravings. My sweet tooth is on overdrive, but that's about it.

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
I'm still not able to eat meat. I've been able to do little bits here and there but absolutely NO chicken and for the most part all of it makes me want to gag. I am getting better with veggies though! It might be time to try broccoli again.

What I miss?  
Sleeping on my tummy.

None at all.

I'm still having terrible lower back pain. My doctor said it can often be a sign of over-excursion when there's pain this early. So I guess I have a doctor's note to sit on my booty and do nothing.

Labor signs?  
No labor signs still has some baking to do (as my Aunt Lisa said!)


Belly Button In or Out?
The button is still in, but it's getting shallow.  

Wedding rings On or Off?  
15 more weeks to reach my goal! They've been getting a little tight with the unbearable heat, but I refuse to take them off.

The back pain is making it more difficult to get comfortable which is starting to affect my sleep...not to mention I'm up to a minimum of 3 potty breaks a night.

What I'm looking forward to?  
Starting our "Preparing for Childbirth" class next week!
I know Jason is equally as pumped....sense the sarcasm.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby's Stuff {part 2}: Bath-Time & Well-Being

I have made it no secret that I am most excited for bath time once baby girl arrives. I LOVE the smell of baby shampoo, I think wet babies are the cutest thing on the planet and hooded bath towels? 
C'mon, you can't beat it! 
So it's not surprising that registering for baby's bath supplies was my favorite part of the experience. 
I shake with excitement just looking at this stuff. 

 For the most part, baby tubs are pretty similar. We chose this one because the price was reasonable and it had the removable baby sling so we could use it from the get-go.

For bathing supplies I knew I wanted Johnson. The brand has been around for ages, it's affordable, rated #1 by hospitals and I don't care what you say it smells the best. I have heard it can be a little tough on bambinos with sensitive skin, so with that in mind I'm willing to try what works but for now we registered for the Jonson's Baby Bathtime Gift Set to get us started. It comes with shampoo, body wash, lotion, baby oil, baby powder, cotton swabs and diaper cream. Plus it all comes in a cute little yellow carrying tote to keep everything together and organized. Gotta love that. 

You all know I love yellow and when I saw the Just One You Baby Yellow Duckie collection I about died. So baby's bath time will include the Washcloths, Robe and Hooded Towels
Can you even handle that bath robe?

And no bath is complete without some was I supposed to resist these adorable squirter bath toys? I have a thing for sea creatures.

This next item I had never even heard of until I was recently at my girlfriend Andrea's baby shower, a friend of hers got her the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer and SWEARS by it. 
You pretty much use this guy to keep track of diaper changes, feedings, sleep schedule, etc. All those questions the pediatrician will ask you "how often does the baby _____" and you will probably have no idea what the answer is because you yourself haven't gotten any food or sleep in days. Plus, it has a little breastfeeding tracker so you can keep track of what side you fed off of last.
Sounds pretty handy to me! 

For the baby essentials we went with Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Detach & Go Grooming and Healthcare Kit (whew, that's a mouth full)
We liked it because it has everything we could need all in one cute little bag, the kit includes: 
nasal aspirator, nail clipper, medicine spoon, medicine syringe, digital thermometer, brush and comb, toddler toothbrush, no scratch mittens, baby scissors, tweezers, and 12 emery boards.

I was excited when I saw this little Essentials Childproofing Kit because it has all the necessary supplies for childproofing our house. 
Obviously, you could totally find all of this stuff on it's own...but why not save yourself the hassle and get it all together?

Strangely, I had a really hard time deciding on a humidifier. They're all so huge and I have no interest in take up half the nursery with a humidifier. I was pumped when I noticed this little guy in the baby aisle at Target. 
The Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Degree Humidifier is perfect for us because it's little and has customization options, which is always a plus.

What am I missing? I'm sure there's tons of stuff!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: Birthday on a Boat & The Color Run!

 It was another fab weekend for the Fawver's. 
Friday night was low key. We just hung out at home and caught up on the new HBO show, The Newsroom. 
We are officially obsessed. Such a good show. 

Saturday, we went out to Lake Minnetonka to surprise my friend Ryan for his birthday! Ryan's amazing wife, Kari, rented a big ol party boat and invited Ryan's friends and family to surprise him. Ryan had no idea and it was a lovely day on the water. 

Saturday night was another lazy one, because I had to be up early for The Color Run! 
I met up with the Beeb, Kelly and Beeb's bff, Rachel and we were ready to get spanked in the face with color! 
Ready to race
crossing the finish line! 
Que color fight!
It was such a blast! And it was so sweet of these ladies to take it easy and walk the whole 5k with the preggo. I hope The Color Run comes back next year. I would to do it again and actually run it. 

After the race I felt like I had been hit by a truck. My lower back was hurting to the point of tears. I got home, washed as much color off of me as I could and booked it to the pool. Let me tell ya, there is something about swimming that makes a pregnant lady all kinds of happy. It was wonderful to have a few hours of relief from my sore back (and not to mention get a little sun). 

The rest of my Sunday was spent catching up on and TV and getting work done for our final basketball tournament of the season. It's our biggest one yet and there's a TON to be done! 

I hope you all had great weekends!