Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Goals

Wow, the first month of 2013 has come and gone! Can't believe it. I set a couple of goals for myself in January, so let's take a look at how I did. 

*Walk/Run 25 miles
I only went 15 miles this month. BOO! I'm still trying to figure out how to balance spending time with my peanut and working out. I know it will be WAY easier in the summer when I can take her for walks, but right now it's tough. Nonetheless, I need to get my booty-a-movin' if I want to hit my 400 mile goal for the year. 

*Go to at least one yoga class. 
I went to exactly one yoga class. I wish I would have gone to more, but again, still trying to figure out how to do it all. 

*Lose 6 pounds. 
I only lost 4 pounds this month, which I am proud of because it put me past that 20 pound mark. I was hoping the weight would come off a little faster than this, but you know what they say, 9 months up and 9 months down. 

*Put SOMETHING into savings. 
It was not a lot...like at all. BUT, the goal was to put SOMETHING, pretty much ANYTHING in to savings and we did that. 

Now for my February goals: 

*Go to Zumba with Kelly. 
Everyone who has done it LOVES it and everyone who has done it who knows me tells me how much I would love it. For some reason, I have been too intimidated to try it, so this month, I am making myself go to a class to see what all the fuss is about! AND, if I'm going to try a new class, why not go with the master of fitness classes, Miss Kelly. 

*Walk/Run 25 miles. 
Since I barely knocked anything off my year goal of 400 miles, I need to make sure to chip away some more this month. 

*Declutter/Organize Kenley's closet
Oh goodness, this poor closet is such a mess. Since Kenley has grown her way out of all her newborn outfits, I have been just throwing things around. I desperately need to pack away everything that is too small and organize everything that is fitting right now. 

*Do a craft
I do have a particular craft in mind....I will show you if and when I get it done. 

*Declutter/Organize Tupperware drawer
It's life's greatest mystery....why can't I find a lid for this tupperware?! We have a drawer dedicated to our tupperware and it's a heck of a hot mess right now...so this month I need to go through, match up the lids and bottoms and ditch anything that doesn't have a partner. 

*Go completely yeast free for one week. 
Ever since Steph wrote THIS POST and then Kristen started following a yeast free diet, I've been curious about it--I mean, Steph lost a total of 21 pounds and Kristen lost 4 pounds in one frickin' week. I KNOW that I have no interest in being entirely yeast free forever...cheese and pasta are pretty much my favorite foods and I don't want to give that up no matter how good I feel or how much weight I lose. With that being said...I want to challenge myself, maybe live partially yeast free (aka cut way back) AND if I happen to shed a few pounds, sweet! So I'm starting out with one week...entirely yeast free....Lord help me. 

do you guys have any goals for this month?


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Oh you will LOVE Zumba!!! It's one of my faves...however I thought I could dance until Zumba. Hahaha!!

4lbs is awesome!! Keep it up!!

~Dawn~ said...

These are great goals.

Give yourself some time to figure things out routine-wise. It will come...I promise.

Sarah said...

Good Luck with your goals!

Erin said...

My container drawers are ALWAYS a mess. I just recently organized them and it's amazing... but we'll see how long it stays like that haha!

Also ZUMBA IS AMAZING! Do not feel intimidated, I'm serious. I look a FOOL doing it, but its fun and I don't care haha. Plus, if your classes are anything like mine- there are people ranging from 15-60 years old, all sizes, I hope you love it!! :)

Carolyn said...

These are all great goals! :) You can do it Beeb!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Never heard of yeast-free....I have to go learn more!

Allison said...

I have wanted to try Zumba but have not made that happen yet! & the yeast free thing, good luck! That is a goal of mine as well but geez I like my cheese!

ajs {of MN} said...

i tried a zumba class in cancun, loved it but i was pure entertainment for anyone watching!!

P!nky said...

DO ZUMBA it's so much fun. I suggest trying it at least twice, because the first time it can be overwhelming if the instructor doesn't give you cues.

I went to my first zumba class in a year yesterday and was a lost kitten because I didn't know the steps, and everyone else did. However, things are repeated a lot and you'll get them. Don't let the unsure make you not want to go back.

The atmosphere is amazing and the music is awesome!

GOOOD luck with YF...i like too many things to do that. ;)!


Ashley said...

Oh gosh...I've been toying with a yeast free stint ever since I saw their posts but I honestly don't know if I could do it!! Sugar is hard enough. A week is a great goal though - let me know when you start, maybe I'll do it too :)

Tupperware in itself is a mystery...where the coordinating lid is, how that extra bowl appeared, how it all once fit together...

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Great goals! I've never done Zumba but I have friends who just rave about it!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I think partially yeast free is the way to go too! I could never give up those foods (unless I had to for dietary reasons of course) :)