Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good In Goodbye

Who has heard the Carrie Underwood song "Good In Goodbye" from her Blown Away album? 
If you haven't or if you love it as much as I do...listen to it here:
The first time I heard this song, I got a little teary-eyed. 
I'm pretty sure I was pregnant at the time, so that could have been it, but it was also because the lyrics really meant something to me. 

{sorry about this Jason, but stick with me until the end}

When I was in college I had a serious boyfriend and was madly in love with him. I thought he was absolutely 100% "the one". But, after a year together and another 6 months of a very difficult long distance relationship, we broke up. 

I thought the world was ending. 

I have never felt pain like that before. I wouldn't wish that heartbreak on my worst enemy. Our relationship, however, didn't end after our break up. We still talked. We still saw each other when he was home. And we still very much cared for each other which lead to A LOT of emotions, A LOT of confusion and A LOT more heartbreak. 

After another couple of years of the back and forth, I decided I needed to move on once and for all, which thanks to a really short but really fun summer relationship I was able to do. 

And then, just a few short months later, I was at the 50th birthday party of a very dear family friend. His son was there. His son who I had had a crush on since I was a very little girl.
And that day {November 9, 2007} everything changed. 
It's been 5 1/2 years since that party and I have everything I've ever wanted. 
I married my best friend. 
I have a beautiful baby girl. 
I am truly happy. 

Jason is my soul mate. I CANNOT imagine my life with anyone else.

So when I hear "Good In Goodbye", I think of my ex-boyfriend, I think of that painful heartbreak and I think about how lucky I am that I experienced it all because it made me ready to love Jason with all of my heart. 

"As bad as it was. As bad as it hurt. I thank God I didn't get what I thought I deserved. Sometimes life leads you down a different road. When you're holding on to someone that you've got to let go. Someday you'll see the reason why...there's good in goodbye."

I don't really know what the point of this post was...but the song came on and I love it. But also, it's nice to remind myself sometimes that God has a plan and everything happens for a reason. Whether you're going through a heartbreak, an illness or family drama, no matter what it may be, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will come out stronger and happier and realize that the struggle was worth it.

annnnnd, stepping down from my soapbox. 


brynn said...

I know this feeling too, and my story sounds almost identical to yours!
I have to go listen to this song immed!!!
love you sister!

Katie Hall said...

I know just what you mean! I went through the most painful breakup in college and really felt like my whole life was going to be screwed up because I didn't end up with him. Now I think back on that and am sooo glad I went through it because I may have never met Mark!

Becky Borgman said...

Oh girl, I can so relate to this! It is like you told the story of my love life! I also had a boyfriend I swore was the one. But after 4 years of pretty much an only long distance relationship we broke up and I was absolutely devastated. A month later my husband ask me on a date and I went thinking it was just going to be a fun night out with some cute guy. 6 years and one beautiful daughter later I could not be more thankful that God an even better plan for my life.

I have never heard the song but I will have to listen to it. Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks another song I think of.

Jessica said...

So so true my friend!!

Carolyn said...

Love this!! :) So true! And you and Jason are PERFECT for each other!

Cassie said...

i truly believe everyone needs these reminders - great post!!

Cayla said...

This post is so amazing and I completely agree. My song that makes me think about the past is "Unanswered Prayers" by Garth Brooks. I remember just praying almost nightly for it to work out with my ex and now, man I am so, so glad it didn't or I'd never be with my amazing husband. It all works out for a reason :)

Erin said...

Awesome post girl--- everything DOES happen for a reason and I have been repeating that 100 times a day this week. Thanks for the great post and reminder :)

Ruthie Hart said...

Wow!!! November is such a special month for you guys!! Met, married, baby K.... gosh I love stories like this. I was like you before I met Jon... heartbroken when relationships wouldn't work out, thinking it was the end of the world but love how we both met our soul mates !

Kelly B. said...

Gah, I so hear you. Sometimes it scares me to think about how if I had done ONE tiny thing different back then, I wouldn't be with M now.

Super ironic, I was thinking about it this morning, actually.. tracing back every little thing that happened. If I hadn't gotten into Mitchell (and it was a close call), I probably would've stayed in Duluth, and with Erik, or at least not got on when I did. bluuahh. so glad things worked out the way they did. :)

OH, and I for sure have "songs" that remind me of that person.

Kari said...

A good reminder that everything happens just as God intends! I too was heartbroken when my long time boyfriend broke up with me however I am certain that I would not love and appreciate Ryan as much as I do, if I hadn't gone thru that crap before. Super thankful for some goodbyes in my life :)

P!nky said...

I love this song. When I hear it, I do the same thing you do, go back to the goodbye and find the good.

I sent it to my sister when she was suffering a mega hard heartbreak and I hope it helps.


Kelly said...

Love this!! (soo glad that the grooveshark worked too ;-D) Such a good reminder that although we may not be able to see the reasons for why we are where we are at this moment... it is all leading up to your future!

Christelle said...

I'm grasping for the good in goodbye now (hard listening to that song)...thanks for sharing this experience and shedding light, sometimes it feels like this tunnel will never end.

Glad to read all the other comments, too. I'm obviously not the only one to deal with heartbreak/loss...just a little slower in the game. :)

Kristin said...

Love this! NoW I gotta go listen..

Unknown said...

Love you babe!

Ashleigh said...

I know this feeling & song all too well! I completely agree with you sweet girl on it! I think its nice to have a reminder as to what we once had & why we no longer have that no more :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

So sweet and true!