Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend

Is it just me or do long weekends go just as fast as short ones? 
I was off for four glorious days and packed in a lot but it still went way too fast and I am majorly bummed to be back in the office this morning! 

Friday was the only decently nice day, weather wise, so I'm glad Kenley and I got out to enjoy it. We went for a nice long walk and then lounged by the pool. It wasn't quite warm enough to swim, but I soaked up some sun and read magazines while my sweet baby girl took a nice long nap. 
It was beyond wonderful. Now if Mother Nature could just cooperate so I could do this every day, that would be great. 

Friday night our friend Pat treated us to dinner. We hadn't seen him since before Kenley was born so our dinner date was much overdue. Pat is a friend of Jason's from college and whenever we hang out I end up crying from laughter. He's one of the funniest people I know and I was so happy to catch up with him!
Plus, Kenley always loves making a new buddy. 

Saturday morning Jason and I cleaned the house while Kenley watched Mickey's Clubhouse (she LOVES that show), and yes our baby watches TV. Sometimes you need a distraction so that you can get stuff done...judge me all you want. 

After K's morning nap we went to our friends Erik & Andrea's so that Kenny could have a play date with their son Vinny. 
It's always so fun getting together with Erik & Andrea, not only are they a lot of fun, but Vinny is 4 months older than Kenley so they always have great advice, stories and wisdom to impart on us. 

We got home with just enough time for Kenley to squeeze in a nap before our friends Christina & Aaron came over for dinner. They brought over food to grill and I made a yummy new dessert {which I will be sharing soon!}
{Kenley was OBSESSED with Aaron's hat.}
We always have a blast with Christina & Aaron and Saturday was no different. Christina and I chatted about our high school friends and babies while the boys played video games. Then we all joined together and enjoyed one too many cocktails. 

Sunday we were feeling the effects of Saturday night, so we took it easy all day. We were super lazy, watching Netflix and snuggling with Kenley. Sunday evening we went over to Jake & Carolyn's for a Memorial Day BBQ. Our best buds were all there and it was a ton of fun as usual. The highlight though, was spending time with my favorite little man, Brody (Jason's best friend Colin's little boy). Brody is 3 1/2 and pretty much the cutest kid ever. He's been a little intimidated by Kenley up until now, but Sunday he really started to interact with her. 
He watched me feed her, helped me put on her jammies, tickled her and even helped put her to bed. He was rocking her then would rub her belly, lean down and say "Goodnight Kenley."
It was enough to make me tear up! 

Monday, I let Jason sleep in so I was up snuggling and playing with my little love. 
Then we took a trip to the outlet mall. I went with the intention of buying some gifts but didn't find what I was looking for, MAJOR bummer. I was able to pick up a few fun things but overall it was a disappointing shopping trip - if there is such a thing. The rest of the day we were pretty much lazy bums. We soaked up every last second of the long weekend and our baby girl.

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Bridget said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend!!! Glad you got to enjoy the beautiful weather on Friday!! Now I wish everyday could just be like that!!!

Schnelle said...

You packed a lot in & I'm so jealous that you got some sun! I'm dying to lay out and get a little color already. Aubrey loves Mickey's Clubhouse too. I'd imagine you're familiar with the hot dog song? Yea, we sing it allll the time- along with the nap time song on Disney junior;)

P!nky said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend and woohoo sun and pool!

Your lil mommy and me pics with Kenley are sooo cute!

~Dawn~ said...

Looks like you managed a great weekend despite the crap weather. Ugh, my girls were so unhappy not being able to be out at the park and playing in the yard!

Carolyn said...

Yay for a fun weekend! Even with the stupid weather!

Jessica said...

Noah watches way more TV than I care to admit! HAHA

Ruthie Hart said...

It looks like Kenny will have her choice of future boyfriends someday! How cute that Brody was so helpful...one of my favorite things is watching little ones interact... esp when "older kids" want to help with babies! And we did outlet mall shopping this weekend too :)

MIL said...

Hello, my Tuesday catchup reading your blog even though we video chatted this Sat. Again I love this, your blog and pics! The one pic with Vinny and Kenley laying on her tummy seriously had a Nicole look. I'll have to show you that one pic when you guys come to visit soon. But with no bias aside, she is absolutely precious and beautiful! Good job Mama! Oh ya, Daddy too!

The FBI agent is really a little suspicious. Keep yourself posted on your friend and you can by law find out why. You know my resume, so I can check for you, if need be.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to all of you!!!!

ajs {of MN} said...

ahhh sun next to a pool! sounds GLORIOUS!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend!!? Makes me wish and wonder why weekends are three days long allllll of the time!! What a friend-filled weekend you guys had :-) Love the photos of Kenley (sooo beautiful!!) and it is so sweet that little Brody has warmed up to Kenley. Adorable!

PS-- didn't see that Baby Talk isn't up this week so ignore my previous question in today's post :-)

Katie said...

love love love reading your blog and all this happiness!!!! your family I need to meet ASAP it hurts! haha :)