Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Friend Sara.

WARNING: Brace yourself for extreme photo overload! 

On that fateful Spring day at Coffee Buzz {the coffee shop we owned} when a super cute little blonde photographer spent the day in the shop editing photos, I would have never guessed that one day, soon after, we would be good friends and Jason and I would be guests at her wedding. 

Can you even stand it
Their wedding was the cutest, most creative, most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. 

I don't know if I've ever told Sara this, but that day when she came to Coffee Buzz and I learned she was a photographer, I went in to our back room and looked up her website. I was INSTANTLY wowed by her photos and knew right then that she would be shooting my wedding....even though I wasn't even engaged yet.

When I finally did get engaged, Sara was one of my first calls. We actually planned our wedding date around her schedule because there was no way I was letting anyone capture my big day but her. When the following spring rolled around and it was time to take our engagement photos, I was nervous. I'd seen Sara's amazing work but was afraid maybe ours wouldn't turn out as good {not because of Sara but because of her subject matter}. Boy was I wrong! We had a blast that day. Sara was incredible at "bossing us around". She let us be us and just interact naturally but then would instruct us to "put your chin down," "look more to the left," "no fish lips," "your hand looks awkward" etc. She posed us without really having to pose us, so the photos looked relaxed.  We felt so at ease and had so much fun and I think our engagement pictures really show that.

and my favorite of them all:

7 months later and it was time for our wedding. I was a very Type-A, organized bride {I know that shocks you all} but Sara was a big part in helping me with that. In our pre-wedding meeting she helped me map out the day-of schedule and list out the important photos we needed to take. I was so nervous about the photos because we have such an enormous family but thanks to Sara's organization and authority {and my amazing Personal Attendant, Robyn} we actually finished pictures AHEAD of schedule! But beyond just the mechanics of the day....our photos are beautiful. I love them so much and still {a year and a half later} look through them on a regular basis {is that weird?}
Me, Jason, Sara & her hubby, John! 

Once I found out I was pregnant I knew that Sara would obviously take our baby's pictures. She has a great "Watch Me Grow" package that includes newborn, 6 month and 1 year sessions which makes it so convenient. I toyed with the idea of doing maternity photos but was really unsure whether or not I wanted to get them done. I don't know about you other mamas but when I was 7 months pregnant, I wasn't feeling the cutest and wasn't really digging the whole idea of of getting my picture taken. Sara suggested a low-key, low-stress, relaxed shoot and I agreed. I am so so so thankful that I decided to do these. They turned out so much better than I ever could have imagined, Sara made me feel confident and beautiful AND I am so grateful that I have these pictures to document such an important and special time in my life. 

Once our peanut arrived, Sara was over just 5 days after Kenley was born to take her newborn photos. She knew just how to gently pose her, keep her warm and capture all those little new baby details that mamas never want to forget. She came prepared, I literally just had to sit back and watch, which was a good thing because I was still recovering.

We even have Sara's work in our living room! Please excuse the horrible iPhone photos that don't do these justice. Sara took some photos of downtown Minneapolis that we had hanging in Coffee Buzz. When we closed, I knew I had to keep these three photos. Not only are the beautiful but they now have sentimental value, and they will be hanging in our home wherever we live, forever.

I know Sara is my friend so I am biased, but she wasn't my friend when I first saw her work and KNEW that she had to be the one to take my pictures. She is absolutely not paying {or even asking} me to say this but, SERIOUSLY, if you live in the Twin Cities you would be CRAZY not to use Sara Jayne! She is a phenomenal photographer with so much talent and incredible creativity. We are so lucky that she has been through it all with us and we have these beautiful photos to document the most important stages of our lives.

But I'm not the only one who feels this way! Now that my friends have seen the incredible work Sara has done for us, they are getting wise and hiring her for their life events as well! 

One of my best friends, Christina, used Sara for her engagement photos & wedding last fall.

And now, the Beeb will be using SJ's talents to capture Baby Roe!

Not many people get to g-chat and text and talk to their photographer to plan their photo shoots. And not many people get to have so much fun and be so comfortable taking photos because they're with a friend. And not many photographers tear up taking your baby's newborn pictures or let you look at your unedited photos when you're hanging out at their house. We are so spoiled by having such a talented friend, but more than just benefiting from Sara's amazing talent, we get to benefit from the amazing person that she is and the amazing husband she has. I feel so lucky to have Sara and John in our lives, we always say that the whole purpose for Coffee Buzz was for us to meet each other! I couldn't be morethankful to have these beautiful photos of my family to cherish forever. These pictures mean more to me than anything and the fact that SJ took them makes them just that much more special.
Make sure to follow Sara so that you can see more of her incredible work!
website // facebook // twitter // instagram

and for crying out loud...if you live in the Twin her!
Like, TODAY!

Oh, and one more MINOR detail...
A couple of weekends ago we spent our Saturday with Sara taking Kenley's six month photos and some family photos as well. I don't know how it's possible but I think this is my favorite of her work so far!
CANNOT wait to share all of the pictures with you tomorrow! Here's a little sneaky peak to tide you over!


Schnelle said...

All of this photos are stunning! I adore the last picture of Kenley. You're so lucky to have such a talented photographer as a friend.

Kelly said...

OH MY GOODNESS will you look at that photo of K?? SO precious ;-D

Ever since I met her at your shower (so friendly and sweet!!) I had the idea of using her in the future tucked in the back of my mind. But now that we're expecting, I better get Greg on board with the whole photography than with Sara Jayne! :-) Now I have ANOTHER thing to start obsessing about LOL!

Are you putting the link up today? Just wonderin'! :-)

Jessica said...

As a growing photographer, I LOVE THIS. She's SO talented! :D

Bridget said...

She is VERY talented and I love all your pics!!! I can't wait to see the 6 month pics!!! We would have def used her if my friend didn't come to us for maternity photos!!!

Carolyn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE SJ! She's so stinking cute and so stinking talented!!! What a combo! :) I can't wait for her to capture all of our special moments with baby boy!!!

Sara Jayne said...

Holy BANANAS do you know how to make a girl feel special!!! Reading this post brought tears to my eyes! Its so neat looking back at all the special milestones Ive been able to capture, and knowing how much you will cherish them forever REMINDS me of the #1 reason I love my job so much. I can't wait for all photo shoots yet to come! :) I feel so blessed to have simply stumbled upon such an amazing friend like you on that fateful day at 'the buzz'. Thank you for the constant support, love, and friendship! You 'da BEST, kFawv! So excited for tomorrow's Kenley post! ;-)

~Dawn~ said...

Such beautiful photos!! It's so fun to have memories like these captured in such a special way!

Kimberly said...

Seriously - the last picture??!! PRECIOUS BABY GIRL!! :)

Christelle said...

Wow, just wow! I have goose bumps just looking at all her photos, she's one talented lady!! Can't wait to see the pics of Miss Kenley...absolutely love the sneak peak!

Ruthie Hart said...

AHHH! That last photo!!! It's awesome how you've gotten so close to her... seriously your engagements, wedding, maternity, baby pics... they are all so stunning! She is so talented!

Candace said...

Oh my goodness she is very talented and that last picture? I die.

P!nky said...

OH MY GOSH that photo of baby K is to die for. So beautiful and lovely!

Your friend is so talented, LOVE all the pictures.

Meghan said...

Love all of these! So cool that she's been there for all of your big moments!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE a photo overloaded post! These shots ARE AMAZING! The one with the flying veil... I DIE.

ajs {of MN} said...

she is extremely talented and has a GREAT eye behind the camera. all of your pics have always been so so good. i remember loving that last engagement photo of your too, so movie star like!

i love our photographer that we used for our e-pics, wedding pics, maternity pics, avrie's NB photos, 6 months AND 1 year!!! you truly do create a relationship with your photoag and it means so much to them when you love them as much as they love to be the honored one taking your milestone photos. this is a really sweet post to honor your friend and her talents!

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