Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby Talk :: Kenley is 8 months!

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Easy as pie!

This past month has been FILLED with milestones. I cannot believe how much my darling daughter has learned and grown in just 30 days and I especially can't believe it's already been EIGHT months since the day she was born! Slow down time!!! 
Sleep: Bedtime is between 8pm and 9pm. Wakes up between 6am and 7am. Takes 2-3 naps during the day (usually two long ones and a short one).
Feeding: still getting six 5oz "ba ba's" a day with two solid food meals.
Diaper Size: 2
Clothes Size: still in 6 month outfits
Hair Color:  Blondie
Eye Color: Baby Blues
Milestones: Crawling! Pulling herself up! And, TWO teeth! 
Nicknames: Kenny, Mou, KenKen, Squeakerdoo, Love Buggy, Boo Baby, Kenny Pops.

My Kenley, 

This past month was a BIG one. One night just after your 7 month birthday you woke up crying in the middle of the night, something you haven't done since you were 4 weeks old. I rocked you right back to sleep and the next morning...YOU HAD A TOOTH! I couldn't believe my eyes and couldn't believe that teething was such a non-issue for you. Just a few days later and the exact same thing happened, and once again there was a brand new pearly white little tooth! Two teeth in one week!
Not long after your teeth came in, you started to crawl! You had been getting so close for so long and then one day you were officially on the move. 
Now that you are mobile, you are ALL OVER THE PLACE. You are such a busy little bee, always needing to explore. You are just like your daddy - so curious and so nosy. It's so fun watching you scootch all over the house and chasing Bailey has become your new favorite game. 

As if crawling and two teeth weren't enough, you decided that it was also time to starting pulling yourself up. I came in to check on you while you were supposed to be napping and could not believe my eyes when I saw you standing there looking at me! Daddy immediately lowered your crib and I cried when I put you to bed that night, it just seemed so grown up and I couldn't quite handle it. 

This month you've also branched out and tried some new foods like black beans, chickpeas, and potatos. 
You love to eat and I think so far your favorite foods are Mangoes and Sweet Potatoes. You've also been learning how to feed yourself and have been loving you new MumMum treats!
I don't know how it's possible but you are cuter and sweeter every day and just when I think I couldn't possibly love you any more... I do! It absolutely amazes me to see how much you are growing and learning each and every day. I know that our days with a baby are numbered as you are going to be a full blown kid before we know it. But, now matter big you get, and no matter how smart are you will ALWAYS be my baby. 


Jessica said...

Yay for crawling! I can't believe how big she's getting, wow.

Jess Beer said...

Ah she's getting so big! I can't believe the teeth! They so change her smile!

Bridget said...

I can't believe she is already 8 months! Crawling, teething...what's next?!?! Can't wait to see the video of her walking!!!

Kelly said...

Sooooooooooooooo STINKIN' CUTE!! ;-D Love the crawling video. Adorable.

Carolyn said...

I can't believe how grown up she is already. It's been so cool to watch her go through every milestone, but it's already stressing me out... KENNY SLOW DOWN! HAHA! :)

Schnelle said...

This was such a huge month!! Those little teeth are so cute! It's all over now that she's mobile. Haha can't believe it's time to baby proof already!

ajs {of MN} said...

She is growing so fast! Look at her being a big girl standing in her crib, I feel your pain! Baby MumMums are great baby treats! :)

Young and Fabulous said...

i just LOVE her face


the face while eating the mummum treats is just priceless

love her!!

P!nky said...

Awwww so cute and such a big girl!


MIL said...

Excellent blog again! The way you do the extra video, etc. Very entertaining to follow. BUT got to say I was very tearful looking at the most beautiful, adorable baby I have ever seen! AND such a good girl!!!!
LOVE you Kris and of course my always baby boy! You both are awesome parents! Very proud Grandma! AND kiss Schoob for me!

Erin LFF said...

Gosh, Kristin. How much cuter can she get?! She's such a pretty girl! She looks so dainty and precious in every picture!!

Candace said...

Oh man she is crawling. She will soon be in to everything! She is so precious. And how the heck is she 8 months already? Time is flying!

Celeste said...

Oh my gosh she is so BIG all of the sudden!!! It is absolutely crazy how fast they grow. And man oh man are you lucky that she handled teething so well...I've heard so many horror stories I've already been dreading it!

Nat said...

She is such a cutie!! She handled those new teeth like a champ! Can't believe she's also crawling and pulling up- what a big month for her