Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm Like a Headless Chicken

In an attempt to give you a visual representation of the basket case I have been this past week, I made the mistake of googling "Chicken with it's head cut off". I really shouldn't have been surprised by the results, but I'm such a lunatic right now I didn't even think about it. Needless to say, if animal guts gross you out - don't be dumb like me. 

So anyways, this past week I have been...ready for it...running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

Cue visual aid: 

It all started last week on Tuesday. My co-worker Amber and I convinced my boss that we needed to have an outdoor marketing lunch by the lake. It was a gorgeous day and he obliged. After a nice two hour lunch and a couple of cocktails, the day was shot. And then Wednesday rolled around which just so happened to be the same co-worker's birthday. So, we once again found ourselves lakeside enjoying sunshine, amazing food and cocktails. 
And then Wednesday was shot. So then Thursday rolls around and I have work piled up a mile high. I normally love having a ton to do because it makes the day go faster but in this instance it was more stressful because my dad's huge tournament started that night, so I was also getting things ready for that. 

Thursday flies by in a giant hectic blur and then I am off to meet my mom and friend, Sharisse downtown St. Paul for the BEYONCE concert!!! This was my 4th time seeing Lady Bey {twice with Destiny's Child and one more time a few years ago on her solo tour} and I have to say this was BY FAR her best show. We were dancing fools and had amazing seats. 
And if you're friends with me on SnapChat you most likely received a video much like this: 
that would be me and Sharisse going ape-shit when B played Diva (our fave song). 

The concert went late and I wasn't home until after 1am, which meant my 6am wake up call on Friday morning came much too quick. But, I was up and at em and had Kenley all ready to go to my mom's for the day while Jason and I worked the tournament. Saturday, I got a little break from tournament life to take Kenley to her friend Vinny's FIRST birthday party! The party was nautical themed and was so ADORABLE! 
We had a great time!

Saturday night I was back at the gym working the tournament until late and then was back again on Sunday, but this time with Kenley. Sunday is usually a pretty easy day at the tourney so it was fun to bring Kenley and introduce her to tournament life. 

She helped her Auntie Beeb with admissions, 

She made a new friend, Henry, who is the son of one of my dad's coaches. 

and she got to hang out with Richard Pitino, the new head coach of the Gopher b-ball team. 

Sunday night we had our tournament after party to celebrate surviving yet another long weekend of basketball, which once again had me up late. 

Now this week so far has been filled with catching up on work, having lunch with Kelly, having dinner at my in-laws, being sick and somehow finding the time in all of this to get the house cleaned, get the shopping done and have the crafts made for Jake & Carolyn's shower this weekend! 

I am so all over the board, it's unreal. I have about 80 thousand thoughts running through my head and I'm hoping at some point I can get my shit together and get things done! I'm exhausted. I'm a lunatic. And I'm totally stressing myself out...but you know what, I can sleep when I'm dead! So until then I'll be the crazy lady running around with a messy bun on the top of her head trying to remember where she last saw her cell phone. 

Have a lovely Thursday everyone! 


Katie said...

I've felt the same way lately! Hoping to slow down a bit soon...ahhh. You look amazing woman by the way!!

Jessica said...

K just gets cuter and cuter and seriously -- I need to know where Vinny's mom got her dress... like... stat :D

Jillian said...

I totally know how you feel. I've been going nuts this week and it won't stop til its sunday and the theatre festival I'm acting in shows for is done (we close saturday) Don't get me wrong I love it but after three years of not doing drama I'm not used to it anymore

Kari said...

Sounds like you've been a rockstar! Make sure to get some sleep and not over do it!

ajs {of MN} said...

the crazy bun on the top of the head, thats me always! haha

i LOVE the 1st bday party you went to, SO CUTE! that SS VINNY boat is adorable!