Monday, November 25, 2013

My Makeup Obsession

A few years ago I popped into Macy's to pick up some new bronzer as mine was all cracked and nearly empty and I can't possibly go a day looking less than bronzed {keep in mind this was-pre motherhood}. I'm walking around like a lost puppy looking for the NARS counter when a lovely lady informs me that Macy's no longer carries NARS. WHAT? She does, however, suggest that I head over to the Smashbox counter. So I do because at this point I just need bronzer and I don't care where it's from. You guys, my life changed that day. 

I became a Smashbox-a-holic that day and I've never looked back. 

Since becoming a mom my daily makeup routine has changed. My mornings are spent relishing my precious sleep or spending time with my babe before heading off to work, so spending tons of time in front of the mirror is just not a priority anymore. 

Enter Adi.
Adi is the face of Smashbox at the Southdale Macy's in Edina. If you live in the Twin Cities you MUST go see her, so she can help find a Smashbox makeup routine perfect for you. She has a heart of gold, knows these products like the back of her hand AND as you can see is a mama herself. Adi has a precious daughter at home with a baby boy due in just a couple of weeks! 

Adi invited me to her Smashbox makeup event this past weekend and I was pumped to let her give me a new mom-friendly makeup routine and introduce me to some of the new Smashbox products. I showed up without a lick of makeup on and actually let them photograph me as such.
I will be completely honest and tell you that these products are not cheap and in truth I spend more money on my makeup than I do my wardrobe. But you know what, your face in the first thing people see {unless you're wearing a low cut shirt} so there's no reason to skimp on your facial products. 

In my opinion, there are 4 Smashbox products that every mom needs to have in her makeup bag.
  • Photo Finish Hydrating Primer :: If you aren't using a primer before applying your make up - you're nuts. This primer seals in moisture and makes your face a perfectly hydrated and smooth canvas for your foundation. I actually put this on every morning whether I'm wearing makeup or not because I love how it feels. Plus, it gives my skin a healthy glow without the help from any other products.
  • Liquid Halo HD Foundation :: This is a new product and I am OBSESSED. This foundation not only moisturizes your skin but goes on so smooth and light and literally looks like you aren't wearing makeup. It evens out and perfects your skin without feeling heavy. It also lasts FOREVER, I wore it all day and overnight {I'm terrible at washing my face} and my skin was still flawless when I woke up. And if that's not enough it has SPF 15, is oil-free and is sweat/humidity resistant.
  • High Definition Liquid Concealer :: I think all of us moms can agree that concealer is a must-have, especially after a sleepless night. This particular concealer is nearly weightless so it doesn't give you that heavy feeling under your eyes or leave clumps on blemishes. Dark circles and imperfections seriously disappear instantly.
  • Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder :: This stuff is the BOMB! It's a hydrating powder that reduces fine lines & wrinkles! It's nice and light but provides great coverage. If I'm just running out to the store I'll throw some of this on with my Full Exposure Mascara so I'm not scared to run in to someone I know. 
For those of you who are interested, here are the rest of the Smashbox products you will find in my drawer that I also recommend:
and of course Smashbox Brushes

The newest addition to my arsenal is one of the holiday kits, the Wonder Vision Eye Set which is on sale now for only $32! It includes an amazing 6 shadow palette, Limitless Waterproof Eyeliner and Full Exposure Mascara.

I got the "Sparks" set and absolutely love the coral and gold colors! 

What do you think?

Those of you who are Black Friday shoppers, make sure to get your little booty to a Macy's and pop by the Smashbox counter because you can get one of their "Try It" Kits for just $10!

I did not receive any products or compensation for this review. The opinions read here are completely my own.


the girl in the red shoes said...

Love me some smashbox! And you look gorgeous!!!!

hello erin said...

Love smash box!! And I need to get my butt in somewhere so they give me a routine too... I need HELP in the make up department !

Kara Frank said...

I desperately need new makeup. I feel like pregnancy totally changed my skin. I think I may need to pay a visit to your Smashbox friend. I've used MAC for years and it's not working as well anymore. Thanks K!

Tiff said...

I've never tried Smashbox, but I'm totally tempted. Our Macy's doesn't carry it (or MAC) so I might have to check it out at Sephora or Ulta. I also feel SO guilty spending tons f money on makeup, but I think I'd feel better if I had someone teach me how to apply it all properly.

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

While the make up looks awesome on you, I just have to say how envious I am of your flawless skin without makeup! Especially when I look like a hormonal teenager these days. haha

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

I am terrible at putting on makeup! I wish she could make me over and as pretty as you!

Jess Beer said...

I've been using Smashbox foundation for years...and now I'm going to have to try the new're only feeding my own obsession here... :)

Stacie Patterson said...

Smashbox Primer is a life saver! I need to get some more because I just ran out...glad someone else shares my obsession! :)

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