Friday, November 22, 2013

The Art of Thank You Notes

I am a complete and total spaz when it comes to thank you cards. Jason often makes fun of me for sending a thank you card for EVERYTHING, but in my opinion if someone spends their hard earned money and precious free time getting you a gift the very least you could do is spend 2 minutes hand writing a card and throwing a $0.46 stamp on there - or whatever the heck a stamp costs these days. Gifts are never, ever, ever, ever, EVER required or expected. I don't care if it's a birthday, a wedding or Christmas for crying out loud, no one is EVER expected to get you a gift. If they are kind enough to do so, they need to be properly thanked and a verbal or text message "thank you" doesn't count! If you are opening a gift in front of the giver by all means give a verbal thank you {and a hug!}. If you receive a gift in the mail absolutely make a phone call or send a text RIGHT AWAY so the giver knows you received it. But, either way you still absolutely need to send a written thank you. It's just the nice thing to do - again, these people spent time and money on YOU. 

I've got some basic tips that really help me and will hopefully help you amp up your thank you note etiquette:

*Write down gifts! Whether you write it down yourself or have a friend do it, write down everything you open so that you don't forget someone or forget who gives you what! 

*Set up shop and crank them all out at once. Yes, it can be daunting but I've found if I just sit down, put on some Beyonce, and power through, I can get them all done in one sitting. It's also helpful if you write them as you put away the gifts.

*Send them right away! I have a rule for myself that I can't cash a check or "play" with a new toy until I've written the thank you note. Traditional etiquette says thank you notes should be sent within the week {two tops!}. Wedding thank you's should be sent within 3 months. I was so worried about getting my wedding thank you notes done, I wrote them on the plane to our honeymoon! It was a great way to kill time and I got several compliments on how quickly they went out! People really do appreciate it!

I like to use the same 6 steps for all of my thank you cards to ensure proper etiquette as well as expedite the writing process. 

1. Address...the note to the gift giver{s}
2. Express...gratitude for the gift you received
3. you plan to use the gift
4. Personalize...the note so it doesn't sound like you're saying the same thing to everyone
5. Reiterate...your gratitude
6. Regards...from you

For example: 

ADDRESS: Dear Aunt Lisa and Uncle John, 

EXPRESS: Thank you so much for the beautiful Jimmy Choo shoes.

DISCUSS: I can't wait to wear them on my trip to California, they'll be perfect with this little black dress that I have. 

PERSONALIZE: It was so nice of you to stop by my birthday party, I'm really glad you were able to make it. Have a safe trip back to Florida.

REITERATE: Thank you again, so much, for the generous gift!

REGARDS: Love your favorite niece, Kristin

See, isn't that easy? I might be crazy but I actually love to write thank you notes and maybe just maybe if you follow these simple steps you will to! Now go get to thanking....

And, yes, this is Kenley's birthday thank you card - I'm not sure it gets any cuter.
photo by Sara Jayne Photography


Kari said...

the cutest thank yous ever! that's one to put on the refrigerator!!

Bridget said...

I am too a BIG thank you person. There are weddings we attended this summer that we still haven't gotten thank yous for yet!!! Also...that thank you is seriously the cutest. What that taken @ her party or did you do a photo shoot with a smash cake?

Ashley said...

Cutest thank you cards EVER!

Erin LFF said...

SUCH a cute picture/thank you card... I need to send Kenley a gift just so I can have one! ;) Thank you notes are SO important, we got our wedding ones out probably within 2-3 weeks!

hello erin said...

I love that card!! So stinking cute!! And your handwriting is perfection. I'm the same way- I love sending thank you's!!

P!nky said...

That card is way too precious, i need to send a note to get one ;)! haha!

But seriously, I am so with you! Thank you notes are a lost art, I always send them.

I'm a bit behind on our wedding thank yous, it's just been crazy, but I'm almost done and will be within the three month mark. I told myself I can't send out Christmas cards until thank yous are all sent.


Nikki said...

I am a firm believer in thank you cards as well and make sure I get them in the mail ASAP. I too wrote our wedding thank you's on the plane to/from our honeymoon and had them done within 2 weeks of the wedding. I think it's so rude when people don't send thanks you's and I just don't get it. Kenleys thanks you's look adorable!

Schnelle said...

I'm a big thank you card fan too- I love writing them, picking them out & receiving them. I adore the thank you's that you made up with her picture- what a great idea!

Kelsey said...

I love this because I do believe thank you cards speak a thousand words. And really who wouldn't want to open one with that picture on it, she's adorable!

ajs {of MN} said...

i am a HUGE thank you sender, i am so happy there are still ppl like us out there, i LOVE getting them too!

ummm.... CUTEST thank you card EVER!

Joanna said...

cutest thank you card!

Lindsey @ The Crafty Practitioner said...

Those thank you notes are ADORABLE! I just emailed you on your blog email address =)

Anonymous said...

Kenley's thank you notes are the cutest thing ever! You are also an expect on them so good idea to write this post. I hope that a few people I know read this as they could learn a few things from you. xo m

Amanda said...


Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

That thank you card is ADORABLE! I have been slacking on my last few shower thank you cards - I think I've written 100 since September!

Kierra of Alluring Confessions said...

Your Thank-you cards are amazing! I was pretty big on making sure our wedding thank yous went out very quickly.
Your post is definitely a great reminder for future birthday parties that I will be throwing my soon-to-be little one (due May 2014)
Love your blog, it's super cute!