Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kenley:: 1 1/2

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As of this coming Sunday, I will have a 19 month old {say what?} I am really loving this mid-year age range because I can get away with telling people she is "a year and a half" instead of using months and watching them get all confused trying to do math. That, and this is pretty much the most fun age ever! It's been MONTHS since I've done a Kenley update, so here's what my crazy kiddo is up to:

Weight: 26 pounds

Teeth: 12 pearly whites. The molars were really tough, now we're just waiting for those pointy ones to come in. Brushing her teeth is also the highlight of her day. She LOVES it!

Words: Kenley's vocab is increasing every day and it's SO FUN! Right now her words include : mom, dad, yia yia {grandma in Greek}, bob {which can mean Ball, BaBa (what we call her milk) or Auntie Bob (which is what she calls her Auntie Tate) depending on the context}, trash, wow, yes, yeah, no, up, done, gone, hi, shoes, socks, hat, hug. She can also make the animal sounds of a dog, pig, cow, lion, snake, owl, fish, and monkey.

Sleep: Bedtime is usually around 8:00 or 8:30pm and she sleeps until around 7:30 or 8:00am.

Eating: Fruits & Veggies. If this child never saw meat or grains on her plate she would be as happy as a clam. Tomatoes and blueberries top the list but she's also a big fan of cheese, olives and LOVES mustard. Seriously, she's such a little weirdo.

Diaper Size: size 4 or 2T in her Pampers Easy-Ups for potty training.
Clothes: A mix of 18 months, 24 months and 2T. Because she's so tall & skinny all of the 18 months fit perfect but are too short. The 24 month & 2T are perfect in the length but fall off her. She comes from a long line of long legged skinny butted people - so I'm afraid this will be a battle she fights her whole life.

Hair Color: Little blondie! Her hair is getting so long and SO thick! This child definitely got my big Greek hair. And it's CURLY!

Eye Color: She has eyes just like her daddy - they aren't really hazel but they definitely aren't blue or green and they have really cool flecks of gold in them.

Nicknames: Kenny, Buddy, Mou, Kenny Kakes, Squeezy, Kenners, KenKen, Kenny Pops

Milestones: I can't keep up. This child learns something new every single day. It just amazes me! And she is such a copy cat, she will see me or Jason do something ONCE and will start doing it. I guess it's officially time to be on our best behavior!

Interests: Kenley LOVES to dance. Every time she hears music she starts to do her own unique dance moves, it makes this former-dancer-mom SO happy. She also love to accessorize. This child cannot be without a necklace or hat or teething rings doubling and bangles. 
She is also OBSESSED with Bailey. Jason and I are a little salty because the puggles gets probably triple the hugs and kisses that we do. Her favorite shows are Bubble Guppies, Wallykazam, Mickey's Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins. Her favorite song is Talk Dirty to Me by Jasn Derulo {that's not a joke}. She loves more than anything to be outside playing at the park, swimming in the pool, chillin' in her stroller, or watching planes on the deck. And, her favorite person in the whole wide world is her mom...sadly, I'm kidding on that one, she is a complete and total daddy's girl.


Jess Beer said...

She's so big! She and Abbie seem to love lots of the same things too!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

She is beautiful!!!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

She is beautiful!!!

P!nky said...

We need a video of her dancing ASAP and I have NO IDEA what any of those tv shows are ;)!

She's so beautiful, Kristin! Really a knockout...yikes in 15 years!

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

Ha! Kiernan does the exact same thing, wearing links and teething rings as bracelets :) Love that toothbrush pic!

Amanda K. said...

she is a cutie for sure! my son's favorite song for a while was a jason derulo song :)

Amanda K. said...

she is a cutie for sure! my son's favorite song for a while was a jason derulo song :)

Kelly B. said...

ugh she's so stinkin cute. can't handle it. and I would love to see her get down to some Jason Derulo. haha

hello erin said...

i loooooove her. like love her. she just looks so fun and sweet and adorbs. and like her and lex need to meet in person already.

Carolyn said...

It boggles my mind that she's this little girl now instead of baby Kenny.

Karra said...

dying over her favorite song. She is THE cutest esp rockin all those bracelets!

Erin LFF said...

She is just the cutest! I cannot even stand the picture of her looking up at you with those sunglasses on-- how do you handle it?!?!

Unknown said...

Such a living dolly mou!

Schnelle said...

She is so adorable and I love her little hair style that she has going on! I am having such a hard time getting Aubrey to let me help her brush her teeth so we're going though a phase now where we brush together and I let her do it herself. I can't believe she's a year and a half already!

J and A said...

She is so so beautiful. Seems like you were just pregnant! I can't believe it. She looks like such a fun little girl. I adore her hair!

WinterBenson said...

Oh my goodness! She is adorable! How do they grow up so stinking fast!?

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

Such a cute age! I love it! I'm surprised she isn't on an "all carb diet" like a lot of toddlers. hahaha

~Dawn~ said...

Oh, yes - I loved that age, too!! She is such a DOLL!

Bridget said...

so so so cute!!! PS..Bailey is totally eyeing up her food in that photo...she's all like 'drop it..drop it...drop it' haha

Ruthie Hart said...

So funny that she couldn't care less about carbs! Most babies just love carbs :). She and Ford are in the same size diaper! Look at her long legs!

ajs {of MN} said...

she looks like so much fun! :)

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