Monday, August 25, 2014

Naked Weekend.

We have now tried two different potty training methods:
1. The "buy a potty and hope your kid just figures it out" method
2. The "naked all weekend" method

Both failed. 

Over the past several months Kenley has showed pretty much every sign of potty training readiness and so we got her a potty and every now and then we'd put her on it, a couple times she went and we went nuts. We knew full well it was total luck and timing but we praised, rewarded, hooted and hollered anyways. And then, I got sick of diapers. Like really sick of them. I knew that putting Kenley on the potty only here and there wasn't going to get the job done and the alternative seemed super daunting. So we decided to do what I swore I would never do and attempt a naked weekend. It had worked for a couple of friends around Kenley's age so we figured "let's go balls to the walls."
We didn't leave the house. Our kid was naked. We set an alarm and put her on the potty every 10-20 minutes. We sang songs, read books and made potty time fun. We were encouraging and patient. We explained that we pee in the potty not on the floor. Kenley helped clean up her mess. We did everything we were supposed to.

We had ZERO potties in the potty and about fifteen potties all over the floor. 

The only things we accomplished this weekend were teaching Kenley to remove her own diaper which she had done in the morning some time before peeing all over her bed AND completely ruining the excitement of the potty. She now hears the word "potty" and instantly freaks out. 

But when life gives you lemons....or pee all over your make lemonade. And our silver lining is that we learned despite all the "readiness" Kenley is not ready. She was just as surprised as we were each and every time she had an accident. So we will buy more diapers and work on repairing the potty damage we have done in hopes that when she is ready she isn't terrified. 


Amanda K. said...

we're in potty training purgatory, too. except my son is 3 and he has to be potty trained to go to preschool.
he did the EXACT same thing as kenley -- once he sat on the potty for 30 min and then got off and peed in the floor. we finally gave him 5 cups of lemonade and then sat him on the potty for 1.5 hours (he watched a movie on my phone) until he peed.
we also downloaded "potty time" app by baby signs. he loves calling the lady when he has a success.
potty training is so so rough.

P!nky said...

I've read mixed reviews on the naked weekend, sorry it didn't work out for y'all. Good luck with the next try :)!

~Dawn~ said...

5 words..."I do not envy you". Sorry this weekend was a total bust, my friend. If it's any consolation..yours and Jason's snaps were HILARIOUS!! ;)

Karra said...

why don't toddlers just automatically know how to be potty trained? lol Rae is scared of her potty because it made a jingle the first time she peed in it so now were waiting a few weeks... months? to try again lol.

Sarah said...

I am so glad we're past potty training! Best of luck and she'll get it soon enough!

Ashley said...

I'm dreading this. Absolutely dreading it!! Colton shows signs of readiness but when you ask him if he wants to go on the's a big 'NOOOOO!!!!!'

ajs {of MN} said...

the best advise i was given in a moment to a friend of I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! was simply this statement.... "we all learn at some point. so she will get there" and that was seriously all i needed to relax about it all! Kenley is super awesome and she too will get there!

Michelle Levine said...

Gosh sounds like a mess - literally ha onto the next plan - good luck !

Unknown said...

I love learning about new ways to do things. I am sorry your nakey weekend did not work out but that little mou sure was cute! xo m

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