Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our Thanksgiving {2014}

A few months back, I had the brilliant idea to run a Thanksgiving 5k. At the time it seemed like a great way to start the holiday off on a healthy foot but as Thanksgiving grew closer and closer it became apparent that thanks to unpredictable Minnesota weather, running a 5k was in fact one of the dumber things I've decided to do. ZERO degrees, people. I ran a 5k in ZERO degrees. But somehow, the weather worked to my advantage {still trying to figure out how} because I finished with my best time ever by 5 whole minutes!!!! A major thank you to my step-dad who picked me up before the sun came up, hung out in the cold and walked the 5k, had he not I was definitely going to bail and just run on the treadmill in the toasty warm gym.

After the race, we headed to my mom's for brunch. It's become a Thanksgiving tradition and I love it because it allows us to pack in time with as much family as possible. We watched football, drank champagne and snacked on bacon {among other things, but the bacon is the highlight}.

From there we were off to Jason's Aunt & Uncles on his dad's side. He has a HUGE family, but this years group was smaller which was actually really nice because we got to spend some quality time with everyone there. Kenley made a new bestie in her cousin Erin who helped her looked for "meow meows" and loved spending time with her Great-Grandma, she wasn't so sure of Great Uncle Brent though!

Our last stop was my dad's house where we ate, played games {I remain the reigning Clue champion}, watched movies, ate, drank, napped and ate some more.

It was a great Thanksgiving....now bring on Christmas!


Erin LFF said...

Seriously SO proud of you for not just running that 5k, but dominating in!! You are awesome- I cannot imagine running in that kinda cold. One year we did a St Patty's 5k and it was like 25 and I wanted to die! HA!!

~Dawn~ said...

You look FREEZING in those pictures. haha So proud of you for running, tho - you're a rock star!
Sounds like a fun-filled family Thanksgiving! :)

Unknown said...

SO proud of you for running and exceeding your goal! It is very special that you make time for your huge family!!
xo m

Sami said...

Kenley's picture faces are always on point :)

Kayla MKOY said...

Cannot even believe you ran that 5K in THAT kind of weather!!!! Dang! Go you!!! ;) glad you had a happy Thanksgiving!

Christelle said...

Holy Cow! Being out in zero degree weather is bad enough, but actually running it...you definitely win the badass award! Ha! Love the Kenley and Auntie kissy face picture! :)

Courtney B said...

You are super woman!! Congrats on majorly PRing in that freezing cold! I ran a 5k on Thanksgiving last year and I really missed doing something like that this year!
I love that you got to spend so much time with family! What a perfect Thanksgiving!