Wednesday, February 11, 2015


One of my 31 goals for my 31st year is to finalize and print all of our family yearbooks from Shutterfly. I've been working on them for years but haven't actually finished and printed any of them...until now! Our 2008 yearbook was just delivered and I'm so excited! 

2008 was the first full year Jason and I were together! We also went on our first vacation together, moved in together and got Bailey! Looking back on 2008 is so fun because we were so young and fresh in love. It's funny to see how times have changed because based on the photos all we did was go out to bars! Ahhh, to be 24 and 28 again! 

Here's a peak at our 2008 Family Yearbook! My favorite page is for sure the Bailey page - how cute was she as an itty bitty teeny puggle baby?!
                                                                  Click here to view this photo book larger


Unknown said...

How you managed to put together this amazing keepsake is beyond me.
It is fun to look back at your start and how things have changed. I look forward to seeing the next chapter.
xo m

Erin LFF said...

You guys are BABIES in this photo album- I love it!! 2008 was the first full year Jared and I were together too! :) Tats! Also, tiny Bailey is way too cute.

Kayla MKOY said...

This is so sweet!!!!!! Go you! I've given up on making yearly books from 2009-2012 because it would take me FOREVER. So I'm planning on making a fun "recap" of the years Caleb and I dated before we got engaged/married. Then do yearly ones from there! Hoping I can catch up by the end of the year!!

Ashley @ Life on the Parsons Farm said...

shutterfly is the best with these types of books. I love how they are always having coupons for free books too!! I am currently working on our Ireland vacation one!!