Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#4WeeksFit - The Results

Is it just me or did these past 4 weeks just FLY by? I swear my head wasn't screwed on right this entire month. As a result, I get a big fat FAIL on my goals this month. I am so embarassed to say I didn't succeed in completing a single one of them. I want to blame the fact that I was in Arizona for 8 days, but really, there are no excuses simply just a lack of effort.

1. Drink 70oz of water every day. I started this one with a bang, then just kinda stopped tracking despite still drinking a lot of water. Then, per usual, I started choosing coffee & pop over water. Yikes! I went 2 months without a pop but now that I've given up Starbucks for lent it's making me crave pop - I guess when you give up one vice you activate another, am I right?
NOT water. 

2. Run every training run. I was suppose to run 12 times in the month of March and ran 8 + climbed a mountain. While it wasn't EVERY training run it was pretty close and I'm proud of it! Especially since 2 of the runs were on vacation - who runs on vacation???

3. Average 12k steps per day. Again, started out with a bang! I was doing awesome but it turns out laying by a pool for 8 straight days really does a number on your average steps. I ended up averaging 9,976 steps a day this month, which is pretty good but I know I for sure could have done better.
Laying out = ZERO steps. Bummer.

4. Blast past the plateau. Not only did I not pass the plateau but I gained weight on my vacation. GO ME! Seriously, what a disappointment. But, silver lining, I had an awesome vacation!
All day snacking for 8 days = no plateau blasting

I'm excited to see how all of you did as I'm assuming it was much better than me!
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DeNae said...

My month was a big, glorious fail as well. Minus the vacation. Ha! Well, I'm picking myself up, dusting myself off, and aiming to do better in April. Arizona looks wonderful! We were there in January and had such fun.

Kayla MKOY said...

Hey! The fact that you walked that many steps per day while STILL managing to lounge around a pool is impressive. ;) and who runs on vacation? Crazy gal! Just stay proud of what you DID do this month, and we get a fresh slate w a new month tomorrow!

Erin LFF said...

I know you feel like you failed, but I seriously am impressed with what you DID accomplish. You ran a lot and that hill was NO.JOKE. Just keep after it and besides, April is THE best month ever so you know it's gonna be good :) #mathishard

~Dawn~ said...

Umm, you're tan, you're hot, you're on vacation, you're wearing the pink headband....an overall WIN in my opinion! ;)

Nadine Lynn said...

I wouldn't call your month a complete fail! You were trying with the water, you got in more steps than most people do and you still ran most of your runs! I feel like setting up the goals and putting forth effort is 3/4 of the battle. Sometimes living life gets in the way, and that isn't a loss! And if it makes you feel better...I bombed my food goals hard core.

Dixie Bell Designs said...

Spending time in the sun = definite WIN!!! You can't always be working on goals sometimes you just gotta relax and get back at it when you can! Your vacation looked so relaxing and fun.. super jealous!

Unknown said...

Kenny and I feel responsible for the snacks, I take credit for the Prosecco and who likes water anyway. I saw you running and know you hiked the peak so pretty darn good for a vacation. Plus sun always wins out!
xo m