Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NYC {day 2}

Sunday morning we were up bright and early and ready for our first full day in New York City! We kicked off the morning with a Double Decker bus tour of Uptown Manhattan. 
It was an absolutely perfect morning to be sitting on the roof of a big red bus. The sites included Central Park, Columbus Circle, St. John's Cathedral, The Dakota, The Museum of Natural History, The Apollo Theater, Grant's Tomb and so much more! 
We hopped off the bus on the East side of Central Park and took a lovely stroll through the park passing by one of my most favorite parts of the city, The Bethesda Fountain. 

We continued our walk through Central Park to The Boathouse for Brunch. The spinach eggs benedict and breakfast potatoes were heavenly!

After brunch we hit up 5th Avenue for some shopping! We spent our time at Tiffany's, Burberry and Coach and walked away with quite the haul!

Once we'd sufficiently made our contributions to the New York economy, we headed back to The Plaza to primp for our night ahead!

Dinner on Sunday was at Carmine's in the Theater District, which in my opinion is the best pre-show dinner in the area! We split the world's largest Caesar Salad and the Penne alla Vodka which we were all sad we weren't able to box up and bring with us. So good! 

After dinner we made our way to the Eugene O'Neill Theater for The Book of Mormon. It was the first time seeing the show for all of us and we LOVED it! I was laughing so hard, I was crying on several occasions. 

After the play, we made a pit stop at Mastro's on the way back to the hotel. Mastro's is a favorite of ours from Scottsdale and the NYC location had just opened this past November. And because the world is so small the gentleman next to us at the bar were from Minnesota! They also had a great little band playing, so it was a perfect way to end a great day. It's also worth noting that this was the best Lemon Drop martini I've ever had.

 {recap of Day 1}


Jenn said...

Goodness, you guys packed in a TON of stuff while you were in NYC! Looks like a lot of fun :)

Unknown said...

Another great recap! Such a good day... and night!! xo m

Kari said...

you look stunning girl! looks like such a fun trip! it will be fun to one day take Kenley on a girls trip too! but until then i hope you loved uninterrupted sleep, not cutting up someone else's meal, and shopping with restrictions! :)

Christina Sotherden said...

If this was just day one then I can't wait to see the rest of your trip!! You ladies packed a lot in and it looks like a blast! Mastros is one of my ultimate favorites - so delicious! Looks like you guys found a lot of treasures shopping and getting the top of the bus makes the sightseeing that much better!

Kayla MKOY said...

So much fun in just one day!!!! The bus tour looks awesome. One of my great friends lives in Manhattan and I'm dying to visit!! And seriously can I just say you have killer legs. How creepy am I?! ;)

I saw The Book of Mormom last year and thought the same thing! So bad (in a good way!) and so funny!

ajs {of MN} said...

that pasta looked GOOD and mmmmm lemondrop martinis!!
i love a good show, it would be SO cool to go to a show in NYC!
and loved that you a bottle of water with your coach purhcases....?? hahahahaa i have to see that watch in person, so pretty!

Ridwan Hidayat said...

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Renee Peters said...

Looks like you had such a blast! Love the pics but a little hard to read while I'm cleansing this week! XO

Erin LFF said...

A bus tour would be at the top of my list for sure- you get to see SO MUCH! And you really did have perfect weather for it, looks like! Your new watch is SO PRETTY! That first picture of you four on the steps of the hotel (i think?) is so good- you all look stunning!