Thursday, October 15, 2015

Big Sister!

So far, Kenley has been the things Big Sisters are made of. I know the transition to family of four likely won't be seamless and will come with challenges, but so far I couldn't be more proud of my first born.

We told Kenley our big news in early September. We had wanted to wait until 12 weeks to be sure all was good with baby but I had an early morning ultrasound on September 8th that we had to bring her to. We knew the ultrasound would provoke a lot of questions, and so we told her about her important new role the night before. We bought her a Big Sister book and made a big deal out of giving it to her!

She was very excited for a new book but was disappointed she only got ONE new book. I knew it would be a little hard to understand exactly what being a big sister entailed but she was excited, asked some questions and then went on her merry way.

The next morning at the ultrasound, she got to see her baby brother or sister and was so sweet about it! She loves looking at that ultrasound picture and pointing out where the baby is.
I thought she may have a hard time grasping that baby is IN mom's belly, but she's totally on it. I think having seen some of my friends pregnant helped a lot with that. Plus, I've been showing her photos of when she was in my belly, which she gets a real kick out of. 

Over the past month and a half she has really gotten into the whole baby thing. She talks to my belly constantly and even interprets for us what Ziggy is saying. For example she'll ask Ziggy "do you want to play with me when you're bigger?" then tell us "Oh, he does!" And, yes, she is certain there is a brother cooking in there! It's always he. Always. My favorite big sister conversation we've had so far, though, went like this:

{and this is word-for-word}

Kenley: "Oh mom, your baby just said he is ready to pop out now."
Me: "Not yet, baby still needs to grow quite a bit."
Kenley: "Oh, he's trickin' me. He's a tricky baby."

I about died. We've had to have a couple conversations about me being her mom and Ziggy's mom, which at first she wasn't too keen on, but now, she loves telling Ziggy that they get to share a mom. I was worried before I even got pregnant how all of this would go and so far I just really couldn't imagine it better. I am loving the time I get to share with Kenley talking about what life will be like when her baby is here and how amazing she will be as a big sister and how silly I will look when my tummy gets all huge. Every night before bed {since we now pretty much have the same bedtime} we snuggle in my bed and she asks to see the baby on my phone. I use the Nurture app which has a cute little illustration of what the baby looks like and she absolutely loves to see the baby and talk about what size it is and how much bigger it will grow.
Yes, I know my screen is brutally cracked. I drop it A LOT. 

Everyone says the second pregnancy is so different because you still have to take care of your first, and that is totally true! However, this pregnancy feels even more special than the first because I get to share it with Kenley. I just know she will adore her little sibling and take on the role of big sister like a champ!


Unknown said...

Adorable. xo m

Erin LFF said...

How dare she only get ONE book?! ;) Haha- I love these pictures and I know she's gonna ROCK at her new role. Tricky baby Ziggy and all hehehe!

Jenn said...

He's a tricky baby hahah, so cute!! Love how excited she looks in those photos!!

P!nky said...

Love how she hugged the book, just too stinking cute!

Lauren Honeycutt said...

Oh Kenley is too adorable! She's going to be a great big sis!

Lauren :)

Michelle Levine said...

Awe - she looks SO excited :) Too cute !

Ruthie Hart said...

Oh these pictures!! I am just so is happy for you guys

Leah D said...

I got Hailey that book, too. Congrats again!

Carolyn said...

So sweet! Kenley is going to be an amazing big sister! :)

ajs {of MN} said...

i love the enthusiasm there is NO need to worry about being another baby into the family, BIG sisters are the BEST!! i also LOVE that picture of her hugging the book. she is going to be SO good at her new role this spring!

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