Monday, October 26, 2015

{bump two} 13 weeks

 Mom :: +6lbs // Baby :: appx. 3in & 1oz {a peapod!}
Baby's fingers now have fingertips, organs and veins are visible through skin and body is starting to catch up with head!
189 days til Due Date!

Week 13 was a bit of a doozy. After Kenley was sick for most of week 12, I think either the exhaustion of a sick toddler or some of her germs caught up with me and I found myself throwing up every time I put something in my body {yep, even water}. On top of that had the worst headache I have ever experienced. I have never had a migraine, so I'm not sure if that's what it was but it hurt to have my eyes open, light was basically the devil and any noise over a whisper sounded like a gong being gonged right next to my ear. After 24 hours of this, I called my doctor's office to see if I should be concerned. They recommended I head to the emergency room to get checked out and get fluids. CUE PANIC. 1) I am terrified of hospitals - I hate them. 2) Other than the operating room, the ER is the scariest part of the hospital 3) I felt like crap and was not thinking clearly 4) What about baby? Is he/she OK in there?! 

Thankfully, my angel of a mother came immediately over to hang out with Kenley {seriously, what would I do without her???} and Jason was able to cut his work day way short to take me. And so, at 10am on Monday morning I was headed to the ER. 

I was admitted, asked about a million questions, had blood drawn and had an IV hooked up. 
Once those fluids got pumping, I felt almost instant relief. They had also given me a Zofan to help with the nausea. Which - apparently new studies are showing there could be risks attached to the formerly-considered-safe nausea medication. Something the doctor told me after the nurse had already given me a pill. Awesome. Needless to say, I will not be filling that prescription. 

While at the hospital, I also had an ultrasound, which I appreciated so much because naturally the number one concern was the safety and health of my baby. We got to see Ziggy once again squirming away like a wild man/woman in there. It was a very quick and basic ultrasound but we confirmed movement and healthy heartbeat and learned baby is still measuring a week ahead of schedule. They didn't print me a picture, though, which I was bummed about! If I have to spend a day in the ER, I should at least get a souvenir. 

After the ultrasound all my worries disappeared and I was able to rest, take in those fluids and begin to feel better. Thankfully the blood and urine tests came back normal and after 5+ hours in the ER and two bags of fluids, I was free to leave. But not before I nearly passed out while Nurse Gary took out my IV {you guys, seriously, I have issues} and not before my husband took it upon himself to open up my drip to speed up the time because I guess he thinks he's qualified to make that call and mess with medical equipment. It was not a fun way to start the week but I am so grateful for the good care I was given and how quickly I felt better. The doctor isn't exactly sure if it was a bug I caught, a migrane, severe dehydration or all three as they are all related. So all I can do is stay hydrated and hope that it was a one time thing. 

Other than the stint in the ER, this week has been pretty tame. I've been feeling a lot better and even think I might be regaining some energy! I was able to go wedding dress shopping with one of my dear friends, finally get some work done and get started on the very first steps of the nursery! I'm looking forward to our genetic screen ultrasound {today!}, halloween and continuing to work on Kenley's big girl room and the nursery! 

And for nostalgia sake.....


Jenn said...

Goodness! I'm glad that you and little Ziggy are doing ok! What a scary time--so glad your mom was there to help out, too!

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh, so glad my husband isn't the only one! Eric kept messing with the machines at the hospital and it was stressing me out!
I am SO glad you're okay and you got instant relief from the fluids! I was deathly ill one day with Mia (I didn't even leave the bathroom for hours because there was no time/relief between episodes) and it's terrifying to experience that while pregnant!

P!nky said...

EEEEk, so scary! Glad everything worked out okay and that the Zigmister was doing well. <3!

Celeste A. said...

So glad you and baby are good to go!! I would have been panicking too, every little thing that happens while pregnant is about 1 million times more scary.

Jessica (The Newly) said...

Gosh, girl! So glad you're feeling better - but how scary! Goodness! Especially the part about being told the risks of the medicine after you'd already taken it. I know a lot of pregnant women take Zofran, so that's going to be big news for a lot of people, I'm sure!!!! Hope you're getting some rest. Take care of yourself, mama:)

Erin LFF said...

How incredibly scary!!! :( I am so glad you're okay and that you got to see healthy lil Zig too! I agree, a souvenir would have been nice- cmon hospital!!! ;)

Hope @ Hope in a Blog said... sorry about your ER scare. It definitely sounds like a migraine...the are the worst! But on the plus side so glad you got to see your sweet little one movin' and groovin'! We haven't seen our babe since 8 weeks and I am soooo ready for our 18 week ultrasound to see the little bambino again!! 4 more weeks to go! Ahh. So glad you're doing well now and that your little toddler is feeling better! Also...thanks goodness for Moms who live near by and are heroes! xx

Ashley said...

Glad you and baby are okay!! Sounds like a crazy stressful week!!! Take care!!

Lauren Honeycutt said...

Oh what a terrible way to spend a day! Hugs for you!!

Christelle said...

So glad you are feeling better and Ziggy is doing well! My SIL is due in April, too, and was telling me this weekend about a similar headache/issue. She didn't get checked out...but thankfully was feeling better after a few days, too! I'm reminded once again baby baking is hard work, I give you all the sympathy. Hope you continue to feel better!

Kayla MKOY said...

Girl, that IS scary! I'm so glad you and lil baby are alright!!!! Seriously, migraines are the WORST. I used to get them allllll the time in school. Thankfully they've gotten a LOT more manageable, but I still occasionally get them. Can't believe they didn't give you a lil picture of baby ;)

Ashley Brickner said...

Omg! What a scary trip! So glad you are ok & feeling better!

K said...

Oh man! What a way to start your week! I remember when I was pregnant, I was so nervous about getting sick. It wasn't even about me at all, I just wanted to make sure the baby was OK! Hope you're feeling better!

ajs {of MN} said...

i dont know if i already told you, but i love your weekly pic in that blue dress!

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