Friday, February 27, 2015

4 Weeks Fit is BACK!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Get excited because 4 WEEKS FIT is back! Whoop! Me and my pal, Erin from Love, Fun and Football are back to bring you the link-up you love to hate. 

Here's what you do...
1. Spend the weekend coming up with some health & fitness related goals you would like to achieve during the month of March!

2. Jot your goals down in a blog post and share with the world this coming Monday, March 2nd! Don't forget to use this button!

3. Come back here to Mama & Mou or visit Erin at Love, Fun and Football and link up your post! While you're there, check out the posts of other bloggers participating so that you can encourage and cheer for each other!

4. Dominate your goals. 

5. Link-up with us again at the end of the month, Tuesday, Mar. 31st to be exact and share your progress, success and struggles!

I'm thinking I'll definitely have some kind of FitBit step goal, maybe a water drinking goal and should probably throw in a half marathon training goal....what goals are coming to your mind right away?

 Enjoy your weekend and get excited to link up on Monday!
This is going to be great!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Total Money Makeover

Paying off our student loans and credit card debt has been on the agenda for what feels like years, come to think of it, it has been years. We have had good intentions, but life gets in the way. For example, the nearly $1600 in {post-insurance} medical bills we've racked up in ONE month's time thanks to Kenley's foot, a fiasco with Jason's mouth and a teeth pulling for Bailey {which I would like to go on record saying cost more than the two human procedures combined}. It has finally gotten to the point where we realize we can't continue to take one step forward and two steps back forever, we need to just commit and get this done and move on with a wonderfully awesome debt free life.

After hearing so many good things from fellow bloggers {Erin & Bridget, I'm looking at you} about Dave Ramsey and his teachings, I decided to buy one of his books and see what all the fuss was about. I opted for The Total Money Makeover and am so glad I did. 

It was a super quick read but the way in which Dave explained getting out of debt totally spoke to me. In this particular book he equates getting "financially fit" with weight loss. Considering getting myself in shape has been a huge part of my life the past year, I could totally relate to everything he was saying. When it comes down to it, losing weight and getting in shape is all about dedication, commitment and math. Turns out it's same with finances - when you are dedicated and committed to sticking to a budget the math will work out and there will be extra money to put towards savings and debt.

What I loved most, though, is that this plan is all about baby steps. I am trying really hard in my daily life to live by that "Slight Edge" philosophy that small actions compounded over time yield big results and that is really what Dave's financial philosophy is as well. He has a list of "Baby Steps" that when followed, it leads you little by little to financial freedom. 
While the overall picture seems super daunting, breaking it down in to smaller, manageable and completely doable goals it makes it seem not so bad to get our finances in shape. Jason and I have set a money management date night for tomorrow and I'm excited to share what I've learned from Dave's book and work as a team to get a game plan in action!

Have any of you used Dave's plan?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This Past Week

Holy smokes, the past week (plus) has been bananas. It's been so fun, busy and emotional and really just straight up nuts.

It all started last Friday the 13th., which was all about getting fired up for the State Dance Competition! It's a tradition for my sister's team that when they make it to state the moms and dads have a dance battle the night before and the girls choose the winner. This year the dads asked me if I would coach their team and choreograph their could I possibly say no to that? I love my squad of dads and love how hard they tried worked and especially love that they refer to me as Coach Kris. Helping the dads team was way more fun than I could have anticipated, and I'm sad it's all over.

Then that Saturday {Valentines Day}, I was up bright and early to meet the dance team at the high school to send them off to state in style and excitement.
Next, it was a full day of watching dance, hanging with the dance parents and my dear friend Dawn, her hubby & her lil dancers! Our girls didn't dance the best in the preliminary competition but advanced to the finals despite our nerves! 
What happened that evening is something I never would have anticipated and if you live in Minnesota you are well aware of what I am speaking of because it's been all over the news and if you don't know and want to - just google "Minnesota State Dance Competition" and plenty of articles will come up. It's been really difficult and frustrating to read so many one-sided reports regarding what took place. I could write an entire post on my opinion but those who wanted my opinion have asked me for it. I will say, however, that seeing people who know nothing about a sport that I love dearly and am so passionate about share opinions with no understanding of the whole story is really aggravating. I am proud of the stand that took place and left the competition feeling incredibly proud of my little sister and what she has accomplished and what her hard work has achieved over the past 15 years. I refuse to let this controversy ruin what was an awesome day and a great night!

Because I spent all of Valentines Day surrounded by screaming dance parents, Jason and I celebrated our love day on Sunday. After a fabulous, quiet and un-crowded dinner at The Capital Grille we decided the 15th of February is way more our style than the 14th - I think a new tradition may have been born!

As if the dance drama wasn't enough to handle in our family, my baby sister also decided this week that this fall she will be attending Ohio State! I am so incredibly proud of her and so excited for her next chapter. This is a huge decision and one she put a lot of thought in to. I am not yet thinking about how far away she will be but it will no double hit me eventually.

I also got news this past week that KEVIN GARNETT IS COMING HOME! Those who know me in real life know that KG is my all time favorite athlete and was a major, major, major obsession of mine back in the day. We traded him in 2007 and our team has never been the same. Now, to have our Alpha Wolf return to finish out his career here, where he belongs, is SO exciting! I cannot wait to see him in a Wolves jersey again tonight!

In addition to all the drama and excitement, this week I've had book club {which is always a blast}, tons of work to do, a visit up at the ranch with my in-laws, my mom is in town, we had my pal Abby's 30th birthday masquerade ball...

...AND it was one of my favorite days of the year - Oscar Sunday! I spaz out over the Oscars and despute this year's show being incredibly boring, I loved vegging out all day in front of the TV and watching my favorite celebs {although my three faves were MIA - Leo, Tom Hanks or J.Law}. I thought my fellow Greek, Jen Aniston, took home the award for best dressed!
She is so flawlessly gorgeous! I love that she did simple hair and jewels and let her amazing bod and gorgeous Versace dress do all the talking. Perfection in my opinion.

I really thought winter was for hibernation, but I'm not complaining. I'm grateful to have so many fun plans to help this dreary month fly by. I am, however, excited for a more low key week and weekend ahead! Happy Hump Day my friends!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Greatest Sacrifice

OK, that title is a tad on the dramatic side, this is by no means the GREATEST sacrifice but today, on Ash Wednesday I am declaring Forty Days Starbucks Free. *gasp* I always give something up for lent, I think the lesson of sacrifice is a great one and just a small way to show gratitude for the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us. The true greatest sacrifice.

This year I wanted to give up something REALLY hard and when taking a look at my daily life I decided that giving up Starbucks would probably be the hardest challenge but would also give me great reward. In trying to make some financial changes around these parts, eliminating weekly, bi-weekly, almost daily $5 lattes will definitely have an impact. However, I know myself well, I know I will attempt to find loopoles. And so, not only am I giving up Starbucks but I am giving up purchasing coffee, espresso beverages or anything of the sort at ANY coffee shops of any kind! The one shift a week that I work at a coffee shop I get one free drink and I will allow myself that because it is free and will of course allow myself coffee at home because I get free beans from work, not mention giving up coffee entirely might just send me to an early grave.
So really, I am giving up paying for coffee. This is going to be SO hard but I have a feeling if I can truly execute the self control it's going to feel super amazing at the end of this 40 days. And maybe just maybe will break an expensive habit and I can actually live as one of those people who buys coffee as a treat every now and then.....maybe. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Whoop, It's Friday!

Friday, Friday, Friday! 

February as a whole I have deemed as lame. There isn't a whole lot going on, it's super cold, it's gray and it's that point of winter where spring still seems far away but you are so so so sick of stupid winter. There are essentially 5 things helping me survive the lameness of February and they are as follows...

I am a hardcore super fan and major dance team supporter. After a nervewracking but exciting day at Sections a few weeks ago my sister's team secured their spot at STATE which is this weekend! I am so excited, so nervous and so sad. My sister is a Senior so no matter what, this Saturday will be her last time dancing. It's going to be bittersweet for sure. There have been some super fun festivities surrounding state as well, which I'll go in to more later {hint: I'm coaching a dad's dance team. OMG.}

I have the privelage of standing as Maid of Honor in my very bestest friend's wedding this September, which means...PARTY PLANNING! I am knee deep in shower and bachelorette plans and am so stinkin' excited! If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed quite a few party related pinning sprees. Sorry about that, but I don't anticipate them slowing down any time soon. There's much to do, much to plan, and much to celebrate! These next 7 months are going to be a blast!

My mom and Aunt are so generously taking my cousin and I to New York this Spring to celebrate our 30th birthdays! The ladies have given me the planning reigns as I am not only the most spastically type-a of the group but also because NYC is my favorite place on the planet and I could literally plan NYC agendas It's hard not to just revisit all my favorite places, but I definitely want to see and do and eat at some new places. Anyone have some must-eat restaurants you want to recommend?

THIS COMBO. Seriously, a saving grace this time of year. Just a drop of Wild Orange in one palm and a drop of peppermint in the other, rub together, and breathe in and I feel awake, invigorated and uplifted. It's also been making a very frequent appearance in my diffuser. 

"Ro-rona". Kenley and I will be making our second annual trip to Scottsdale in March to spend 8 glorious days with my mom. Every morning Kenley asks "We go to Ro-rona now?" I have to explain how many days we have left, to which she replies "No, we go to Ro-rona in one minute." I wish kid, I wish. 

Linkin' up with these other Friday lovin' bloggers!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


One of my 31 goals for my 31st year is to finalize and print all of our family yearbooks from Shutterfly. I've been working on them for years but haven't actually finished and printed any of them...until now! Our 2008 yearbook was just delivered and I'm so excited! 

2008 was the first full year Jason and I were together! We also went on our first vacation together, moved in together and got Bailey! Looking back on 2008 is so fun because we were so young and fresh in love. It's funny to see how times have changed because based on the photos all we did was go out to bars! Ahhh, to be 24 and 28 again! 

Here's a peak at our 2008 Family Yearbook! My favorite page is for sure the Bailey page - how cute was she as an itty bitty teeny puggle baby?!
                                                                  Click here to view this photo book larger

Thursday, February 5, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, Kenley started "school". We enrolled her in a Parents Morning Out program on Wednesday mornings - which for us may as well have been shipping her off to college because no one but family has cared for Kenley since the day she was born. It was really important to us, though, to get her a little more socialized. Sure, she's got her buddies and she's always been great around other kids. But, playing in the backyard with your parent's friend's kids is a little different than being in a classroom with tons of kids and teachers. 
Kenley's first day & her cubby! Can you even stand it? 

Kenley has only been in "school" for 4 weeks but so far it couldn't be going any better. The first day she walked in there with no problems - didn't cry, didn't care that I left, felt perfectly at home. She's made some little buddies and from what the teachers have told me is a very good little student. **WARNING** major mom-brag-moment coming up...the teachers even told me they think Kenley is advanced. Talk about a mom beaming from ear to ear! Of course I think she is the smartest, most beautiful, incredible child to ever live but to hear someone else compliment my baby in that way was pretty stinkin' cool! They've suggested we enroll her in the early pre-school program this fall! EEP! Because she won't be three until November she then wouldn't be able to start pre-school until September 2016 and they seem to think that's much too long to wait. Their exact words were "she's ready". Bah! My baby! 
It makes my stomach turn thinking that my baby girl is already approaching pre-school, but, I am also really excited for this next stage. She has so much fun at school and I know that it is so good for her to be around other kids her age on a regular basis. Not to mention the fact that she has to take orders from someone other than us. But, I have to say, the very best part is the art projects that come home. That and when she runs to me and gives me a big hug when I pick her up. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love Your Lady Doctor

I've been seeing the same OBGYN since the first time I went to the OBGYN, which I think was when I was 14 or 15? It pretty much happened by default because I just went where my mom went and it worked out great that I loved my doctor. 

I didn't realize how lucky I was to have such an incredible doctor until I started hearing horror stories throughout the years. Each time any of my friends would tell me one of these stories I'd ask "Why don't you find a new doctor?" Going to the OBGYN is such a personal thing, I just can't imagine letting someone I don't like or trust dig around down there.

As Americans we have the right and privilege {insurance willing} to choose our care-providers and as women and moms it is our responsibility to advocate for our health and the health of our family. So why on earth would you settle for someone you don't feel good going to? I just can't believe my ears when a woman says she doesn't feel comfortable or is scared to call her doctor's office or to ask her doctor a question! 1. That's their job and 2. That's what you're paying them for, ESPECIALLY when you are pregnant and SUPER ESPECIALLY when you are a first time mom. 

My super awesome doctor got me through endometriosis, my pregnancy  and delivered Kenley. And I love her so much for it. 

While I know not everyone is going to have that longstanding relationship with their lady doctor, at the VERY least you should feel comfortable and supported and cared for when you leave the office. You should never leave your doctor's office with more questions than when you came or with any concerns. So go find yourself a lady doctor you love!

And that concludes my PSA for the day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Great De-Clutter Challenge

I have but one goal for February - DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER! Do you ever feel like the your walls are closing in on you? Well, that's how I feel right now. We seem to accumulate so much stuff throughout the year that I really need to start doing a major de-clutter at least once a year. Our townhouse has plenty of space for the three of us, but with STUFF just busting out of every closet and drawer it feels like there's no room to breathe. Alas, I have made a list of EVERYTHING that needs to be cleaned out and organized and am giving myself until the end of February to do it. Turns out I have 28 things to organize and 28 days in February - of course it's already the third and I am behind before I've even started. So I guess, wish me luck?

Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions for both digital and printed photo organization - I am at a loss in this area and need to figure something out!