Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Terrific Tuesday

Completely and totally ripping off Erin's post from last week {sorry friend} because life is pretty terrific right now thanks to things both big and small, a couple of which are the following...

A road trip. I think most people would dread being in a car for 12 hours {especially with a toddler} but I cannot wait. I love road trips and always have and cannot stinkin' wait to drive to Colorado {tomorrow} to see my ENTIRE family. My cousin on my dad's side is getting married on Friday and my grandpa on my mom's side just turned 90, so her side is all coming to town for a birthday party. It'll be crazy to have both sides of my family in Colorado at the same time but it is going to be a weekend filled with so much fun and love - I can't wait to get in the car and get going! 

Wildcats. A lot of people can't relate to being a super spaz sports team supporter but for me it's a regular part of life and always has been. Personally, it isn't necessarily the sport of basketball {though I love it} or the Arizona Wildcats {though they are my favorite}, it is the tradition of it all. Cheering for this team alongside my hubby, reminiscing about past seasons and games and favorite players is what is so fun for me. And since it isn't a hometown team, it is something that is just ours. Yes, it's just a sport and in the grand scheme is something very small but to us it's something that helps to make our life special.

Libby, BFF. There are people in the world who just GET you. My best friend and I are so different in so many ways and yet she always knows the exact right thing to say to me no matter what the circumstance. She understands my sense of humor, my brain, my passions, my fears and even when she can't relate, she knows just how to make me feel better about everything and builds me up in just the right way. I would very truly be lost without this human.

The Kid. While being a mom is absolutely the hardest thing I've ever done it is without question the best. Kenley's little face is the light of my life. Hearing her say "I wuv you mom" is the best part of every day. And, even when I want to pull all of my hair out and check into a hotel, being her mom is the most terrific part of my life, hands down.

A Promotion. On Monday, Jason will be starting a new position with his company and I am so excited for him. He loves his job so much and is so good at it which makes me so happy both for him and for our family. Change is always a little scary but we feel really confident that this move is going to be a positive one. So proud of you babe! <3


P!nky said...

These are all pretty terrific things, lady! I don't think Erin will mind, she's cool like that right?!?

Cheers to the promotion and smiles for lil K, she's so cute.

~Dawn~ said...

Congrats to Jason - congrats to your family - congrats on ALL your happiness!! Love you, friend! :)

Unknown said...

What a terrific post! A lot to be excited and grateful for. Cannot believe both families are invading Denver at the same time. Be sure you have your Twizzlers before you hit the road. xo m

Lauren Honeycutt said...

Yay! Congrats to Jason! And hooray for roadtrips! Can't wait to see pretty pics of Colorado!

Kayla MKOY said...

Congrats to your man on that promotion! That's huge!! :) Kenley is so freaking adorable, I know she's going to be an amazing big sister!!!!! I'm also with you, I love a good long roadtrip!

Erin LFF said...

Steal away my friend ;) It's good to have lots of terrific things to share! Hoping for safe travels and an all-around GREAT roadtrip/getaway for you guys! And sports is a huge part of life and makes our lives special too :) I get it!

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